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Hotel Comp Set Selection: What The Statistics Tell Us

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

Hotels dont usually receive their comp sets right. Its a truth. Consider it: comp sets are the lens by that hotels see competitive performance. Pick the incorrect competitors, as well as the lens gets blurry. That could have severe consequences for hotel performance analysis.

Comp set selection need not be because subjective because it’s inside todays lodging industry. Because the advent of the web, you will recognize greatly much more about the means which bookers select hotels within the alternatives obtainable in a provided place. Most bookers utilize several shape of web-based booking engine to look hotels. Booking machines facilitate the comparison of hotels, permitting consumers to filter based about preferences: cost, place, brand, hotel class, facilities, etc. In many situations these product attributes is diagnosed from hotel information. As a happen, the substitutability of contending hotels is calculated, providing a statistical learning of how straight hotels compete with 1 another.

A latest analysis compared over 2,800 active hotel comp sets to the results of Hotel Compete’s automated comp set selection task. The selection procedure utilizes present hotel information to find the 100 possible competitors which are geographically nearest to the reference property (i.e. the hotel whose comp set it is). It then ranks the 100 possible competitors according to how different they are within the reference hotel, based about main choice attributes like those indexed above.

The ranking list of possible competitors delivers you with an great yard stick by that to measure the comp sets which hotels nominate for competitive benchmarking. If a hotels comp set is really representative of its competition, it ought to be composed of competitors which rank very found on the list. To test this hypothesis, the comp set selector procedure was run for the test of 2,833 hotels. The resulting comp sets plus position were then compared to the hotels nominated comp sets.

The details of the comp set analysis (that is found here) are instructive. First, of the nominated hotel competitors that have been excluded by the Hotel Compete task, over 50% rated 20 or above found on the list.

It is not surprising to obtain variations between a hotel-nominated comp set as well as the results of the statistical analysis. Comp set selection is not a clear-cut choice in actuality for several hotels many marginal attributes might legitimately be put into or excluded from a comp set. But this analysis shows which whenever a hotel chooses to include a rival which the statistical model might exclude, inside over half of situations there are at minimum 20 hotels which are more synonymous to the reference property than the 1 which they selected.

More interesting, though, is the analysis of hotels which are left from hotel-nominated comp sets. More than half of the omitted qualities occupy positions 1 from 4 found on the ranking scale. Consider that: whenever the algorithm spots a gap inside a hotels comp set, more usually than not it happens to be among the 4 many direct competitors of which hotel.

There are substantial inconsistencies for that there are many potential explanations. However they are inconsistencies nevertheless, plus they point to a massive analytical chance. And they is analyzed inside better detail inside a series of articles which is published inside the coming weeks. Watch this space!

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Mar 13

Visitors to New York’s Biggest Events in January and February can Save Big with the ‘8 – DAY BLACK FRIDAY CYBER SALE!’ from The Milford – A New York Hotel.

NY, NY (PRWEB) November 23, 2012

Visitors have many NY Hotels to select from whilst exploring NY to attend the countless NY Events inside January plus February 2013, plus the most favored Times Square Hotels situated inside the center of all factors to do inside November is The Milford – A Times Square Hotel – formerly The Milford Plaza Hotel.

The Milford is has put together a great offer; “Room Rate + Continental Breakfast for 2 from $ 99 – $ 119.00” – details include:

Guests get, Complimentary Continental Breakfasts for 2 Persons per Room, per Day from just $ 99.00 – $ 119.00* per evening and taxes.

Times Square’s Best Hotel Room & Free Breakfast Offer + Save about $ 20.00 daily!

Stay between January 2 – February 28, 2013. Limited Offer ends November 20, 2012 – Book Then >

Upcoming NY Events inside January plus February 2013 include:

New York Gift Fair:

When: January 26 – 20, 2013

The NY Gift Fair draws over 35,000 guests from over the nation, plus various global Visitors to NY, to a trade-only NY Event which hosts over 2,800 exhibitors. Held twice yearly by GLM Shows, the NY Gift Fair showcases the right lines plus brands inside Gift, Home, plus Lifestyle categories.

Unlike any additional Gift Fair, NY Gift Fair is organized into targeted divisions, a few of that are bigger than many additional present fairs inside their entirety. Each of these targeted divisions is complete with many everything youd anticipate or imagine inside the niche, plus shows are carefully chosen to provide the widest range plus right standard of Gift, Home, plus Lifestyle goods.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week:

When: February 7th to the 14th

February is all regarding love, plus inside NY City, an extreme love for fashion comes to the forefront at Fashion Week. The dates have been set for NY Fashion Week 2013, as well as the Winter Fashion Event inside NY City is certain to highlight the fashion plus glamor which is typical of NY City. In early February Manhattan Hotels, Streets inside NY City, NY Restaurants, plus more is crowded with models, A-list celebrities, media moguls, designers, customers, sellers, plus everyone else inside the fashion industry whenever NY Winter Fashion Week 2013 comes to town.

