Apr 12

Q&A: Is it a good idea to model for your own swimsuit line?

Question by Natasha33: Is it a wise decision to model for your swimsuit line?
I wish To model for my swimsuit line. The pictures is about my website, lookbook etc..
I have 4 additional models, thus I are not truly the only model. I have a amazing swimsuit-ready body. I thought it will be cool to model for my own line to show which everyone will look wonderful inside my swimwear, not only pro models. Do you think this might be a wise decision, or may it create my line look inexpensive?

Best answer:

Answer by Sparkles love em!
If we have the body choose it !

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Apr 08

Q&A: What is a good guide for setting photography prices?

Question by Frank Patton: What is a advantageous guide for setting photography costs?
Suppose I were to perform a shoot with a model for a couple hours, plus end up with 100 pictures plus print 20 of them out. What might I charge? (minus printing cost) Is there a set standard per hr of function, or how does it function?

I moreover can be shooting certain images for an global advertisement campaign for a boot producer, plus was thinking what to charge for which. The advertisements might appear inside a catalogue, plus can be printed out poster size.

And I do not have idea what to charge.

Best answer:

Answer by dms47949
your expense x 3

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Apr 05

How can a find a good to average agency for male modeling?

Question by K G: How could a discover a advantageous to average agency for man modeling?
Hello. I like to be a guy model. I being inside photos. I dont wish To be a runway model. And each agency I see thus far is a con. How will I discover a advantageous agency. Or atleast average? I learn I need to commence someplace.

Best answer:

Answer by Kittysue
These are the best Mens agencies http://models.com/agencies/top/New-York/Men
None of them are frauds
There is NO these thing because an ‘average’ agency – an agency is either superior plus usually receive we function, or they are a hoax which usually charge we upfront fees plus not receive we any jobs

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