Nov 05

Southern California Community Leaders Welcome His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

On 27th October, Southern California Hindu Community Leaders led by Dilip Butani (Chairman Indian Community of Southern California), hosted a Grand Event for His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda plus indicated their solidarity plus help to stand by him to spread his international religious mission. A group of 50 VIPs (heads of different Federations plus Organizations) were the invitees at an exclusive event for Nithyananda Mission hosted by the Sindu Center inside Cerritos, California. Many devotees plus volunteers of the Nithyananda Vedic Temple presented different dimensions of Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s religious mission.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, appearing through live 2-way movie conferencing, indicated his gratitude to the group for their leadership inside standing by him throughout the continued religious persecution that he plus his business has been experiencing inside the previous 2 plus half years. Thanking Paramahamsa Nithyananda for his content plus blessings, the Hindu community leaders invited him to come to Los Angeles at the earliest potential date.

Among many interesting issues, a prominent community leader plus philanthropist of California, Avadhesh K. Agarwal, asked Paramahamsa Nithyananda to bless the Hindu communities internationally with a ‘Mantra’ to instill unity.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda answered with a pragmatic content, suggesting which “Hindu Identity has Utility” is the mantra that should be propagated over all Hindu communities inside the planet. He said, the planet, plus particularly Hindus themselves, should know plus know why Hindu Identity is an asset in every dimensions including cultural, religious, affordable, mental, moral plus social.

“Hindu Identity is Utility” he mentioned. Families with an upbringing of Hindu Vedic culture plus values have less amount of divorces, are perfectly educated, less probably to be about anti-depressants, less probably to be found on the US Government’s welfare programs plus are the most financially sturdy demographics inside the U.S.

He praised the Non Resident Indians inside US for contributing to 11% of the money taxes despite being a minority community of simply 1% of the population of US. These are generally most well known inside the nation because practitioners plus hoteliers, therefore providing remedy plus care to the society. These are generally truly the only cultural group whom never have any youth gangs.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda mentioned which the Vedic culture, Vedic identity plus Vedic unity is a utility plus the responsibility to instill the self-confidence inside Indians to be proud of their history plus be confident enough to share it with all the globe. He mentioned, it is very incredibly more significant for the Non Resident Indians of USA (‘NRIs”) to have this self-confidence plus understand which Hindu Identity is the many lucrative identity, considering the Hindus from all over the world, including India, look about them because character models inside numerous aspects.

Among several details plus evidences of the religious persecution against Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the group additionally informally discussed how the revelations of the health reports have completely exonerated Nithyananda of any incorrect doing socially, morally plus legally.

The event concluded with a grand 16 course Satvic (vegetarian food prepared without onions, garlic, red or green chillies, glucose, dairy products) food within the Nithyananda Vedic Temple kitchen (Annalaya).

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Oct 06

California Car Insurance Quotes Now Available Online Via its Website, Announces Today

(PRWEB) October 26, 2012 announces the addition of the California auto insurance page about its webpage. The page involves a tool which enables consumers to swiftly receive California auto insurance quotes. The page has been redesigned to let an consumer to get a quotation by entering just their zip code. There is not a immediate requirement to supply more info to see initial quotes. Entering a zip code generates a list of California auto insurance agents inside their region.

In an increasingly competitive California auto insurance industry, anything which makes the procedure of getting a quotation quicker is superior information for insurers plus customers likewise. is not affiliated with any specific California auto insurance provider. Instead, the website presents deals from different California auto insurance businesses. The cause of the redesigned homepage is to aid consumers begin with their look for quotes quicker by eliminating the requirement to complete several fields initially. enables consumers to receive quotes from some of the California auto insurance services indexed found on the site by clicking a “receive quote” switch upcoming to every insurer’s listing. The new tool, found at the best proper hand corner of the site’s homepage, generates a list of California auto insurance services based about zip code. If an user chooses to receive a more detailed quotation, they is taken to the insurer they choose. At which point, more info is necessary to give a more exact quotation based about factors including driving record, age, as well as the create plus model of the car to be insured.

An more auto insurance quotation tool found on the site enables consumers to look for insurance quotes by state. This really is ideal for consumers that can want to buy auto insurance before moving or traveling to another state. This really is also beneficial for consumers that can reside inside a neighboring state plus function inside California, or vice versa. The tool which searches for quotes by state just demands the consumer to choose their state to create a list of insurers services providing coverage because state. Additional info is just necessary when an consumer selects a carrier.

In addition to car insurance quotes, offers company insurance quotes for people or businesses seeking to work inside California. Property and Casualty Company Insurance are the 2 kinds of company insurance required inside California, whilst liability insurance is required for motorists inside California. Californias Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law mandates which motorists have a certain amount of coverage.

Bodily injury coverage need to be at minimum $ 15,000 for death or injury for a single individual injured inside an accident plus $ 30,000 for all people injured from a single accident. The minimal coverage for property damage is $ 5,000 per accident., that enables consumers to look insurance quotes without charge, is poising itself to become an practical resource of consumers looking either company insurance or California auto insurance. The site guarantees the lowest range of quotes amidst the initial quotes returned inside consumer searches. This really is particularly beneficial to budget-conscience customers. For more info, see

Sep 29

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy Announces The Next Free Airbrush Tanning Event in Studio City, California

Studio City, CA (PRWEB) September 02, 2012

Acclaimed spray tanning training center Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy is shopping for models with different kinds of skin tones for their future free airbrush tanning event to be held inside the afternoon about Sunday, September 9, 2012. This event might happen at 3760 Cahuenga Blvd. West, Suite 202, Studio City, CA 91604. These free airbrush tanning occasions are organized by the academy whenever fresh pupils enroll inside the spray tanning classes. New pupils have enrolled inside September, from San Diego, Burbank, Pasadena, Long Beach, Hawaii plus South Carolina. The event has been organized to supply all important hands-on training to brand-new pupils of the academy. It should be said which Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy is regarded as the premier airbrush tanning training destination for individuals seeking to become a expert airbrush tanning expert.

