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Portfolio 15″ Chrome Pendant Light with Tinted Shade Item #339991 Model # 34528 UPC# 737995345280

Portfolio 15″ Chrome Pendant Light with Tinted Shade Item #339991 Model # 34528 UPC# 737995345280

Portfolio 15

  • Easy to install
  • Acrylic shade
  • Dimmable
  • ETL Safety Listing

Simple to install Acrylic shade Dimmable ETL Safety Listing

List Price: $ 148.45


Professional Model Portfolios : A Step-by-Step Guide for Photographers by Billy

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Click n Dig Key Finder Wireless RF Item Locator Remote Control, Pet, Wallet, Keyfinder-Free Extra Batteries

Click n Dig Key Finder Wireless RF Item Locator Remote Control, Pet, Wallet, Keyfinder-Free Extra Batteries

Click n Dig Key Finder Wireless RF Item Locator Remote Control, Pet, Wallet, Keyfinder-Free Extra Batteries

  • Includes 2 key ring receivers, 2 flat adhesive receivers, plus 1 transmitter
  • Key rings, adhesive tape, plus all batteries included and a complete additional set
  • 60 foot radio frequency range penetrates walls plus cushions
  • Click ‘n Dig! treatments are FCC certified
  • Full 12 month guarantee found on the product, including batteries

This Click ‘n Dig! Item Finder involves 1 transmitter, 2 key ring receivers, plus 2 thin receivers. Double-sided adhesive tape is included for attaching the thin receivers to remotes plus alternative products. Standard batteries come installed inside the transmitter plus receivers plus an additional power set is included inside every package.

This convenient plus top quality device can beep the proper device each time. Simply hit plus hold the color-coded switch found on the radio transmitter to obtain something u

List Price: $ 65.99


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Saturday Evening Post (Mojud Stockings Ad – December 1945) .. Whether a bed, or help figuring out what to do in one, some kosher options for Valentine’s Day (February 6, 2012) ….item 2..Getting and Giving the Love You Need (February 14, 2012) …

Check out these what do you ought to be a model images:

Saturday Evening Post (Mojud Stockings Ad – December 1945) .. Whether a bed, or assist figuring out what to do inside 1, certain kosher choices for Valentine’s Day (February 6, 2012) ….item 2..Getting plus Giving the Love We Want (February 14, 2012) …
what do you ought to be a model
Image by marsmet544
I was interested why a sex toy site was required inside the Orthodox community, thus I approached the qualified sex therapist whom takes concerns found on the site, Dr. David Ribner, chairman of the sex therapy training system at the School of Social Work at Bar-Ilan University inside Israel.

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February 6, 2012
Whether a bed, or aid figuring out what to do inside 1, several kosher choices for Valentine’s Day



On Valentine’s Day, for a persons tasked inside the Bible with being fruitful plus multiplying, what goods are wise for the Jews?

Perhaps sex toys from an Orthodox-oriented webpage which are not expected to create we blush? Or possibly a fun for these lengthy winter nights is a fresh bed produced inside Israel which is because flexible plus contemporary because you’re?

Because the name of the Israeli producer that makes the beds is Aminach, that inside Hebrew signifies “my persons rest,” we’ll take it convenient plus test their Sapapa line of modern beds initially.

Its flagship shop for the line, placed inside the Los Angeles neighborhood of Studio City, carries a range of “extreme” day, trundle, adjustable plus folding beds—designs which they improve to be “beyond the traditional.” As I moved about the shop, a sleek, cherry red convertible couch inside the storefront window caught me by surprise.

In the Bible, Jacob sleeps found on the ground with a rock for a pillow. With which form of shape history, I expected these Israeli designs to be practical plus utilitarian—but they were stylishly hot, too.

“It’s called Check-In,” mentioned Hila, the store’s saleswoman, that demonstrated how with 1 hand the shape went from sofa to bed.

“Let’s try the mattress,” I recommended to my spouse, Brenda, whom had come along for simply these a contingency.

We were both amazed at the firmness plus comfort of the queen size mattress. “In Israel, everyone prefers difficult mattresses,” mentioned Hila, that had grown up about a kibbutz, adding which “Aminach is Israel’s third-largest company.”

Sapapa is a pun—a play found on the Hebrew word for sofa, sapa, plus an Arabic word, sababa, that approximately translates to “cool.” According to the brochure, the beds are cool, hot, exciting plus extreme. All of which goes for ,000, not including set-up plus delivery, for the Check-In model.

