Feb 23

Which professional camera brands are good?

Question by Daniela Markus: Which pro camera brands are wise?
HI, I am searching for a specialist camera for model photography. I am only not sure that 1 is the RIGHT 1! I hear numerous opinions whenever i see BestBuy which I receive confused. Many instances I bought Cannon plus additional cameras which expense more over $ 500.00 nevertheless the pic has been disappointing. I wish To be capable to increase the pic …illustration, the scale of the door without the pic to receive blurry or unclear.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by ii
Nikon is a awesome brand for specialist photography.

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Feb 11


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Dec 28

Q&A: How do I find a good baby modeling agency without having to pay?

Question by Tom,Randi & Mercedes B: How do I discover a advantageous baby modeling agency without to pay?
We like to see regarding getting the daughter into baby modeling. Everyone is continually telling you to however, does anybody understand what to do? Are there any legit sites which dont need cash? How do I receive her into the best agencies considering they are doing not advertise.

Best answer:

Answer by Sicilia
if an agency is legit, they wouldn’t charge we. they receive paid a commision, following they find the child a job.

to create a portfolio is truly the only cause to pay out funds.

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Nov 04

Anyone knows a good website for meeting photographers looking for male indian models?

Question by aman k: Anyone knows a wise url for meeting photographers shopping for man indian models?
I like to pose for several superior images. have certain experience inside doing art nudes. is there any superior url where I may contact photographers plus painters shopping for man models inside india to pose for them?

Best answer:

Answer by Forlorn Hope
set up a profile inside ModelMayhem or different modeling website…

discover neighborhood photography clubs plus provide the services…

there are many methods, should you are ready to submit certain effort…

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Sep 18

Q&A: Who are good modeling agencies for plus size women wanting to start a modeling career?

Question by Khadijah: Who are good modeling agencies for plus size women wanting to start a modeling career?
I am a plus size teen in college and i wanted to start plus size modeling. Everyone has told me i have the face and nice proportions to start but i don’t know where to start!

Best answer:

Answer by kittysue2000
If you are in the US, the top agencies for plus size models are Ford (their Ford+ division) and Wilhelmina (Ten-20 division)

Both have details on their website on how to apply or when to attend their open calls. Send in your picture or go to an open call and they’ll let you know if you have the right look

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Jul 15

How To Look Good In Photos – Tips I Learned From Modeling

How To Look Good In Photos - Tips I Learned From Modeling

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Jun 02

Is being told you are photogenic, and being told you could model a good thing?

Question by Annie P: Is being told you’re photogenic, plus being told we may model a superior thing?
I’ve been told I am photogenic thus much. My bf’s mother plus grandmother even told I can model. If somebody told we these details, how might this create we feel regarding oneself?

Would we take this because a enhance? Nobody informs me I’m very btw. I feel totally ugly too.

Best answer:

Answer by I c 14,000 points inside my future
Get we watched models w/o makeup
not thus very…

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Apr 17

In Good Health: Be a model … a role model

In Great Health: Be a model … a character model
Recently I “saw” an post found on the radio which tugged at my heart thus I merely had to look it up plus read more. In the report, a doctor shared information regarding a few of her young people. I was moved…who wouldn't be. Naturally, I have recognized for too extended …
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The Finances of the Model inside NY City — Revealed!
Whenever you're tall plus thin, persons frequently recommend which you need to be a model; my father raised me, plus considering he had been a guy model before beginning his job inside sales, he was supportive. It wasn't till I entered university which an agency finally …
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Don't waste cash “learning” to be a model – here's why
So, it may be time for certain harsh facts, beginning with this: there are no abilities, plus there is not any knowledge, to achieve or understand inside a one-, two- or three-day course which will help we be a model. You know the way you reach be a model? We …
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Still a Model? Revisiting the Rebel Village of Wukan
A small over a year ago, citizens of the tiny southern Chinese fishing town of Wukan ransacked the offices of the area government inside protest over a land grab by localized officials. The death inside authorities custody of among the protest leaders a some …
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Aug 19

Is there a Modeling Agency who wants a turning 18 years old and good looking guy?

Question by eternal_iternal: Is there a Modeling Agency that wants a turning 18 years of age plus advantageous lookin man?
I’m looking for a modeling agency. I’m a guy from QC, 18 years of age, 5’8 ft plus wise searching man, prepared to be a model. Where I may go thus which I will be a model (I hope so)?

Best answer:

Answer by Jim L
Every modeling agency might take we should you pay a big training plus marketing fee for them.

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