Jul 04

How do you write a good about me on myspace?

Question by Blondy11: How do we write a wise regarding me about myspace?
I like acoustic music. I like to become a expert singer/model. I like to travel to Italy. I love summer.

Best answer:

Answer by LordClank
That’s a very superior regarding me tho.
at smallest that’s my opinion
what do i learn?

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Jun 21

How to become a model (not runway/fashion) and how do I get a good photographer?

Question by e baby (:: How to become a model (not runway/fashion) and just how do I receive a wise photographer?
I have usually dreamed of becoming a model. Not a runway or fashion model, yet merely for illustration beach or scenery photography for publications or these. How might I go regarding this?
Do I meet a portfolio plus everything like for alternative kinds of modeling? Also, is this kind of modeling just called commercial modeling or is there another name for it?

Best answer:

Answer by fhotoace
Look for certain regional photographers that have profiles about Model Mayhem or One Model Place. Many of them shoot TFP sessions, thus it won’t expense we or the photographer anything nevertheless time.

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Jun 15

What is a good professional photography camera?

Question by Medical Student: What is a superior expert photography camera?
I’m seeking to purchase a expert photography camera plus I’m not sure that ones I must look into. Any aid please??

Best answer:

Answer by Babbles
If you’re thinking dslr, then take a consider the OIympus E450 :)

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May 31

Where do I find good photographer assistant positions? Do photographers work 40 hours?

Question by random00: Where do I discover wise photographer assistant positions? Do photographers function 40 hours?
wanting to become a model photographer
I wish To remain inside the u.s.a……
do I merely contact unique p hotographers?
DO I want a camera?
DL the offering me useless info…I was suggesting how do you see those jobs
thanks for the dumba** answers fuc**r

Best answer:

Answer by jonjac
Mostly they don’t function at all.

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May 28

Is Kate Upton Back in Victoria's Secret's Good Graces?

Is Kate Upton Back inside Victoria's Secret's Great Graces?
According to the NY Daily News, the curvy model merely landed the back cover of the newest Victoria's Secret catalog. While Kate Upton plus Victoria's Secret might appear to go together like peanut butter plus jelly, this location comes regarding 1 year …
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Payvision Wins "Best CNP System Outside the US" Award
Payvision's full-service model lies about 4 pillars: worldwide card processing, sharing expertise, technical innovation plus integrated risk administration. "Payvision feels honored to obtain this CNP Award, … After over a decade of experience inside …
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Hay Festival 2013: day five because it happened
Read an interview with Aussie novelist plus previous Booker Prize winner Thomas Keneally, whom is providing a speak at Hay this afternoon. • Read an interview with past Stranglers frontman Hugh Cornwell, that is operating live tonight • See the picks …
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May 15

Q&A: Whats a good websites for photographers to meet models?

Question by K.: Whats a good websites for photographers to meet models?
Im a beginner photographer. I started about more than a year ago and Im building up a portfolio to work on, besides my friends I have zero practice. Is there any free websites I can go on to meet models who will be willing to take a few snaps of for practice. The photo shoots will be free, unless they want the pictures printed.

Best answer:

Answer by Amy

You can make a photographers profile on there and browse models by all sorts of categories eye colour, hair colour, experience, age range etc. You can also browse models by price eg. free working models, paid working models etc.

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May 09

Good Girls Don’t Get Fat: How Weight Obsession Is Messing Up Our Girls and How We Can Help Them Thrive Despite It

Good Girls Don’t Get Fat: How Weight Obsession Is Messing Up Our Girls plus How We Can Assist Them Thrive Despite It

Good Girls Don't Get Fat: How Weight Obsession Is Messing Up Our Girls plus How We Can Assist Them Thrive Despite It

Based about Dr. Robyn Silverman’s groundbreaking analysis at Tufts University, plus filled with searingly honest young voices, Great Girls Don’t Get Fat:– Decodes the ripple effects of actions which damage the girls—and delivers tools to aid stop them.– Shines light found on the positive influence of girls whom embrace body kinds of any size—and explains how to model the proper behavior.– Shows how females, any their size, will have their strengths, trust their energy plus accomplish amazing factors.

List Price: $ 16.95


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Apr 22

What camera is really good for taking high quality photos?

Question by Edward Zavala: What camera is good for taking good quality pictures?
i might like to receive a amazing camera for pro photography, im absolutely into taking images of models,people,animals,Tattoos, plus live concerts plus i want aid about selecting the appropriate camera, please aid me 😮 about $ 1000-$ 1500 :/

Best answer:

Answer by ScaryMonsters plus NiceSprites
Try the Nikon D3S or Canon EOS 5D mkII

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Apr 20

Which beach is good for bikini photography?

Question by Mike: Which beach is superior for bikini photography?
I reside inside Sydney. A friend is intended to make the fashion modelling portfolio thus she has asked me to take her to a beach plus take several bikini shots. I question that beach is free (not too busy) plus not too far which matches this job?


Best answer:

Answer by Najmul
You may go Whitehaven Beach. This spot haven’t any sound. It is ideal beach for shots. The beach was granted Queensland’s Cleanest Beach inside Keep Australia Beautiful’s 2008 Clean Beach Challenge State Awards.

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