Looking about the showroom, the Freedom shape instantly raised my rest quantity. Wrapped inside red, plus built with a hand-controlled device which raised plus lowered both the feet as well as the head, you couldn’t resist striving it out. On the ,450 bed I played with all the controller, eventually settling about raising both ends. If a advantageous night’s rest is the number one stimulant, then this shape may be rated triple ZZZ. Given another time, Brenda plus I both might have fallen sleeping.

Because a few of the beds come loaded with blue lights plus speakers inside the headboard, I questioned regarding alternative add-ons. “Do they furthermore come with vibrators?” I asked, for that Hila shot me a look of disdain. I had meant to state “massagers,” yet possibly the different nomenclature will be more appropriate for Kosher Sex Toys, the upcoming stop about the journey to Feb. 14.

Before you analyze this “kosher” assortment of pretty individual presents, let’s initially consider the requirement for vibrators, stimulators, whips plus shackles about a Jewish website. The mission of Kosher Sex Toys is to “provide wedded adults with items which could enable enhance their intimate moments without involving crude or indecent images or text.” The website guarantees which nothing found on the website “makes we blush,” plus product images never feature models.

Get the pic? It’s everything we desired to understand regarding sex however, were scared to look at—but apparently not scared to employ. The company, situated inside Lakewood, N.J., a city with a big Orthodox population, might appear ideally located to service this niche marketplace inside what Inc. magazine estimates is a billion industry.

Many of the goods accessible for sale—vibrators, lube plus bondage gear are amidst the products – are available too about additional websites.

“It’s the attitude and just how it’s available which makes it different,” mentioned founder plus CEO Gavriel (his spouse produced him promise to not employ his last name).

“Handcuffs are about my best-seller list. I am amazed at how effectively the bondage stuff is doing,” he mentioned. “Whatever makes folks happy.”

At initially blush, a sex toy site operated by an Orthodox Jew may appear unusual, nevertheless Jews plus intimate aids go method back. In the Bible, Rachel, the barren spouse of Jacob, asked her sister Leah for several mandrakes, a root found inside the Middle East which might have had aphrodisiacal attributes.

I was interested why a sex toy site was required inside the Orthodox community, thus I approached the qualified sex therapist that takes concerns found on the website, Dr. David Ribner, chairman of the sex therapy training system at the School of Social Work at Bar-Ilan University inside Israel.

“While Jewish law plus custom have lengthy known the centrality of intimate reassurance to a lucrative wedding, just newly have you been experience to more public efforts to advertise this objective. Kosher Sex Toys is a step inside this way,” Ribner mentioned.

Not being Orthodox, yet wholeheartedly agreeing with Ribner regarding the centrality of “sexual reassurance to a wedding,” I perused the site’s wares. After examining the people-free images plus scientific text, I nonetheless wasn’t very certain how a product called a Panther worked. I got it had been a 6.50 “dual stimulation” providing a souped-up handheld vibrator (4 batteries required). However how about those beads? Was a letter to Ribner inside purchase?

It wasn’t till I visited another site plus watched a movie of the Panther powered up plus running (nevertheless not inside use) which I understood the full function of the device. My spouse, whom furthermore viewed the website as well as the movie, felt the same method.

One of the site’s advantages—unrelated to the denominational orientation or intimate proclivity—is which numerous treatments found on the site are designated phthalate free. The compounds, that have been banned inside toys available inside the United States, are plasticizers nevertheless usually selected inside the manufacture of sex toys to soften PVC vinyls.

According to a 2011 information story found on the ScienceDaily site, a Columbia University research suggests “that prenatal exposure to these phthalates adversely affects child mental, engine plus behavioral development throughout the preschool years.”

Gavriel states he researches every of his over 300 products however refuses to personally test them, adding which “I just like to carry factors which are secure.”

The Goods:

Koshersextoys.net.: Items from beneath plus up.

Sapapa, with places inside Los Angeles, Brooklyn plus Toronto. Call: (855) SAPAPA-5 to find out more.

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Getting plus Giving the Love We Need

img code picture … Getting plus Giving the Love We Need



Valentine’s Day plus the ambivalence regarding love.
by Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller

February 14, 2012 / 21 Shevat 5772


Love. We desire it over anything else inside the planet. From the time which the infantile look for assurance is assuaged by the warmth of skin-to-skin contact, the quest for connection plus bonding refuses to end till your day you die, plus even when of death is sweetened by the presence of those dear to you.

