Oct 13

Film Armada Announces Fall 2012 Catalogue and Opening of Viewers Choice Voting

NY, NY (PRWEB) August 02, 2012

Film Armada, the initial online theatron plus full-scale movie community which serves because an eVenue plus distribution channel for professionally yielded, visibly plus actively curated independent movies, announces its Fall 2012 Film Catalog as well as the starting of voting for the Fall 2012 Viewers Choice Award.

All movies may stream from December 31 whenever voting closes. Film fans will vote for because countless of their favorites because various instances because they like. Additionally to international exposure as well as the chance to get better income because they benefit from revenue produced off their content, filmmakers have the chance to win $ 5,000 and a percentage of the total advertisement revenue when chosen the Viewers Choice winner.

Film Armadas 2012 Fall Catalogue plus Viewer Choice Contenders are:

1.����”Lab Rats”, Romantic Comedy Brief by Louis Rosenberg

����Winner Best Brief Film 2011 Moondance International Film Festival, 2011 Ventura Film Festival, 2011 Silicon Valley Film Festival, 2011 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
����Audience Choice San Luis Obispo International Film Festival 2011
����Best Foreign Brief LA Comedy Festival, 2011
����Best Brief Screenplay Moondance International Film Festival

2.����”TIES”, Drama Brief by Jake Topkis

����Winner Best Dramatic Brief The NY International Film Festival
����Winner Best Brief The Southeast New England Film Festival
����EVVY Award Great Cinematic Achievement
����Best Brief Screenplay WorldFest International Film Festival

3.����”Black plus White inside Colors”, Philosophical Feature Film by Leonardo Zanobi

����Winner Rising Star Award Canada International Film Festival
����Winner Silver Aces Las Vegas Film Festival
����Winner Romance Best of Fest Award
����Winner Experimental Feature Indie Gathering

4.����”The Escape”, Dramatic Brief by James Connelly

����2011 Winner Best Drama LA Shorts Fest
����2011 Winner Jury Award Best Brief Film Newport Beach Film Festival
����2011 Winner ASC Heritage Award
����Honorable Mention American Society of Cinematographers, USA
����2011 Nominated Best Live Action Brief Award Santa Barbara International Film Festival

5.����”Ready, Set, Bag”, Documentary Feature by Justine Jacob

����Winner Award of Excellence Indiefest
����Winner Award of Excellence Honolulu International

6.����”The Oblique Sector”, Comedy Brief by Amanda Great Hennessey

����Winner Audience Choice Best Live Action at 46

7.����”Andrew: Story of the Closet Monster”, Animated Brief by Elliott Lobell

����Winner Jury plus Audience Awards 2011 Iron Mule Comedy Festival
����Nominee Best Animated Film 2012 Queens World Film Festival

8.����”Rhythm of my Soul”, Feature Documentary by Roger Sherman

����Best Documentary Sponsored by Acclaimed Studio, Bluegrass Independent Film Festival 2007

9.����”Leonardo”, Animated Brief by Jim Capobianco,

����Winner Golden Gate Award Brief Film Work for Kids plus Families 2010

10.����”No Going Back”, Dramatic Brief by Ryan Greiger

11.����”Evil”, Comedy Brief by Brendan Dean

12.����”Boys plus Girls”, Brief by Chris Tipton-King, Brief, Slice of Life

13.����”A Girl, A Guy plus A Space Helmet”, Comedy Feature by Mike Timm,

14.����”A Test of Wills”, Comedy Feature by Mitch Dickman

15.����”Animal Drill”, Brief Drama by Patrick Murphy

16.����”Chevy 100: An American Story”, Documentary Feature by Roger Sherman

17.����”Christopher Dispossessed”, Comedy Brief by Matthew Wills

18.����”Cryptic”, Feature Thriller by John Weiner

19.����”ExOblivione”, Brief Thriller by Zoe A. Miller

20.����”First Person Singular”, Dramatic Feature by Rick Edrich

21.����”Merry Christmas, Eve”, Comedy Brief by Alyssa Codamon

22.����”Zapruder”, Documentary Feature by Roger Sherman

23.����”Battle of Pussy Willow Creek”, Mockumentary Feature by Wendy Jo Cohen,

They join the following movies which have been streaming about Film Armada because June:

1.����”Art”, Satire Feature by Erika Delfini

2.����”The Robbery”, Action Brief by Johnny Ma

3.����”Spook Chasers”, Comedic Brief by Cameron Harrison

four.����”Missed Connections Live”, Web-series by Melissa Center

5.����”Agatha Christie”, Web-series by Hanna Cheek & Kevin Townley

6.����”Narcissism”, Sci-Fi Feature by Daniel Onoda

7.����”Don’t Create a Scene”, Comedic Brief by Phil Allocco

8.����”The Extraordinary Fight of Atticus Walker”, Comedic Brief by Michael Karman

9.����”The American Brew”, Documentary by Roger Sherman

10.����”The Bake Shop Ghost”, A Slice of Life Brief by Lorette Bayle

11.����”The Incident at Tower 37″, Animated Brief by Chris Perry

Film Armada offers distinctive plus noticeable advantages for both filmmakers plus movie fans for free. For filmmakers, Film Armada provides the chance to showcase their function beyond festivals alongside alternative curated movies, find a international audience, plus create a profit, all whilst keeping full rights to their movies. Additionally, filmmakers will deepen their industry footprint by building profiles, engaging with fans plus raising donations for particular projects.

