Apr 05

How can a find a good to average agency for male modeling?

Question by K G: How could a discover a advantageous to average agency for man modeling?
Hello. I like to be a guy model. I being inside photos. I dont wish To be a runway model. And each agency I see thus far is a con. How will I discover a advantageous agency. Or atleast average? I learn I need to commence someplace.

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Answer by Kittysue
These are the best Mens agencies http://models.com/agencies/top/New-York/Men
None of them are frauds
There is NO these thing because an ‘average’ agency – an agency is either superior plus usually receive we function, or they are a hoax which usually charge we upfront fees plus not receive we any jobs

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Mar 29

What is a good camera to buy for artistic photography?

Question by Spitfire: What is a superior camera to purchase for creative photography?
Create, model, estimated 2nd hand cost?
Where to obtain?

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Answer by Mafia
Best Purchase.

Kodak or Cannon are advantageous firms…

go to Bestbuy.com or Circuitcity.com
look for it inside the look box, definitely u can discover the 1 u like, they have crapload.

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Mar 25

What are some good ideas to put in my modelling portfolio?

Question by GossipGirl: What are several superior inspirations to submit my modelling portfolio?
I want aid, I require several tips for my modelling portfolio! I don’t do nudity, swimsuit or underwear plus all which stuff cos i’m just 15 yet I have like no tips! HELP!

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Answer by issacenvy
Closeups of the face plus 1 or 2 fullbody shots.No have to stuff a bunch of pictures into the portfolio.The agency may consider the initially 2 or thus plus when they dont like what they see, they’ll toss the entire thing. Good chance :] <3 Google what you need to include inside a portfolo also.Pics isnt all you need.

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