Q&A: What are some site model sites for young women?

Question by LexieStar910: What are several site model websites for young girls?
I’m 14 plus would want to site model for a webpage which requires young site models. I do NOT indicate explicit sites at all! I mean a url which should be promoted with a girl my age which I could submit a few of my modeling images to. Please only provide me sites plus not tell me I’m too young to model or which I have to be good at modeling I really require sites for me. Thank you! (:

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Answer by Shirley C
There many modeling websites online, yet you need to be fairly cautious to what there are oneself into. Have a responsible adult assist we look, please. Check out the surrounding region for modeling information.
I sometimes observe Americas Next Top Model:
http://www.tv.com/americas-next-top-model/show/14888/summary.html. Check out Tyra Banks’ site, plus any additional model we know regarding, about how they got started. I find it surprisingly interesting nevertheless this existence is rather difficult.

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