In turn, the website provides movie fans worldwide with a destination to discover standard fresh feature, brief plus documentary movies plus internet series because hand-picked by Curators, read reports, engage inside discussions, cast their votes for their favorite movies plus receive an insiders seat at industry occasions. Film Armada has selectivity plus standard to its audience.

Film Armada is continuously accepting submissions of feature, brief plus documentary movies plus internet series at http://www.filmarmada.com/filmmaker_info.

For more info, please see http://www.FilmArmada.com.

About Film Armada

Film Armada (http://www.filmarmada.com) is the initially full-scale theatron providing a movie community which is an eVenue plus distribution channel inside 1. Film Armada streams select, professionally yielded, visibly plus actively curated, feature-length, brief plus documentary independent movies plus internet series for movie fans internationally. Film Armada has relevant content when its revenue-sharing model ensures which filmmakers create a profit whilst keeping all rights to their function.

Mar 31

Quabbin Solar Adds Sunshine to Barre, MA Economic Forecast — Announces the Development and Commissioning of Vernon Avenue Solar Farm

(PRWEB) July 29, 2012

Quabbin Solar is proud to declare the development plus commissioning of it’s Vernon Avenue Solar farm inside Barre, among the biggest ground installed solar farms inside Massachusetts, with a total capability of 2 megawatts. Modeling has indicated it might generate 2,500,000 kilowatt hours of electricity yearly for the upcoming 25 years. The project assists establish Massachusetts because the most aggressive states inside the nation inside terms of renewable stamina policies.

According to 2 of the worlds biggest oil businesses, 33% of the worlds vitality should come from solar, wind, plus different renewable resources by 2050. Quabbin Solar, a nearby owned plus operated Massachusetts business is leading the method inside developing commercial scale, ground, plus rooftop mount solar range websites inside the Commonwealth.

Quabbin Solars photovoltaic projects supply communities:

����Clean Renewable Electricity
����Environmental Advantages for Future Generations
����Educational Programs with Local Schools
����Financial Advantages for Both Landowners plus Residents of Local Communities
����An Opportunity to Play a Vital Role inside Americas Goal of Energy Independence

Quabbin Solars upcoming project, a 1.76 megawatt ground installed solar farm might occupy the site of the past Barre Wool factory plus is beneath construction. The project provides significant financial and also ecological advantages to the area. During the lifetime of the farm, hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon emissions is offset. The firm is currently inside negotiations with all the town of Barre for a web metering agreement that is projected to protect the town of Barre $ 25,000 inside electrical fees yearly. The Barre Wool project, like the Vernon Ave project, usually bring jobs to an region hard hit by the financial downturn.

Wind plus solar vitality creation is expected to grow greatly inside the upcoming 10-20 years, based on the International Energy Agency. Investments inside unique renewable vitality sources have grown to an estimated $ 175-200 billion internationally.

The advantages of solar driven electricity is watched from 3 important perspectives:


����promotes job growth
����increases taxes base
����generates building fees
����reduces electrical utility bills (inside several cases)


����boosts domestic vitality production
����lowers unemployment
����helps orient nearby communities towards the future
����reduces need found on the electric grid, leading to high territorial grid stability


����requires just sunlight for fuel
����emits no noise
����discharges no pollutants for the 40+ years of operational life
����helps the neighborhood environment remain green

Quabbin Solars principals, Dean Iandoli plus Michael Staiti, have over 40 years combined experience inside developing property, generally inside Massachusetts. Their individual interest inside renewable stamina plus sturdy concerns for future decades led those to community based photovoltaic solar range developments.

Careful consideration went into siting the Barre Wool solar farm project mentioned Dean Iandoli. The site is zoned by the Town of Barre for commercial employ, thus surrounding zoning by-laws permit for the solar farm to be built as-of-right. With no sound, no dangerous emissions plus virtually zero graphic impact the farm may do not have bad impact about its surroundings.

As significant because the creation of renewable vitality is, the mission of Quabbin Solar extends to include knowledge plus public awareness. It is Quabbin Solars intention to result in the center an significant element of educating the public regarding the worth of renewable vitality, claims Catherine Trifilo, Owner of Quabbin Renewables Energy Park. The business is using the Barre school program plus different groups to result in the solar farms accessible for school group visits plus educational workshops. When the kids walk up the hill plus come on the 7,500 solar panels of the initially project they are merely awestruck. Whenever a complete group of kids becomes quiet, we understand we have produced an impact, Trifilo explains with a laugh.

About Quabbin Solar

Quabbin Solar is a Central Massachusetts-based developer of commercial scale photovoltaic solar energy vegetation. Utilizing localized banks for financing, neighborhood companies for construction, plus working in Massachusetts Net-Metering programs, Quabbin Solar has become among the biggest solar programmers inside the state of Massachusetts.

Nov 24

International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Announces Models of the Year at 2012 New York Convention

NY, NY (PRWEB) July 26, 2012

Celebrating the 52nd IMTA Convention as well as the 26th year inside NY City, IMTA was host to certain amazing modeling plus skill industry features. A Special Appearance by recording artist Tatiana Owens garnered a standing ovation. The band 212 Green conducted a rousing set throughout Awards Night. Curtis Davis produced a gorgeous Designer Fashion Show with IMTA Contestants because the models strolling inside the newest swimwear designs from Michelle Cole from Colefacts. Kathy Fitzgerald, a Broadway star, hosted the NY 2012 Awards Party.

