Are any site modeling websites looking for a new site model?

Question by Kiki: Are any website modeling sites interested in a unique website model?
I’ve been shopping for a superior website modeling site,(preferably for scene / emo teens) I like to be observed inside this globe. Thanks for the assistance :]

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Answer by Sur La Mer
The easiest way to deal with modeling agencies is by phoning the location which is nearby plus have a wise record from the Better Company Bureau, not online. I went to a poise & charm school, back inside the 70’s, plus wasted my cash considering they didn’t promise they’ll provide me a job, however I learned anything from it. I learned how to be poise, presentable, plus walk like a model, plus which is not anything we won’t ever forget, to resemble a model. These are generally today among the largest skill agencies inside my town for kids.

You are able to be observed, JUST BE YOURSELF, nevertheless not like the women inside a school or TV. Being UNIQUE will stand out plus receive plenty attention, everywhere we go, everyday!

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