We pursue love endlessly. We spend the lives interacting its value from each human signifies of self-expression. We are scared of its force plus frequently select to not love instead of to be vulnerable to the pain of frustration, or worse nonetheless, rejection.

I nevertheless remember the yearning as well as the worry triggered about Valentine’s Day: "Whom shall I provide my valentine to? Do they desire it? Will they send 1 to me?"

As you grow elder the words you lacked because kids enter the inside dialogue. "Will anybody ever certainly love me? Can I trust me enough to love anybody sincerely?"

Our land is littered by words which disguise betrayal.

Our society has failed you. Our land is littered by words which disguise betrayal. We victimize ourselves ceaselessly. We like to be loved plus to provide love, however, don’t understand how to do it without destroying what you desire many inside the procedure.

Let you analyze the source of the ambiguity towards love — within the source of existence itself.


The Torah informs you which Adam, the initially human, was built inside the image of God. Adam may have watched himself because completely entire plus without any have to look for connection or meaning. But the text continues plus states it was "not wise for Adam to be alone." We then understand regarding the separation of Adam into 2 beings — Man (Ish) plus Woman (Isha).

What Adam lacked because an unencumbered single individual was the chance to provide plus get inside a meaningful technique. After the division, Adam is described by the Talmud to be like a individual whom lost anything plus can’t stop looking for it.

But the Torah is unwilling to enable the look to disintegrate into a quest which has a single objective — merely being beloved. There should be an extra objective which prevents the task from becoming the cannibalistic feast it occasionally is.

So the Torah instructs: "Therefore a guy shall leave his parents plus cleave to his spouse."

Because the initial guy clearly had no human parents, this directive is puzzling. Who precisely must he leave? The answer the Sages provide is the fact that he should leave the child-parent relationship.

The regular relationship between parents plus youngsters is the fact that parents provide plus youngsters get.

The usual relationship between parents plus youngsters is the fact that parents provide plus youngsters get. The love which grows between them is amazingly unbalanced. Parents love their kids more than many youngsters love their parents. There is a flaw inherent inside the relationship which causes this misbalance. Love is not the outcome of taking. It is the outcome of offering. The more you provide, the more you love. The more you love, the more you are beloved.


In purchase for the relationship between guy plus female to function, it should initially be defined meaningfully. Whenever either partner yearns to be someone’s "baby love," the relationship is doomed.
Which takes you to Cupid himself. The arrows he shoots are painful, however exquisite inside the joy which just love brings. If catching plus looking doesn’t do it, what does?

The just answer is a wedding inside that both couples are prepared to feel vulnerable enough to allow themselves express love by providing of themselves freely. This ideal is difficult to reside as much as inside a society where Judy Seifer, Ph.D., president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, plus Therapists, cautions women: "Keep the expectations inside check. Realize which this beautiful guy had a surprisingly full lifetime before he met we… you may be just piece of it… Show him which you’re an independent individual."

What is she suggesting? Don’t expect anybody. Get low expectations. Don’t humiliate oneself by loving anybody additional than oneself.

We wear armor plus safeguard ourselves from what you wish the many. Create no mistake: the Torah recognizes which you are imperfect persons, living inside an imperfect globe. While it informs you to love, it moreover teaches you how to protect the psychological integrity. We are delicate. We are broken conveniently by selfishness plus rejection.

How does the Torah provide you the balance you want?


Whenever a guy meets a female with who he would want to have a relationship, he should understand which he owes it to himself to locate what he has lost, what he has been searching for all of the time. The guy is simultaneously limited from what I shall call "hunting." Every female should be treated because a human. Just about which basis could the relationship be 1 inside that he really cleaves to her plus becomes 1 along with her.

To create this function, ladies should furthermore create a choice.

To create this function, girls should furthermore create a choice. They should choose to refuse the societal idea which they is loved truthfully, when simultaneously defining themselves because prey.
Women, plus men, are necessary to be (of all things) small. It need to be their choice to project themselves because really human, when they like to be enjoyed as a result.

Modesty is not a hang-up. It is a choice to be one’s highest plus many human self.

Wendy Shalit wrote inside her landmark "A Return to Modesty" (Free Press/Simon & Schuster, 1999):

This really is becoming the amazing contemporary split, his dedication issue plus her hang-up condition. These 2 difficulties have re-emerged together for a cause. A society, that sees her modesty or her "hang-ups" because a issue, is always the society, that will not receive him to commit.

The time has come for a fresh purchase inside the globe of love. We should understand which the vulnerability is the point where you break by the barriers separating you from 1 another.

