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Tiger-Consulting: Contractors Working Through Third-Party Employers Can Access Benefits, While Businesses Can Attract, Protect Top Freelance Talent AND Cut Costs

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 06, 2012

Tiger-Consulting, an American-owned plus managed HR, Payroll plus Organization Services Outsource Firm specializing inside assisting worldwide companies to effectively expand plus do company inside the Asia market, outlined now how third-party companies safeguard independent companies by creating accessible for them advantages which are usually enjoyed just by conventional employees. As unemployment rates run significant inside the West, plus more companies are using independent companies to cut bills, Tiger-Consulting is encouraging American companies to hire freelancers by third-party work services which will safeguard companies by providing them employee-like advantages at no added expense to the firm for that they function. Tiger-Consultings staff hired to help Asia satellite operations for the companies 100+ worldwide enterprise customers enjoy a crossbreed contractor/employee model which offers access to conventional worker advantages when customers may provide freelance skill added security plus bonus without generating benefit contributions.

In America, companies should withhold money taxes, withhold plus pay Social Security plus Medicare taxes plus pay unemployment taxes about wages paid to an staff. They never need to withhold or pay any taxes about repayments to independent companies. If companies dont pay into the unemployment insurance program, they are not covered whenever they lose their job. They moreover dont have access to wellness coverage, mentioned Tiger-Consulting Founder & CEO, Neil Satterwhite, an American Expatriate with over 40 years inside HR plus payroll administration.

According to Satterwhite, several people like to go the contractor path which provides more flexibility, along with a high hourly rate, yet no advantages. Others like to be an staff, that offers more predictability, advantages plus less risk. As the economy continues to struggle inside the West plus firms are searching to cut fees by providing more independent contractor positions inside lieu of conventional work, the Tiger-Consulting CEO states more novice companies are entering the staff with small learning of the dangers included.

If youre a long-term contractor, we probably learn the rules plus downfalls, however, theres a growing quantity of Americans available that are modern to contractingtheyre taking freelance jobs considering theyre more available proper nowand several are uninformed of the going rates for contract function or how pricey individual wellness coverage is or how much they require to protect to pay for their own unemployment, mentioned Satterwhite.

The Tiger-Consulting founder asserts which among the key advantages of conventional work inside the U.S. is unemployment insurance. American employees have unemployment advantages when companies usually never. He states which several Americans that receive laid-off off their conventional positions with advantages takes a contractor job thinking which they may gather unemployment found on the past position when freelancing doesnt exercise. However, by then, he warns which access to unemployment compensation can have absolutely expired.

If an American loses their conventional job, unemployment compensation eligibility greatly depends about what state they are inside, how much they prepared and just how lengthy theyve waited to file. Wages earned over the last 15 months are taken into account, thus waiting too lengthy could cause being paid less or not qualifying for advantages at all, even following paying into the program for 20 years, Satterwhite added.

At Tiger-Consulting, companies enjoy a crossbreed contractor/employee position which has advantages. Freelancers cover the expense of benefit contributions instead of the firms for that they function. But, companies pay into group policies beneath the companies umbrella, that greatly reduces the expense the freelancers might otherwise pay for individual work insurance or medical policies. Whenever a contractor is between jobs, they will stay theoretically employed by Tiger-Consulting, plus keep their contributions to unemployment plus healthcare insurance. If a contractor is laid-off or terminated, they will moreover gather unemployment pay.

As a third-party company, Tiger-Consultings crossbreed model solves the protection challenge for the own staff in addition to the team members you hire throughout Asia about behalf of over 100 company customers. Our companies take pleasure in the ideal of both worlds: flexibility, high hourly rate AND predictable advantages, mentioned Satterwhite.

While Tiger-Consulting concedes there are services that provide unemployment insurance to companies, the companies CEO states which policies are frequently costly plus pay-out conditional (not guaranteed). He adds which unemployment insurance services plus individual medical policies supply assurance to freelancers whom will afford them however suggests functioning from the third-party boss which provides group advantages at a greatly reduced expense.

Hiring from the third-party boss including Tiger-Consulting enables companies to conveniently provide the crossbreed contractor/employee model to safeguard freelancers AND cut fees. Its moreover an added hiring bonus which attracts top freelance skill. The model absolutely is an added benefit to using you, mentioned Satterwhite.

About Tiger-Consulting.net

Founded by an American Expatriate with over 40 years of HR plus payroll administration experience (the last 22 years based inside Asia), Tiger-Consulting is committed to creating expansion plus administration of satellite operations inside Asia simpler for global companies. The HR, Payroll plus Employment Outsource Firm today supports company operations for 100+ enterprise customers over 12 Asia-Pacific nations including Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand plus Vietnam.


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DeWalt DG5140 Pro Contractor’s Business Portfolio

Ballistic poly cover with slip resistant spineFull zipper closureBuilt-in calculatorSpring clip for writing padMultiple card pockets and pen and document sleeves
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