Aspiring spray tanning experts from different components of the planet keep exploring Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy throughout the year to discover the techniques of the evolved shape of sunless tanning. People with all kinds of skin tones will register because models by exploring the official website of Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy. Individuals interested to be a element of the future event might register online inside the models’ section at

Selected models will be called plus teamed up with all the unique student of the academy so that they could practice spray tanning with an HVLP spray weapon. Each of these tanning sessions might need around half an hr. The chosen models are equally requested to enable before plus following photos to aid the student create a portfolio. In return, these models get the greatest standard of free spray tanning within the best academy throughout the country. Most importantly, the owner plus founder of the academy Simone Emmons usually oversee the whole process to guarantee a flawless spray tanning session.

Simone Emmons, is a very experienced spray tanning expert with a riches of experience behind her. Inviting models to register for the future event, she claims, “This really is a fantastic chance to get a totally free spray tanning session for anybody with a pale complexion. Airbrush tanning may moreover create we feel skinnier plus hides skin imperfections, plus it’s additionally UV free.”

About Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy:

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy is situated inside Los Angeles, California plus provides a comprehensive Airbrush Tanning Certification system to anybody whom desires to understand the art plus company of spray tanning. Simone Emmons, the creator of the spray tan training system has been a expert, certified spray tan technician plus instructor plus has aided many entrepreneurs from Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Minnesota, Arizona, California as well as the Island of Hawaii plus Trinidad commence a company inside Airbrush Tanning. The spray tan system is distinctive considering it offers hands-on plus private spray tanning training to people that like to begin an Airbrush Tanning Organization. According to Emmons, this spray tanning system provides people the leading edge inside beginning an Airbrush Tanning company. Students have the possibility to select from a full day course of 10-12 hours or 2 half day guides of 4-5 hours a day. Many tanning training organizations just educate pupils about their own equipment plus items they sell, nonetheless Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy refuses to sell any of their own goods plus offers training plus knowledge about all equipment plus advantageous treatments inside the airbrush tanning industry.

Individuals interested inside understanding plus beginning a profession inside airbrush tanning could see the website at or for more detailed information regarding the course at

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Aug 05

California 37: Mermaids Of Alcatraz Tour Edition Reviews

California 37: Mermaids Of Alcatraz Tour Edition

California 37: Mermaids Of Alcatraz Tour Edition

In celebration of their largest tour ever, Train is releasing an extended variation of their hit album California 37 because California 37: Mermaids of Alcatraz Tour Edition. This launch involves 3 more studio recordings including “Futon”, “To Be Loved” as well as the band’s cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. The album may have 3 live tunes off of California 37 taken off their 2012 San Francisco Tour.

List Price: $ 11.96


Jun 29

Hair Models Grooving in Los Angeles California

There are a lot of folks prepared to act about camera inside Los Angeles. Below I am with certain hair models about the method to a hair modeling photograph shoot. I guess they’r…

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Jun 15

Seven SFUAD Short Films to Screen at the AMFM Fest in California

Seven SFUAD Brief Films to Screen at the AMFM Fest inside California
An old-fashioned story of love plus longing, featuring the inventive employ of green screen plus 3D modeling development. 10 minutes, 20 seconds. Cracked Day by Rebeca Rebeilflores (Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico) … Its mission is to “bring communities …
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TV icon Hard Gay thrusts into the planet of specialist modeling
The idea of expert modeling more-or-less started following taking marketing photos to advertise Razor Ramon's comedy skits. Sumitani was amazed by how perfectly they turned out plus became interested inside doing more specialist photography …
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China's Venetian Quandary: Chinese Artists
Tong Hongsheng is showing six tiny still-life paintings of objects chosen inside Buddhist ceremonies, when Wang Qingsong is contributing 3 functions inside tableau photography which critique Chinese society. In “The Water of Venice,” He Yunchang presents …
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Jun 11

Lets Party By California Costumes Super Sexy Super Model (Auburn) Adult Wig / Red – Size One – Size

Lets Party By California Costumes Super Sexy Super Model (Auburn) Mature Wig / Red – Size One – Size

Lets Party By California Costumes Super Sexy Super Model (Auburn) Mature Wig / Red - Size One - Size

  • Red
  • One Size
  • Celebration ; Everyday

Who doesn’t look forward to a Everyday Celebration? we do, thus lets start……

Lets Party By California Costumes Super Sexy Super Model (Auburn) Mature Wig / Red – Size One – Size usually definitely enable we reach this objective. Includes a extended, flowing wavy wig. One size fits many adults. We cannot accept wigs for return except they are inside their authentic packaging, unopened plus sealed. Super Sexy Super Model (Auburn) Mature Wig Material is produced from .

c’mon, Let the party start..

List Price: $ 15.53