Feb 02

A professional photography lighting kit that is somewhat cheap?

Question by Vintage Boy: A specialist photography light kit which is somewhat inexpensive?
I found this site for light : http://www.tubetape.net/servlet/the-Lighting/Categories , however, idk that is wise for pro photography, body shots for models plus advertisements for publications, I wanna shoot stuff that way. I have my camera plus lens absolutely, I simply require a light kit, do we suggest any? From the webpage, another destination which sells them? Ideally to not pricey. Thank we!

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Answer by HisWifeTheirMom
Well, the standard there isn’t remotely advantageous. What are we seeking to invest? There are choices, however not for which inexpensive which is good plus may last we.
Not to pricey is relative to the pocket that is possibly not the same because mine…

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Jan 31

RC ADVENTURES – MOD: How to Paint an RC Transmitter, CHEAP! MODEL: JEM’s New Spektrum DX3R Pro

www.RCSparks.com – 1080p HD! Tutorial Time Tired of getting an RC transmitter which looks like everyone elses? Did we merely pay another many 100 $ $ for a modern radio which is identical to a friends? So…..FiNALLY I have been capable to a guide about PAiNTiNG an RC Controller. So people have requested I do this.. and though it appears a easy job, several might utilize a small guidence. Well, this movie aims to please, because I move fast though the tutorial to provide the viewer a general idea about how I might approach the job. The model I have inside this movie is the Spekrtum DX3R Pro.. a Radio for my spouse JEM. Her aged RC Radio was very beat up.. plus she required a modern 1 for the future season. Well, I am happy to state it turns out stunning! HERE is the Discussion thread! www.rcsparks.com Tools Needed: 1 Can of Tamiya Paint 1 Roll of Masking Tape 1 Roll of Duct Tape 1 Pick 1 Screwdriver 1 Sharp Razor 1 Blow Dryer 1 Pair Latex Gloves a Home created paint booth This project took me regarding 1 1/2 hours.. as well as the paint requirements regarding 24 Hours to remedy correctly.. yet SOO Worth the result! Where I receive my RC’s: www.PMHobbycraft.ca T-SHIRTS & Hoodies! http TWITTER: twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com RCSparks STUDIO: www.RCSparks.com RC FORUMS www.rcsparks.com RC BLOG: www.rcsparks.com RC Photo Gallery: www.rcsparks.com CREATED BY: djmedic2008: youtube.com Editing Clips: www.youtube.com Mepic Nation Fan Channel: youtube.com Subscribe, it’s Free! Branding, Media, & Organization Inquiries

Apr 23

What is a good, cheap, digital Camera I could buy for fashion modeling/Photography?

Question by trickortreat: What is a superior, inexpensive, digital Camera I may purchase for fashion modeling/Photography?
I am ambitious to go into fashion modeling plus Photographers are pricey, I sought to be capable to do it about my own, I desired a wise digital camera which I might utilize for my modeling pictures, nevertheless 1 that’s like 100.00- 150.00? Any suggestions.

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Answer by Raquel –
Photographers are pricey considering 1) they have the proper equipment (ie right light, range of lenses, props, studio, a advantageous camera, etc)
plus 2) they recognize how to post-process effectively.

getting a camera is not going to provide we the right shots we require, specifically from a inexpensive camera. (you’ll hardly be capable to receive a wonderful point plus shoot for which money)

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Nov 21

Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge (#4 Mark Chung)

Pro Photographer, Inexpensive Camera Challenge (#4 Mark Chung)

In this 4th episode of PPCCC, you meet up with commercial photographer, Mark Chung, for a portrait session. However you provide him a small surprise different than the inexpensive camera – the model he has to shoot is not a specialist 1, the reality is, he’s not even a model. He builds custom Harley Davidsons plus is right tough. See what type of images he gets….
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Oct 06

Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge (#1 Carsten Schael)

In this modern feature you challenge 1 professional photographer to perform a photograph shoot with a cheapo camera. The camera is selected completely at unique, with all the choice of: a Lego camera, iPhone 2G, Vivitar thing, Rollei crapline 102 along with a Yashica EZ F-whatever. See how the pro does with all the many small of equipment inside this movie. Special because of the professional photographer inside this video: Carsten Schael His website: www.carstenschael.com President of HKIPP.org (Hong Kong Institute for Expert Photographers) Check out the inexpensive cameras we’re utilizing here website.digitalrev.com Photos from Carsten Schael – All Rights Reserved.

Full post at – www.slrlounge.com Regarding a month ago, you took found on the challenge of shooting an whole fashion shoot with only an iPhone along with a couple reflectors because a follow up movie to the FStoppers iPhone Fashion Shoot. The SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot has gotten a great deal of attention plus you thought it was time for a follow up movie. So, inside this follow up movie, we’ll be showing we men the actual reflector light techniques which you utilized to pull off each shot which you took inside the SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot. But, we’ll be utilizing a legit camera this time. This time we’ll be utilizing the 5D Mark II and a 50mm 1.4 Prime Lens. However, trust me to almost receive these same shots with any DSLR body with a 50mm 1.4 Prime Lens attached. Below the movie, you have indexed out the equipment plus software utilized to create these shots. So make sure to check which out too. Love, plus because usually, allow you understand what we think!
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Jul 24

Strobist, Cheap Camera Challenge – DigitalRev TV

Strobist, Inexpensive Camera Challenge - DigitalRev TV

Featuring David “The Strobist” Hobby inside the season finale, taking found on the inexpensive camera challenge with a Buzz Lightyear camera (a kid’s camera) plus 3 Family Je…
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http://insta-train.biz/how-to-take-amazing-photos/ – In How to Take Great Photos – specialist photographer, you teach we the basic abilities you ought to…
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