New York Toy Fair:

When: February 10 – 13, 2013

Mark a calendars for the NY Toy Fair 2013, that occurs at the Javits Convention Center inside NY City. Starting on February 10th. American International Toy Fair� brings to NY City the Western Hemispheres biggest toy fair. NY is the region to come plus choose up hot toys plus youth treatments from over 1,000 exhibiting producers, importers, distributors, plus sales agents. These global businesses showcase their entertainment plus toy goods which vary from classic toys plus interactive entertainment to everything between.

View a lot more NYC Events

About The Milford – A NY Hotel:

The Milford is positioned inside the heart of NY City, encircled by Times Square, the Broadway Theater District, NY Restaurants plus NY Buying, the subway plus NY City Tours.

This historical NY Hotel is undergoing a comprehensive $ 140 million renovation to include every of the 1,300 Guest Rooms plus Guest Suites, Lounge, Fitness Center, Lobby region plus all well-known regions of the Times Square Hotel.

This NY Hotel is well positioned close all NY Activities plus NY Attractions which brings visitors to NY from all globe over. Come see the greatest of NY plus remain at The Milford Hotel A Times Square Hotel.

View The Milford’s Special Offers.

Take a Photo Tour of The Milford – A NY Hotel.

Check Rates, Make Reservations or call toll free: 888-352-3650.

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Mar 02

Hotel Market Analysis: A New Approach to Hotel Classification

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 29, 2012

In the newest inside a series of magazines about Hotel Classification, Hotel Compete now published the results of the research which re-defines Hotel Classification for hotel performance analysis. Building about an earlier post which explained how the lodging industrys Chain Scale categories are not certain enough for hotel performance analysis, the results of the research give a fresh approach for the industry.

To know performance, analysts should understand how particular hotel items are placed against their direct (i.e. street corner) competitors. The industrys habit of grouping wide swathes of hotel kinds into single categories like upscale is unhelpful for this cause.

The issue with this category plus more generally, chain scale is the fact that it tries to blend 2 kinds of scale: Nominal i.e. where hotels are located into categories, based about their attributes; plus Ordinal i.e. where categories shape a rank purchase. This really is problematic: With todays brand proliferation it makes no sense to assume, for illustration, which upscale items are much better than limited service. In various instances they arent.

When persons look for hotels they are not shopping for chain scales. Most industry analysis identifies cost, place, customer review reviews plus product attributes because the dominant criteria affecting hotel booking decisions. If these items are relevant to bookers, they must drive the method which you categorize hotels inside performance analysis.

Hotels go to fantastic lengths to distinguish themselves off their competitors. Hotel Compete knows this much better than anyone, from monitoring week-over-week changes to facilities, services plus descriptions over the whole hotel marketplace. Loyal guests generally recognize what to anticipate of brands plus sub-brands every time they plan a remain. As a outcome, independent hotels or small brands boutique hotels inside certain place even better effort into product differentiation.

In this environment, it makes sense to class hotels based their product characteristics. If a customer is trying to find a hotel which provides certain services, facilities, etc., they are probably comparing a set of alternative hotels which are substitutable, plus therefore synonymous. Hotel Compete utilized its detailed property information to find optimum hotel categories, that is enjoyed inside the table. Each hotel is classified utilizing a composite of Hotel Class (of that there are seven) and a Category (that describes the kind of hotel in the class) as well as the Level (that describes relative quality).

This approach (a more detailed explanation of that is found found on the Hotel Compete website) has 2 significant blessings over chain scale. First, it fixes the condition of differentiating hotels based about standard (level) without forcing the whole class structure into a rank scale. Secondly, considering this model is driven by actual hotel information instead of total brand vision, it allows you to allocate every hotel to the many appropriate category.

This is an significant distinction for hotel brands plus analysts. It signifies for illustration which they may substitute classifications like Brand X is an upscale brand, with Brand X consists mostly of big full service attributes of with X% medium plus Y% top quality. Brand specialists have usually been capable to shape opinions about issues like these, however, today there is a systematic, data-driven model which categorizes individual hotels inside a 100% consistent way.

This uniquely detailed analysis has offered a robust modern means of classifying hotels. It lays the foundations for greater hotel company intelligence. Better hotel category causes more relevant characterization of hotel treatments plus markets.