Actor plus musician Riley Smith, within the feature movie NY Minute as well as the fresh 90210, talked at Contestant Orientation, presented awards plus addressed the Contestants, suggesting “The IMTA has been like family to me, Nancy plus everyone whom runs this business is amazing. Many years ago, I sat right there where we men are at the moment. We are which much closer to the dream becoming a fact. I have enjoyed a great deal of persons come from IMTA plus do fantastic elements. In this audience today realistically, its going to result for 1 or various or all we!”��������������������

This IMTA Convention equally included the exciting announcement of the IMTA songwriting competition. Songwriters conducted authentic compositions for consideration from industry experts. This years Songwriting Winner Dillon Galanski, from Extraordinaire, Bakersfield, CA will Nashville to satisfy the CEO of Capitol Records as well as the CEO of RCA Records. These are generally going to Fast Track inside studio plus cut a demo in the upcoming 30-60 days. He is going inside front of the record labels not merely because a Songwriter and for an Artist deal.

Agents from all over the world were at IMTA to network with every alternative, discuss future fashion styles plus many importantly to discover hot encounters for their agencies. Talent Agents, Managers plus Casting Directors were additionally inside attendance to obtain Actors, Singers, Songwriters plus Dancers to represent. IMTA is recognized inside the industry for debuting the number one new-to-market Talent plus Models including Katie Holmes (IMTA 1993 & 1995), Ashton Kutcher (IMTA 1997), Eva Longoria (IMTA 1998), Ashley Greene (IMTA 2004), Elijah Wood (IMTA 1989), Jessica Biel (IMTA 1994), Josh Duhamel (IMTA 1997), Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Model Jessica White (IMTA 1999), Vogue TV’s Madeline Kragh (IMTA 2007), The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency’s Brian Kehoe (IMTA 2001), Bravos Make Me a Supermodel Winner Branden Rickman (IMTA 2008) plus Elite’s Heather Isaacson (IMTA 2008).

For more IMTA Alumni, please see http://www.IMTA.com.

This years Overall IMTA Winners are:

Child Actor of the Year (Male): Kingston Genot, SB Entertainment Group, Toledo, OH

Young Miss Model of the Year: Haley Pruett, Excel Models & Talent, Little Rock, AR

Child Actor of the Year (Female): Jett Lasiter, Excel Models & Talent, Little Rock, AR

Pre-Teen Model of the Year (Male): Crisean Nolen, D&A Talent, Minneapolis, MN

Child Model of the Year (Male): Kingston Genot, SB Entertainment Group, Toledo, OH

Young Miss Actor of the Year: Alexandra Simpson, Images Model Agency, Lexington, KY

Child Model of the Year (Female): Jett Lasiter, Exel Models & Talent, Little Rock, AR

Pre-Teen Actor of the Year (Male): Crisean Nolen, D&A Talent, Minneapolis, MN

Junior Actor of the Year (Male): Josh Gearhart, The Peak Agency, Des Moines, IA

Fitness Model of the Year (Female): Taryn-Lee Oliphant, Figures Modeling Agency, Johannesburg, GT South Africa

Junior Miss Model of the Year: Brooke Pickel, Ambiance Models & Talent, Chattanooga, TN

Actor of the Year (Male): Tyrone Crawley, Main Line Models, King of Prussia, PA

Junior Model of the Year (Male): Jonathan Arrieta, Model Talent Project, NY, NY

Junior Miss Actor of the Year: Nicole Lawrence, Karon Shea Model Management, Worcester, MA

Fitness Model of the Year (Male): Anthony DiLorenzo, Model Talent Project, NY, NY

Junior Actor of the Year (Female): Ashley Lyles, John Robert Powers, Philadelphia, PA

Actor of the Year (Female): Meghan Deanna Smith, Personal Best, Buffalo, NY

Junior Model of the Year (Female): Jacqui Ebbert, Barbizon-Chique, Philadelphia, PA

Young Adult Actor of the Year (Female): Mia Hassler, Barbizon-Chique, Philadelphia, PA

Model of the Year (Male): Ben Schreen, Creation Mother Management, Cedar Rapids, IA

Young Adult Actor of the Year (Male): Alex Schaeffer, The Peak Agency, Des Moines, IA

Many Sought After Talent (Male): Ben Schreen, Creation Mother Management linked with J.T. Snow, Images Model Agency, Lexington, KY

Many Sought After Talent (Female): Paytra Gessler, SB Entertainment Group, Toledo, OH����

Many Sought After Model (Male): Ben Schreen, Creation Mother Management, Cedar Rapids, IA

Many Sought After Model (Female): Rachel Turner, Creation Mother Management, Cedar Rapids, IA

Model of the Year (Female): Veronica Gebremariam, Fogg Management, Denver, CO

Many scholarships were equally granted throughout the gala ceremony.����

About IMTA:

IMTA is the many prestigious Association of Modeling plus Talent Training Centers. IMTA produces 2 Conventions yearly where Models, Actors, Singers, Songwriters plus Dancers showcase their possible inside front of the biggest audience of Agents, Managers plus Casting Directors ever assembled. Because 1987, IMTA has debuted an extraordinary quantity of modeling plus skill stars that are functioning inside the fashion plus entertainment industry.

