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What are best modelling agencies in Japan and how do I contact them?

Question by あんど: What are right modelling agencies inside Japan and just how do I contact them?
The modelling agencies is either inside Tokyo or Osaka, ideally the ones like Elite or Look Models.

Best answer:

Answer by ☆◆Wannabehappy◆☆

There is a list of modeling agencies inside this site.
(Top table is models’ hyperlinks. Lower table is modeling agencies’ links)

I guess BRAVO, SATORU JAPAN plus FOLIO have foreign models too.

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Dec 03

New-Tamiya-74041-Craft-Tools-Electric-Handy-Drill-Japan New-Tamiya-74041-Craft-Tools-Electric-Handy-Drill-Japan New Tamiya 74041 Craft Tools Electric Handy Drill Japan

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Nov 23

AS-5E3 Leynos (Mass Production Type) (150 mm Plastic model) [JAPAN]

AS-5E3 Leynos (Mass manufacturing kind) (150 mm Plastic model) [JAPAN]

AS-5E3 Leynos (Mass manufacturing Type) (150 mm synthetic model) [JAPAN]

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Much More Agents For Versions Items

Oct 13

Japan’s Debt Time-Bomb Tools … Japan Shows How to Defuse Debt Time-Bomb (May 27, 2011) ….

Some cool how much do you get paid to be a model images:

Japan’s Debt Time-Bomb Tools … Japan Shows How to Defuse Debt Time-Bomb (May 27, 2011) ….
how much do you get paid to be a model
Image by marsmet462
The first Great Depression led to totalitarian dictatorships, war to consolidate power, and concentrations of capital in the hands of a financial elite.

The trigger was a default on the global reserve currency, in that case the pound sterling. The U.S. dollar is now the global reserve currency. The concern is that default could create the same sort of global panic today.

Dark visions are evoked of the president declaring a national emergency, FEMA plans locking into place, camps being readied for protesters, and the secret government taking over . . . .

……..*****All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..
…..item 1)…. The Huffington Post … www.huffingtonpost.com … HUFFPOST BUSINESS …

Japan Shows How to Defuse Debt Time-Bomb

Posted: 05/27/11 05:00 PM ET

Ellen Brown
Civil litigation attorney; author of "Web of Debt"


[T]hreatening to default should not be a partisan issue. In view of all the hazards it entails, one wonders why any responsible person would even flirt with the idea.

— Alan S. Blinder, Princeton professor of economics, former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve

A game of Russian roulette is being played with the national debt ceiling. Fire the wrong chamber of the gun, and the result could be the second Great Depression.

The first Great Depression led to totalitarian dictatorships, war to consolidate power, and concentrations of capital in the hands of a financial elite. The trigger was a default on the global reserve currency, in that case the pound sterling. The U.S. dollar is now the global reserve currency. The concern is that default could create the same sort of global panic today. Dark visions are evoked of the president declaring a national emergency, FEMA plans locking into place, camps being readied for protesters, and the secret government taking over . . . .

This may all just be political theater, but do we really want to get close enough to the economic precipice to find out? The conservative ideologues toying with the debt ceiling are doing it to force cuts in the budget, a budget that was already approved by Congress. Congress is being held hostage by a radical minority pushing a risky agenda, one that is based on an economic model that is obsolete.

High-stakes Gambling
On May 16, the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece titled "The Armaggedon Lobby," which claimed that a "technical default" on the federal debt was just "political melodrama" and not really a big deal:

[B]ond markets can figure out the difference between a genuine default when a country can’t pay its bills and a technical default of a few days if it serves the purpose of fixing America’s fiscal mess. Not so, said Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal in a May 20 interview on CNBC. "That’s gambling. This is the United States. You’re leading the whole world. You cannot play games with that."
It is not just that the government could be brought to a standstill, with a third of its bills now being paid by borrowing or that interest rates would shoot up, forcing thousands of homeowners into foreclosure. Failure to pay on the national debt could trigger a default on the global reserve currency. As one commentator described what could go wrong:

[T]he consequences of a US default could spark yet another global financial crisis. The US could lose its triple-A rating, which could cause a sell-off in Treasury notes by institutional and foreign investors. This sell-off could lead to higher interest rates, and banks’ balance sheets might be decimated by the decline in their bond portfolios. Thus, global banking and financial market liquidity could dry up. Lending between institutions and people or businesses could possibly cease altogether or become cost prohibitive.

A Rerun of 1931?
The sort of chaos that could ensue was seen when Great Britain reneged on its deal to redeem pound sterling banknotes in gold in 1931. The result was the worst global depression in history.

When the pound went off the gold standard, markets panicked. People rushed to exchange their paper money for gold, in any currencies in which that was still possible. The gold wound up hidden under mattresses and in safety deposit boxes, unspent and the banks from which it was pulled, having no reserves to back their loans, quit lending or closed their doors. Credit froze; business ground to a halt.

As other countries ran short of gold, they too were forced to take their currencies off the gold standard. The last holdouts suffered the most, including the United States, which kept its gold window open until 1933.

The 19th century had been plagued by bank runs, caused by banks having too little gold to back their outstanding loans. The Federal Reserve was instituted in 1913 ostensibly to prevent those runs, but its levee did not hold back the run of the 1930s. In 1933, the country suffered a massive banking collapse, forcing President Roosevelt to declare a banking holiday and take the U.S. dollar, too, off the gold standard.

Freed from the Bankers’ "Cross of Gold"

The transition off the gold standard was a painful one but according to Beardsley Ruml, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the country was the better for it. In a paper read before the American Bar Association in 1946, he said that going off the gold standard had finally allowed the country to be economically sovereign:

Final freedom from the domestic money market exists for every sovereign national state where there exists an institution which functions in the manner of a modern central bank, and whose currency is not convertible into gold or into some other commodity.

