Jul 15

How To Look Good In Photos – Tips I Learned From Modeling

How To Look Good In Photos - Tips I Learned From Modeling

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Jun 02

Is being told you are photogenic, and being told you could model a good thing?

Question by Annie P: Is being told you’re photogenic, plus being told we may model a superior thing?
I’ve been told I am photogenic thus much. My bf’s mother plus grandmother even told I can model. If somebody told we these details, how might this create we feel regarding oneself?

Would we take this because a enhance? Nobody informs me I’m very btw. I feel totally ugly too.

Best answer:

Answer by I c 14,000 points inside my future
Get we watched models w/o makeup
not thus very…

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Apr 17

In Good Health: Be a model … a role model

In Great Health: Be a model … a character model
Recently I “saw” an post found on the radio which tugged at my heart thus I merely had to look it up plus read more. In the report, a doctor shared information regarding a few of her young people. I was moved…who wouldn't be. Naturally, I have recognized for too extended …
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The Finances of the Model inside NY City — Revealed!
Whenever you're tall plus thin, persons frequently recommend which you need to be a model; my father raised me, plus considering he had been a guy model before beginning his job inside sales, he was supportive. It wasn't till I entered university which an agency finally …
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Don't waste cash “learning” to be a model – here's why
So, it may be time for certain harsh facts, beginning with this: there are no abilities, plus there is not any knowledge, to achieve or understand inside a one-, two- or three-day course which will help we be a model. You know the way you reach be a model? We …
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Still a Model? Revisiting the Rebel Village of Wukan
A small over a year ago, citizens of the tiny southern Chinese fishing town of Wukan ransacked the offices of the area government inside protest over a land grab by localized officials. The death inside authorities custody of among the protest leaders a some …
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Aug 19

Is there a Modeling Agency who wants a turning 18 years old and good looking guy?

Question by eternal_iternal: Is there a Modeling Agency that wants a turning 18 years of age plus advantageous lookin man?
I’m looking for a modeling agency. I’m a guy from QC, 18 years of age, 5’8 ft plus wise searching man, prepared to be a model. Where I may go thus which I will be a model (I hope so)?

Best answer:

Answer by Jim L
Every modeling agency might take we should you pay a big training plus marketing fee for them.

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Aug 16

Q&A: What’s a good Digital SLR camera for studio photography?

Question by Jordan M: What’s a advantageous Digital SLR camera for studio photography?
I’m going to be beginning university shortly with a main inside photography. I’ve performed analysis, however I don’t recognize SLR’s well. I’m going to be a studio photographer with a focus inside portraits plus fashion modeling. I have the budget of $ 3000 for the camera plus $ 1500 for alternative equipment/accessories.

Best answer:

Answer by fhotoace
I employ 2 Nikon D200 bodies, a Nikon F4, a Sinar 4×5 view camera along with a Calumet 8×10 camera. I employ all of them whenever shooting advertising, fashion/glamour plus several editorial photography.

If you are really beginning school, conserve the funds plus purchase what we require when you understand what we require. The school I went to necessary all their pupils to utilize a 4×5 view camera for the initially year. It wasn’t till I worked because an assistant for a studio photographer, did I discover what I truly required.

The top picture universities never even have any classes inside digital photography till regarding the student has completed at smallest a year of school.

By the time we recognize what we require inside the technique of the DSLR, the development is better plus possibly at a lower expense.

Stick with movie for today. Wait till a school (or department which oversees a major) informs we what we want, before you purchase. Simply keep the cash about hand, to run out plus purchase the equipment when you recognize just what it is.

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Jul 20

What are good alternative modeling agencies for females under 18?

Question by tiklesinmytumi: What are wise alternative modeling agencies for women below 18?
I’m 17 plus shopping for an alternative modeling agency to signal with. Any aid?

Best answer:

Answer by angel
There’s this online modeling portfolio webpage called www.newfaces.com It’s not the conventional modeling agency yet an online portfolio service where agents plus agencies may scout for models or stars because site. At smallest what’s advantageous is the fact that you’re not only based inside a tiny location unlike a conventional 1 nevertheless we have the chance to be scouted internationally.It’s a amazing website thus check it out. Many familiar models there are within the L’Oreal, Guess plus American Eagle Outfitters Campaign.

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Jul 10

What are some good sites to make money using photoshop?

Question by Tommy Dillinger: What are several wise websites to create funds utilizing photoshop?
I am very wise with photoshop plus i don’t recognize where to locate photographers/models whom might utilize my services.

Anyone learn a limited?
Besides model mayhem.


Best answer:

Answer by Batman™
Umm….everyone is very wise with photoshop….

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Jul 04

How do you write a good about me on myspace?

Question by Blondy11: How do we write a wise regarding me about myspace?
I like acoustic music. I like to become a expert singer/model. I like to travel to Italy. I love summer.

Best answer:

Answer by LordClank
That’s a very superior regarding me tho.
at smallest that’s my opinion
what do i learn?

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