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Jun 21

Resource Magazine Announces Andy Adams and Alison Zavos as EDU2013 Contest judges.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) December 07, 2012

Resource Magazine is thrilled to declare Wisconsin based digital media manufacturer plus publisher, Andy Adams plus artist plus curator Alison Zavos because judges for their EDU2013 Contest.

True to their name, Resource aspires not to just serve newly emerging plus present photographers, and the upcoming generation of image-makers seeking to create a jump from the classroom plus into the pro photography globe. The EDU2013 Contest is an unprecedented chance from Resource to provide pupils the ability to kick-start their jobs with all the software, equipment plus internet media tools that many photographers just think of having.

Sponsors are a stellar group plus include Sigma, Broncolor, DF Studios, Skip Cohens Marketing Essentials International plus Photo Resource Hub, Flak Photo Network, Featureshoot, Morpholio, Sunbounce, Lowel, APA, Avenger, Gitzo, PhaseOne, CRU Data Port, Manfrotto, Tiffen Dfx, Gura Gear, liveBooks, Sun Sniper, plus Epson.

EDU2013 is an unprecedented photography contest available to pupils graduating significant school inside 2013 plus entering a university or college photography program; pupils currently enrolled inside a university or college photography system or pupils which graduated from a university or college photography system inside 2012.

Both Andy plus Alison embody a mixture of creative passion, collaborative sharing, plus community organizing which are inside keeping with all the spirit of the student-driven contest.

For the previous five years, Andy has used his creative passion for image-making as well as the arts to projects which explore the intersection between online publishing, social media, plus community collaborations inside modern photography. Adams projects include The Future of Photobooks, a cross-blog conversation which considered the impact of web culture about photographic practice plus 100 Portraits 100 Photographers, a digital exhibition of present portraiture which has shown at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Australian Centre for Photography plus many festivals inside the U.S. plus abroad. This year, he teamed up with all the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design to make Considering the Land 21st Century American Views, a web-based study exploring the evolving land photograph custom.

In his spare time he maintains FlakPhoto.com, an online art room, that has continued to enjoy the culture of image-making by marketing the discovery of artists from all over the world because its founding inside 2006. Andys enthusiasm plus goodwill for all details photo-related not merely involves curators, editors, publishers, plus gallery dealers, and a dedication to aid emerging, or otherwise unseen artists receive exposure, that is why Resource couldnt imagine a more installing customer judge for their student-based contest. Andy is a ideal model of media networking plus creative collaboration, encouraging online audience correspondence, utilizing social media to advertise the artists he functions with, plus coordinating interactive photo occasions, real-time photographer interviews, along with a series of comment conversations for Flak Photos Facebook neighbors plus Twitter fans likewise.

Alison Zavos is a curator as well as the Publisher/Managing Editor of the photography website, Feature Shoot, that showcases function from up-and-coming photographers alongside established photographers whom have completed a project or whose function has taken about a hot way.

Since launching inside 2008, Feature Shoot has accrued an archive of over 2,000+ global photographers plus earned LIFE.coms 2011 Photo Blog Awards: the Webs 20 many compelling, many consistently insightful plus surprising photography blogs. Zavos is equally an active associate of the photography community at-large, reviewing portfolios for companies including ASMP, APA plus The Art Directors Club, when equally talking about numerous panels discussing subjects like the impact of fresh media, advertising, click plus photography blogs.

In the summer of 2010, she curated Sea Change, a group show because piece of the Wassaic Summer Festival, that featured function from 25 NY photographers. As element of Photoville NYC (2012), Zavos co-curated a group exhibition entitled Underage, that featured function by six young photographers whom document the joys plus travails of growing up. Her newest group show, Come Together: a Beatles-themed exhibition, newly wrapped at FotoWeekDC inside November of 2012 plus ‘Anew: Seeing Beauty inside Everyday Objects’ opens about Thursday, December 6, 2012 at United Photo Industries inside Brooklyn. Her track record of service plus dedication to photography knowledge makes Zavos a installing addition to the panel of judges.

Resource is pleasing photography pupils from over the USA to submit their right pictures to a jury of world-renowned photographers, curators plus educators whom may select 1 grand prize winner for almost everything a student might should kick-start plus keep the expert photography career: a prize package valued at over $ 25,000.00.

Submit because frequently because we like plus make sure to adhere to Resource about Twitter @PhotoEDU2013 for weekly giveaways plus information regarding modern sponsors. For more info see http://resourcemagonline.com/edu2013contest/

Apr 12

Serialio.com Announces The Scanfob

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Mobile answer expert Serialio.com announces the ultra-compact 1 ounce (28 gram) Scanfob� 2002 mobile wireless laser RFID barcode scanner. This quick plus exact scanner is suitable with iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5, Samsung Galaxy Family, Google Nexus Family, HTC ONE Family, plus most Android equipment with Bluetooth.

Serialio.com equally offers Scanfob� brand NFC (Near Field Communication), plus GEN2 UHF RFID visitors. Used together, the Scanfob� family of scanners & visitors, as well as the Grid-In-Hand(tm) Mobile Grid Solution Framework, give a variety of barcode plus RFID solutions found on the newest mobile equipment from Apple, Samsung, Google, HTC, plus almost each Android pill plus telephone with Bluetooth. Data from Mobile Grid is transferred inside Excel formatting anywhere. Data may equally be posted to any iOS plus Android application which may accept keystroke information.

