Apr 22

What camera is really good for taking high quality photos?

Question by Edward Zavala: What camera is good for taking good quality pictures?
i might like to receive a amazing camera for pro photography, im absolutely into taking images of models,people,animals,Tattoos, plus live concerts plus i want aid about selecting the appropriate camera, please aid me 😮 about $ 1000-$ 1500 :/

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Answer by ScaryMonsters plus NiceSprites
Try the Nikon D3S or Canon EOS 5D mkII

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Apr 20

Which beach is good for bikini photography?

Question by Mike: Which beach is superior for bikini photography?
I reside inside Sydney. A friend is intended to make the fashion modelling portfolio thus she has asked me to take her to a beach plus take several bikini shots. I question that beach is free (not too busy) plus not too far which matches this job?


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Answer by Najmul
You may go Whitehaven Beach. This spot haven’t any sound. It is ideal beach for shots. The beach was granted Queensland’s Cleanest Beach inside Keep Australia Beautiful’s 2008 Clean Beach Challenge State Awards.

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Apr 12

Q&A: Is it a good idea to model for your own swimsuit line?

Question by Natasha33: Is it a wise decision to model for your swimsuit line?
I wish To model for my swimsuit line. The pictures is about my website, lookbook etc..
I have 4 additional models, thus I are not truly the only model. I have a amazing swimsuit-ready body. I thought it will be cool to model for my own line to show which everyone will look wonderful inside my swimwear, not only pro models. Do you think this might be a wise decision, or may it create my line look inexpensive?

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Answer by Sparkles love em!
If we have the body choose it !

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