Hotel Competes Hotel Classification methodology might feature inside certain further future analysis. Topics might include: Hotel Comp Set Analysis, analysis of certain particular hotel brands, plus present industry hot topic, Guest Analysis Ratings. Details is posted inside the coming weeks about

May 27

The National Search for Shake-N-Go Spokesmodel Begins at The Independent Hotel

Philadelphia (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

Philadelphia Fashion Week is not truly the only time this city gets a catwalk. Shake-N-Go, a nationwide beauty supply producer, is seeking a fresh face for the future nationwide advertising campaign plus hosting a model casting call now, at The Independent Hotel from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The promotion is for Shake-N-Gos latest hair product Cuticle Remy XQ. Shake-N-Go is partnering with Home of Talent, a Philadelphia-based modeling plus public relations fast for the casting call. The selected girl can shoot a hot campaign each month for the upcoming year.

Companies are tired of seeing the same women all of the time from NY, mentioned Antoine Johnson, principal plus owner of Home of Talent. There is a great deal of skill inside Philadelphia. Shake-N-Go knew it can look to the Greater Philadelphia region to locate the appropriate girl for this paid campaign. We are searching for woman models of all ethnicities plus hope to find many fresh encounters now.

The casting takes destination inside the lobby of The Independent Hotel, a 24-room boutique hotel placed at the corner of 13th plus Locust Streets, inside the Midtown Village neighborhood of Center City Philadelphia. The Independent Hotel is a associate of HHMs Independent Collection, a portfolio of independent hotels which curate the standout neighborhoods inside that they live plus provide authentic travel experiences for their guests. The Independent Collection is equally headquartered inside Philadelphia.

Candidates at the casting call takes the elevator to the 2nd floor lobby, walk the runway, plus receive a prompt reaction about whether they is selected. Casting organizers can choose top finalists by the finish of your day.

Were thrilled to be a piece of the look for the upcoming face of Cuticle Remy XQ. Additionally, this event has a fact show feel with it, provided the promptness of the choice it ought to be fun! said Erin Fitzharris, an Independent Collection manager.

The specifications for the candidates: girl, height of 55 or taller, clothing size between 0-6 plus involving the ages of 15 plus 26. Get just what it takes? Come walk the runway at 1234 Locust Street.

About The Independent Hotel:

The Independent Hotel is a fashionable 24-room boutique property placed inside the heart of Philadelphias Midtown Village arguably the citys present cultural epicenter. The Independent Hotel has guests a charming plus intimate ambiance, seamlessly intuitive service, well-appointed room as well as the best address from that to explore the city. Complimentary continental breakfast is delivered to the door daily as well as the hotel has free Wi-Fi throughout.

About The Independent Collection:

The Independent Collection is a growing assortment of small, more intimate boutique life-style hotels situated inside really special neighborhoods of gateway cities over the U.S. The hotels of the Independent Collection are developed for the independently minded tourist plus invite guests to have the true spirit of the city.

About HHM:

HHM, formerly recognised as Hersha Hospitality Management, operates 115 hotels over the United States. It delivers turnkey hotel administration, asset administration plus receivership for qualities with leading brand affiliations from Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood, plus Intercontinental Hotel Group. HHM furthermore operates 14 independent hotels ranging within the AAA 5 Diamond Rittenhouse Hotel inside Philadelphia, to the oceanfront Postcard Inn inside the Florida Keys. Its very experienced team is accustomed to serving because a fiduciary to publicly traded businesses, joint ventures, institutional property owners plus private investors. Additional info about HHM is found at

About Home of Talent PA:

House of Talent is a Philadelphia-based boutique full-service agency that represents models (commercial, fashion, plus runway), stars, singers, dancers, plus treatments. The skill originates from the Pennsylvania plus NY metropolitan regions in addition to Los Angeles. From coordination to photography plus public relations, Home of Talent handles the full range of projects plus specializes inside matching skill with creative projects to create dynamic results.

Sep 05

Real Mermaid Melissa meet and greet for children poolside at hotel resort

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Student Achievement Through Expert Learning

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Aug 11

Can someone recommend a hotel room in Indianapolis that has a nice garden tub or jacuzzi and some space?

Question by Jeff: Can somebody suggest a hotel area inside Indianapolis which has a good garden tub or jacuzzi plus several area?
Trying to locate a superior interior place for several model photography. Black-out curtains for the area will be a plus.

Best answer:

Answer by Evan
i might suggest the Conrad Indianapolis.
Its kinda pricey yet its extremely luxarious.

What do we think? Answer below!