The Scanfob� 2002 is the many affordable, top-quality, quickly, exact, compact, pocket-sized, wireless barcode Bluetooth laser scanner accessible internationally. Serialio.com’s one-button-solutions have cut attendance monitoring time by 90%, at � of competitors costs for several Serialio.com’s clients, including The Toronto International Film Festival Group.

The Scanfob� 2002 is capable of connecting to mobile equipment from as much as 25 feet away. Scanfob� 2002 also offers memory for 20,000 scans plus timestamps, a power lifetime lengthy enough to last a full function day, plus charges by any USB port. Serialio.coms SerialMagic software is unmatched inside the industry inside handling barcode, RFID, plus alternative serial information, when the little Scanfob� 2002 wireless Bluetooth scanner makes the program simple to use.

On sale for $ 279 this getaway (list cost $ 314), the Scanfob� 2002 provides an affordable choice for people in addition to big business accounts. The featherweight scanners are an effortless technique for employees to manage stock counting plus monitoring, restocking, asset monitoring, automated crib administration, attendance taking, job time monitoring, cycle counting, packing, roll taking, delivery, delivery, book plus item scouting, and more. Click here to find the Scanfobs one-button scan-to-spreadsheet inside action.

Michael Taylor, IT Manager from STI International claims, I very suggest the Scanfob� 2002 Scanner. Our team saved 2-3 days plus over $ 4200!

Serialio.com is known because an innovative business aligned with all the industry’s New Age of Customization, but, their solutions stand aside off their competition inside affordability, ease of employ plus customer help.

Serialio.coms CEO Dave Boydston claims, Our barcode plus RFID goods are cutting-edge technologies, whilst the customer support is hands-on, aged school. If you call you, you are able to talk to a expert wholl speak to we regarding the answer demands. If you don’t have what we require, you may apply the customized answer for we based about the effective framework at far under the competitors costs. If not, perfectly tell we where to receive the number one answer for we. We offer a answer. Period.

The Scanfob� 2002 barcode scanner saves time plus funds inside Airline Operations, Aerospace, Attendee Management, Asset Tracking plus Management, Criminal Justice, Energy & Utilities, Entertainment, Events, First Response, Government, Health Care, IT Assets & Equipment Recovery, Large Corporations, Pharmaceutical, Postal, Publishing, Restaurant, Retail, Security Auditing, Small Organization, Sports, Supermarket, Manufacturing, Trade Shows, Transportation, Travel, Warehouse Management plus more.

Through December 31, 2012, Serialio.com is providing away a Google Nexus 7 Android pill which is selected with all the Scanfob� 2002. Enter to win here plus about Facebook.com/Serialio plus Twitter.com/Serialio.

“The Scanfob� 2002 Bluetooth barcode reader is merely the greatest choice.” claims Christophe Orceau, CEO, Streetlight.Vision, Computer Software to monitor the streetlights of Paris, France.

Founded inside 1992 inside Santa Barbara, CA, Serialio.com offers one-button mobile cross-platform Bluetooth barcode plus RFID scanning solutions about over 500 mobile device models, combining state-of-the-art software plus hardware. Its SerialMagic plus additional software solutions are unmatched. Customers vary from main Fortune 1000 firms to independent programmers, positioned inside over 60 nations internationally. For more info, see serialio.com, email sales(at)serialio(dot)com, or call (805) 964-8883, Pacific Standard Time.

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Mar 09

Online Art Gallery Announces the Addition of Literary Art with 4 New Books by Canadian Authors

NY, NY, Chicogo Ill, Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) November 22, 2012

The unique online art gallery, Made In Haliburton, announces the addition of 4 fresh books to their literary art collection. Owners Don & Marie Gage state, it really is exciting to find the development of Canadian literature plus to be capable to supply an outlet for the sale of these fantastic books. The content of the books is very different showing eclectic interests among the artists associated with Made In Haliburton.ca.

The books are additionally appropriate for a variety of ages, with all the latest book, Tadeo Turtle, being an exciting possible Christmas present for a child. Tadeo Turtle is a newly published book by Canadian writer Janis Cox. It recounts the story of the turtle that is unhappy with all the limits placed about his exercise by the fat of his shell. As the book progresses Tadeo becomes aware of the beautiful safety powers of the shell plus learns to accept himself for whom he is. It has a fantastic moral for any child, plus even numerous adults, to understand inside a fun plus interesting way. The book is additionally accompanied by turtle-themed escapades along with a 24 page curriculum is accessible within the writer. The writer is a past instructor plus has developed a 24 page curriculum which is found about her url.

The animal lover or nature lover might love the upcoming offering: In Praise of Wolves is a newly reprinted book by Canadian Naturalist R. D. Lawrence plus it is actually complete with an afterword created by his spouse, Sharon Lawrence. R. D. Lawrence became a experienced plus sensitive field naturalist whom invested thirty years studying plus gaining a specific learning of wolves. The book is created inside an anecdotal plus individual way however, is full of scientifically sound insights regarding wolves which might usually startle the reader. Lawrence suggests which wolves give a much closer model of human behavior than primates. This book demolishes older myths regarding wolves plus brings hot learning.