We should embrace the vulnerability. For it is actually just then which you could reside, plus love, without worry plus without thoughtlessness.

Answers to commonly-asked (to me) WWII building issues (plus additional LEGO requests)
what do you ought to be a model
Image by LegoIiner PiIot
Below I may answer the same issues which I am asked over and over again.

Question: How do we select what to build?
Answer: I usually build what I will based about what components I have. For example, whenever I initially began to build my WWII German Wehrmacht Train, I had a lot of train wheels, tiles, plus plates. This enabled me to build freely without the concern of running from components mid-build.
Frequently I can build up my components collection before I try to build anything, though often builds are only randomly began. It all depends found on the components, because which is the bread plus butter of LEGO building.

Question: Where do we receive the components?
Answer: Many, countless places. I utilized to utilize Bricklink, nevertheless today which my PayPal is messed up, I could just utilize it to a limited point. PAB is wise if you need all fresh components as well as the ideal selection online, though the costs are significant. Tank treads is found at LEGO Education. PAB at actual LEGO shops has a limited selection of worthwhile components to me, nevertheless sometimes they’ll have anything wise.

Question: Do we market any of the models?
Answer: Not normally. I was when hired to build a truck for a associate, yet which associate (777 Customs) not paid, plus which almost ruined anymore chance of me taking any commissioned jobs. Also, I don’t like to create instructions (though I can) considering it takes a great deal of function plus time which should be invested building more AFVs.

Question: Who are the key inspirations?
Answer: Philip *Last name withheld* (PhiMa), Jeffrey Mille (Belguim WW2 Builder), Rumrunner (Ross Scott), Fritz G. (Fritz G.), LegoUli, Lego main, Panzy Boe (Elias), plus The Brickologist.

Question: What is a wise car to begin with?
Answer: Something tiny. Should you like to build a wheeled car, possibly a Willys MB Jeep or perhaps a Kubelwagen. Should you like to build a tank or perhaps a self-propelled weapon, possibly try a Wespe or perhaps a Leopard. Whatever we do, always have all of the mandatory components before we build.

Question: Where do we receive tips to build cars?
Answer: Everywhere. Occasionally I may think of several brand-new cars whilst doing boring plus boring points, including placing away clothing or emptying the dishwasher. I moreover draw inspiration from what others build, books, TV, films, plus all which advantageous media. Occasionally I might see WWII cars whenever googling totally unrelated aspects. For example, a when ago, whenever I was nonetheless inside center school, I looked up "orange fruit" about google plus saw an image of oranges being rationed at a little German town throughout WWII.

Question: I commence my build, however, I have a actually difficult time completing 1 section. The pieces only don’t appear to connect proper or I am totally stumped. How do I countertop this?
Answer: It might appear like the retarded phrase a parents echo whenever you’re frustrated with anything, however provide oneself permission to walk away. Play a movie game or do anything else fun besides building LEGO, plus return an hr, possibly even a day later. By which time the notice usually have been cleared of frustration and you may have certain fresh inspirations.

Question: Where do we receive your inexpensive Indiana Jones torsos, pocket trousers, etc?
Answer: I got my tan torsos method before I was into WWII building, whenever the tan torsos were 1.90 as well as the Dovchenkos were 2.50. The pocket trousers were purchased last summer, I purchased 28 for a total of . The heads have been acquired from different orders, I cannot perhaps list all of them.

Question:I can’t afford the pricey flesh minifigure pieces that many of the well-known builder employ. What must I do?
Answer: There is nothing incorrect with having a yellow minifigure military. In truth, which is utilized to a advantage: Many minifigures are yellow, their components are a lot cheaper, plus there is HUGE range of yellow minifigure components compared to flesh. My collection’s figures are flesh considering I only like them like that. However which doesn’t signify your’s need to be this way either.

Question:I like to recognize where I could receive flesh heads/torsos/other components inexpensively. Is there such a spot?
Answer:Yes, in the event you have any sets which have came out newly which have flesh ingredients inside them (2007 or later. Call LEGO customer support at 1-800-838-9647 inside North America (see here in the event you aren’t inside North America) plus have the training manuals within the set prepared. You need the serial numbers found on the back of the set should you want to purchase any pieces from it. We usually also require the piece amount inside the back of the guide. Ask to purchase components from a set, tell the set amount, tell that components you need to purchase, plus provide the proof of buy quantity found on the back of the guide. You need a parent’s permission and you may want a credit card to pay. Good chance!