Carole Finns unique book, Walk by Water, usually excite anybody that loves to walk inside the woods or white water kayak at a globe class kayak center. Carole Finn is an accomplished artist whom has painted a range of scenes from 2 pretty different path systems. Through images, paintings, plus words the writer chronicles the lives of the 2 males that produced the Minden Wild Water Trail plus Pacific Rim Trail potential. The reader may recognize how their perseverance built 2 amazing facilities from that mankind may enjoy communing with nature.

A book which might inspire the reader to persevere against all odds is Jeff Pinneys autobiographical book, Zen as well as the Art of Multiple Sclerosis. Dont be tricked by the title, this really is not only a book for individuals whom have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This book contains classes that will assist the reader to maintain the course whenever the going gets rough. The reader usually laugh plus cry virtually simultaneously however,, over anything can experience the spirit of the guy that might simply not stop whenever existence dealt him a big blow.

There is anything here for everyone. Simply look below the title of Art for the Senses plus select books plus cds to take a closer consider any 1 of these goods. Why not additionally browse the over 400 pieces of Canadian art which are equally found on the website?

Jan 24

InSoCal CONNECT announces The Best Kept Secrets in the Country

Riverside, Calif. (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

On November 13th the InSoCal Innovation Assets Report Findings were unveiled at the InSoCal CONNECT hit meeting attended by over 75 company, civic plus governmental leaders at Murrieta City Hall. A complete copy of the report results is accessible at http://www.insocalconnect.org/.

The lead Wall Street Journal editorial about Friday November 9th, regarded Californias company climate with dismay. But InSoCal CONNECT, a newly created non profit financial development corporation, argues the WSJ editors are not able to consider nearby pro-business initiatives like the rise of the brand-new InSoCal (Inland Southern California) Innovation Corridor.

Tuesday, November 13th marked the launch of the initially InSoCal Innovation Assets Report. Modeled following a synonymous San Diego initiative the report shows which this InSoCal Innovation Corridor area is bucking the trend plus functioning about its own at the area level to aid grow the tech eco-system needed for the expansion of private sector riches, leading to fresh job creation.

Riverside is showcased prominently inside the research that found which there are many assets absolutely inside spot to aid the biotech industry thrive inside the area. We believe which this report can aid you improve the area plus aid you inside attracting unique technologies companies to the region. mentioned Riverside Economic Development Manager Larry Vaupel.

Stephen Austin, President of the business, plus managing partner of Swenson Advisors mentioned, InSoCal CONNECT as well as the Assets Report results is an good story of the area which is not waiting for Washington plus Sacramento to create jobs, yet functioning about its own together with private sector, city plus college leadership, to aid spur sector development inside development plus exports. The report shows you have considerable assets along with a robust plus active spirit inside the development sector.

The InSoCal Innovation Corridor involves Murrieta/Temecula found on the south as well as the University of California, Riverside as well as the City of Riverside found on the north. This region was included inside the San Diego iHub inside 2011 plus is today frequently called element of the better San Diego Mega Region by the San Diego CONNECT President Camille Sobrian Saltman.

Highlights of the report include:

����Approximately 80 modern innovation start-up businesses emerge every year inside the InSoCal Innovation Corridor area? This compares favorably with Seattle, that according SmartPlanet, is the 10th top US start-up city inside the US, with 96 start-ups inside 2011.
����More than 350 hot tech start-up businesses were established inside the Innovation Corridor area inside the previous 4 years. These start-ups are emerging clusters of tech businesses inside these regions because biotech, software, computer electronics, technology services, communications plus protection.
����The area has a international outlook, marketing the development of exports plus foreign direct inward-investment crafted to create jobs.
����The Innovation Corridor has a experienced staff. As an example, around 37 % of Murrieta/Temecula citizens 16-years old or elder have at minimum an associate or university degree. The City of Riverside has been known because the Many Intelligent Community of 2012 plus over 1000 pupils graduate yearly from region schools plus colleges.
����The InSoCal Innovation Corridor has more the 20 educational analysis centers plus it is house to the parts premier analysis organization, the University of California Riverside. Additionally there are a variety of additional colleges, including California State University San Marcos inside neighboring North San Diego County.
����The InSoCal Innovation Corridor is today, functionally, piece of the San Diego Mega-Region – that offers chances for the companies to function inside close collaboration with a big quantity of analysis institutes inside San Diego including Scripps, La Jolla Institute of Allergy plus Immunology, as well as the San Diego Zoo Global Institute.
����The Corridor involves the modern Loma Linda University Medical Center-Murrieta training hospital (initially stage complete) as well as the UCR School of Medicine that merely received its accreditation.
����The City of Murrieta has rezoned the land adjacent to Loma Linda University Medical Center-Murrieta for Office-Research Park development plus has prepared the ecological impact report for the privately-owned attributes inside the region of the City termed as the North Murrieta Technology Corridor.in purchase to offer certainty to investors, technical companies plus technical park programmers.
����The Innovation Corridor involves 4 tech incubators, including the Bourns Tech Center inside Riverside, the Innovation Economy Incubator, the Temecula Valley Entrepreneurs Exchange, as well as the Murrieta Regional Technology Innovation Center.
����There are over a dozen STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering plus Math) programs inside the InSoCal Innovation Corridor.
����There are over 800 Near-Sourcing Companies inside Riverside County that supply access to surrounding skill thus which businesses never should source outside of the region.

Speakers at the event include:

Stephen Austin , Managing Partner Swenson Advisors

Camille Sobrian Saltman, President San Diego CONNECT

Murrieta Mayor Doug McAllister plus Mayor pro tem Rick Gibbs

UCR VC Research plus Economic Development, Michael Pazzani

Brian Hawley, Chairman Luminex Software, founding associate of Riverside Tech CEO Forum

Aaron Schneider, President Helixstrom

Terry Beardley Ph.D. President/CEO T-Cyte Therapeutics

Robin Hillary, LIT Central

Marek Lapinski Tactical 3rd Dimension

Roy Paulson, President Paulson Manufacturing

Dec 18

The Academy of Art University Announces 17th Annual Faculty & Alumni Fine Art Auction

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) November 07, 2012

WHO: Academy of Art University

WHAT: The Academy of Art University can host the 17th Annual Faculty & Alumni Fine Art Auction, an event which offers the public with a chance to straight help the Fine Art Student Scholarship Fund by bidding about paintings, prints, sculptures plus jewelry functions produced by the many recognized faculty plus alumni artists. Fifty percent of proceeds are donated straight to the scholarship fund plus are taxes deductible; the remaining half of proceeds are disbursed straight to the artists. The Universitys Student Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to the best student artists at the Annual Spring Show. View the whole auction catalog plus understand regarding the artists here: http://www.academyart.edu/auction.

This years Fine Art Auction involves over five-hundred pieces of art produced by over seventy-five artists. The event is sponsored by the Academy of Art University Foundation plus hosted by the Academys non-profit museums.


Reception plus Live Auction is Saturday, November 10, 2012

2:00PM : Reception starts, 3:00PM : Live auction begins

Silent Auction ends around 20 minutes following close of live auction

Preview of auction is November 8-9, 2012 from 10:00AM 6:00PM (media is welcome)


Academy of Art University Gallery at The Cannery

2801 Leavenworth Street, San Francisco, CA 94133 (map)

For media inquiries plus requests for high-resolution pictures of featured art, contact Dana Sornstein (415) 618-6115, dsornstein(at)academyart.edu.

About the Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University, the biggest private college of art plus shape inside the United States, is educating pupils for the art plus shape jobs of the 21st Century. Established inside 1929, the Academy is an output-based high knowledge model which offers open admissions to all pupils, however, imposes a rigorous curriculum which needs the pupils to provide a portfolio of function which demonstrates a mastery of their field inside purchase to graduate. Students are taught with a faculty of experts within the existing market, that delivers them with an learning of just what it takes to succeed inside todays company environment. The Academys hands-on curriculum produces graduates which possess remarkable creative plus shape abilities — plus equally because significant, the ability to place those skills to function instantly following graduation. As a outcome, Academy graduates are prepared to compete for plus win the jobs of the 21st Century inside 19 fields: Acting, Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, Architecture, Art Education, Art History, Fashion, Fine Art, Game Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture & Design, Landscape Architecture, Motion Pictures & Television, Multimedia Communications, Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media, Photography plus Internet Design & New Media. Academy of Art University is certified by WASC, NASAD, Council for Interior Design Accreditation (Formerly FIDER), (BFA-IAD), plus NAAB (M-ARCH). Visit http://www.academyart.edu to find out more.


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Dec 10

Atos announces blueKiwi ZEN, the most advanced SaaS Enterprise Social Software

London (PRWEB UK) 7 November 2012

Atos announces which blueKiwi, an Atos firm because April 2012, now releases blueKiwi ZEN, the many advanced, feature-packed launch of its SaaS enterprise social software. blueKiwi ZEN takes social networking to a fresh amount of features, providing organisations of all sizes the opportunity to communicate plus collaborate better, in addition to organize, task plus share info smarter. All so that they can reduce company plus choice cycles plus outperform their competition.

The release now of blueKiwi ZEN marks an significant milestone inside the Atos Cloud plus SaaS approach. The Group is entering the newly emerging Social IT marketplace, that will see social tools plus solutions increasingly adopted inside a SaaS mode by industry leaders to strengthen company performance plus boost the functioning environment. blueKiwi advantages too within the underpinning cloud expertise of Atos to deliver unmatched service security, safety plus accessibility requested by customers that anticipate first-class entreprise-grade IT services.

Commenting found on the release, Gilles Grapinet, Senior Executive Vice President, Atos said: Social Company is a revolution inside the workplace which will help the visitors to drive company performance high when improving function lifetime balance of employees. Following the purchase of blueKiwi earlier this year plus because of the level plus width of Atos company development expertise inside cloud, movement, you could today provide the greatest European answer to customers whom wish To benefit from leading social collaboration attributes.

blueKiwi ZEN aims to offer superior correspondence, collaboration plus info processing features by delivering a high amount of simplicity, functionality, plus performance inside getting elements completed. ZEN furthermore affords employees a amount of situational awareness which allows those to collaborate more effectively, focus about whats significant, mobilize the proper people plus remain over their projects plus workload. It helps consumers filter plus prioritize info plus take decisive action. Its effective advice engine leverages both social plus interest graph to recommend brand-new connections between individuals, communities plus documents, unleashing new collaboration solutions plus improving the collective knowledge of the company.

Karine Lazimi, Head of Innovation plus communities administration at Allianz said: We have countless employees that have been utilizing blueKiwi for 4 years. It has changed how you collaborate plus is today indispensable inside the workplace. Thanks to blueKiwi you have increased the internal correspondence plus it has improved the daily job for 2000 employees because a now. We welcome the added functionalities plus performance which the unique adaptation of blueKiwi plus are interested to explore how this may aid help the organisation further.

This main launch draws about blueKiwis great social networking knowledge and also Atos world-class position inside workplace administration plus award-winning Cloud plus Zero emailTM initiatives to provide the many complete, significant performance, plus secure enterprise social software answer whilst complying with regional information security laws. With this launch social features is seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure, application land, enterprise portals plus company applications.

JL Valente, CEO at blueKiwi said: With ZEN you are aiming to bring enterprise social software to the mainstream plus turn it into a business-critical application. Weve particularly tailored it to become the social hub of the workplace where e-mail is out plus collaborative escapades receive performed.

Atos may internally roll-out blueKiwi ZEN because a key technologies component to help its internal Zero Email TM initiative. This worldwide system aims to transform Atos into a social organisation, with a greater work-life balance for employees, improved company synergies plus efficiency, anticipating the function environment of the future.

blueKiwi attributes plus operational model

Highlights of the newest launch include a brand-new, state-of-the-art, drag-and-drop interface, smart previewing features with 1 click, a separate notice stream, stronger publication versioning, advanced collaborative notes, @mention plus hashtags, superfast auto-suggestions plus look, wants, a full-fledged advice engine, Microsoft Office plus Outlook add-ins, new native mobile applications for iOS, Android plus BlackBerry, along with a modern set of APIs. It works on any mobile device, pill or PC.

Atos may work the Cloud infrastructure supporting blueKiwi ZEN, about its Cloud platform Canopy, the Cloud JV build by Atos with its couples EMC plus VMWare, providing the greatest practices inside expression of standard of service.

blueKiwi comes inside 3 editions; Expert, Premium, plus Enterprise, every crafted to satisfy the requires plus specifications of companies of all models.


About Atos

Atos is an international information technology services company with annual 2011 pro forma revenue of EUR 8.5 billion and 74,000 employees in 48 countries. Serving a global client base, it delivers hi-tech transactional services, consulting and managed services. With its deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, it works with clients across the following market sectors: Manufacturing, Retail, Services; Public, Health & Transports; Financial Services; Telecoms, Media & Technology; Energy & Utilities.

Atos is focused on business technology that powers progress and helps organizations to create their firm of the future. It is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic and Paralympics Games and is quoted on the Paris Eurolist Market. Atos operates under the brands Atos, Atos Consulting & Technology Services, Atos Worldline and Atos Worldgrid.

For more information, visit: atos.net

About blueKiwi

An innovative technology leader, blueKiwi is Europes largest SaaS provider of Enterprise Social Software. We help enterprises worldwide increase their business performance through social collaboration. blueKiwi has been consistently recognized by industry expert Gartner Inc. since 2007.

Since becoming an Atos company in early 2012, blueKiwi has leveraged Atos global presence and Cloud technology expertise to further evolve our powerful SaaS solution. blueKiwis focus on enterprise social networks, combined with Atoss broader product and service portfolio, creates a powerful combination that enables us to offer further value to our customers through a unique blend of consultancy, innovation, and implementation.

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Nov 14

A Plus Warehouse Announces The Addition of The Black Tie Work Bench

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) November 03, 2012

A Plus Warehouse is usually thinking regarding the upcoming product line which visitors may love. The latest addition to the product stable at A Plus Warehouse is the Black Tie Work Bench line. Black Tie function benches are all black. According to Ed Stairman, In the commercial arena , Black is the modern gray. Customers is crazy regarding the Black Work Benches

Mr. Stairman is onto anything inside his statement. Work regions generally use storage plus handling equipment inside battleship gray or green inside the case of pallet racks. The color black makes a function area more enticing plus appealing. It has been shown which employees which are happy with their environment are more successful than others , thus a tiny investment inside appealing function benches is a perfect idea.

Black Tie workbenches are very effortless to purchase. A Plus Warehouse shows a bench totally appliance with back plus end stops, a riser , a lower shelf along with a drawer also. All a customer should do is choose the best size plus composition plus purchase by model quantity. Other dealers create visitors purchase by individual components. Customers will leave which to the sales staff. For those shoppers which choose simple function benches or just certain components, A Plus Warehouse has Black Tie function benches inside the standard shape with accessories a la carte also.

One thing consumers understand regarding A Plus Warehouses black function benches is the fact that they are very inexpensive. This line provides desirable value because it’s an imported line. For shoppers which want a created inside USA item , the Black Tie is not the product of choice. Customers cannot worry , because A Plus Warehouses ever prevalent BigBlue line of function benches is obtainable in a entire rainbow of hues including black! Customers which like created inside America could merely consider the A Plus Warehouse BigBlue line. Value focused consumers usually appreciate the Black Tie Bench cost point plus total standard.

There are 3 tops obtainable in the Black Tie line. These tops are 12 Gauge Steel , Shop Top plus Hardwood. The wooden tops are all 1 � inches thick. All the function bench tops are very strong. The Black Tie function bench is chosen inside commercial plus production function regions conveniently.

A Plus Warehouse is a nationwide contents handling dealer which specializes inside function benches. A Plus Warehouse firmly suggests visitors consider Black Tie function benches for durability, standard, plus cost.