Freed from the strictures of gold, Roosevelt was able to jump-start the economy with deficit spending. As Marshall Auerback details, the next four years constituted the biggest cyclical boom in U.S. economic history. Real GDP grew at a 12% rate and nominal GDP grew at a 14% rate.

Then in 1937, Roosevelt listened to the deficit hawks of his day and slashed the deficit. The result was a surge in unemployment, and the economy slipped back into depression.

What lifted the country out of the doldrums was again deficit spending, liberally engaged in to fund World War II. In wartime, few people worry about the national debt. The debt grew to 120% of GDP — twice what it is today — and wound up sustaining another very productive period in U.S. history, one that set the country up to lead the world in manufacturing for the next half century.

On Inflation and Taxes
Ruml said federal taxes were no longer needed to fund the budget, which could be financed by issuing bonds. The principal purpose of taxes, he said, was "the maintenance of a dollar which has stable purchasing power over the years. Sometimes this purpose is stated as ‘the avoidance of inflation.’"

The government could spend as needed to meet its budget, drawing on credit issued by its own central bank. It could do this until price inflation indicated a weakened purchasing power of the currency. Then, and only then, would the money supply need to be contracted with taxes.

"The dollars the government spends become purchasing power in the hands of the people who have received them," Ruml said. "The dollars the government takes by taxes cannot be spent by the people," so the money supply can be contracted with taxes as needed.

When the economy is in a recession, however — as it is now — the government needs to spend in order to get purchasing power into the hands of the people. Businesses cannot hire more workers until they have more customers demanding their products, and the customers won’t come until they have money to spend. The money ("demand") must come first. Adding money will not drive up prices until the economy is at full employment. Before that, increasing "demand" will drive up "supply" by setting the engines of production in motion. When supply and demand rise together, prices remain stable.

We now know that a government can go quite far into debt without a dangerous level of price inflation occurring — much farther than the U.S. has gone today. Besides World War II, when U.S. debt was 120% of GDP, there is the remarkable example of Japan. Japan has retained its status as the world’s third largest economy, although it has a debt to GDP ratio of 226% — and it is still fighting deflation.

Critics of the deflationary theory point to commodity prices, which are soaring today. But if those prices were due to the economy being awash with "too much money chasing too few goods," real estate prices would be soaring too. Instead, the real estate market has collapsed. What has actually happened is that the housing bubble has transmuted into the commodity bubble, as "hot money" has fled from one to the other. The overall money supply is still in decline.

The deficit hawks have been predicting for years that the federal debt would sink the dollar and the economy, and it hasn’t happened yet. In fact the federal debt has not been paid off since 1835, and no disaster has resulted. The debt has not only been carried on the government’s books but has continued to grow, and the economy has grown and flourished along with it.

This is not an economic anomaly. The economy has flourished because of the national debt. Nothing backs the currency today but "the full faith and credit of the United States." Money is no longer a metal; it is an inflow and outflow, credits and debits. The liabilities of the government are the assets of the private economy. The national debt is what backs the money supply.

Dealing with the Rising Cost of Debt Service

There is a potential time bomb in a growing federal debt, but it is one that can be defused. The debt has risen from trillion to trillion just since the banking crisis of 2008, not from "entitlements" but due to the Wall Street collapse and bailout. Just the interest on this growing debt could cripple the tax base if interest rates were at normal levels, so they have had to be pushed almost to zero. The result has been to create a dollar carry trade. This has facilitated speculation in commodities, a major cause of today’s commodity bubbles.

There is, however, a solution to this problem, and it was discovered by Japan. The government can spend, not by issuing bonds at interest to the public, but simply by creating an overdraft at the central bank, as Beardsley Ruml recommended. The Bank of Japan now holds an amount of public debt equal to the country’s GDP! As noted by the Center for Economic and Policy Research:

Interest on [Japanese] debt held by the central bank is refunded back to the treasury, leaving no net cost to the government on this debt. . . . Japan continues to experience deflation, in spite of the fact that its central bank holds an amount of debt that is roughly equal to its GDP. This would be equivalent to the Fed holding trillion in debt.
Like the Bank of Japan, the Federal Reserve now returns the interest it receives to the government. With a rising interest tab on the federal debt no longer a problem, private interest rates could be allowed to rise to normal levels.

Today the Fed is not permitted to buy bonds directly from the Treasury but must go through middleman bond dealers. But that problem too could be fixed. In a supporting statement in 1947, Federal Reserve Chairman Marriner Eccles discussed a bill to eliminate the unnecessary cost of these middlemen. He said the Federal Reserve had been allowed to purchase securities directly from the government from its inception in 1914 until the Banking Act of 1935. Then:
A provision was inserted in that act requiring all purchases of government securities by Federal Reserve banks to be made in the open market, which means purchased chiefly from dealers in Government bonds. Those who inserted this proviso were motivated by the mistaken theory that it would help to prevent deficit financing. . . .

Nothing constructive would be accomplished by the proviso that the Reserve System must purchase Government securities exclusively in the open market. About all such a ban means is that in making such purchases a commission has to be paid to Government bond dealers.

The interest cost and the bond dealers’ cut could both be eliminated by allowing the Treasury to borrow directly from its own central bank, interest free.

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

We have been frightened into believing that government debt is a bad thing, but nearly all money today originates as debt. As Marriner Eccles observed in the 1930s, "That is what our money system is. If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money."

The public debt is the people’s money, and today the people are coming up short. Shrinking the public debt means shrinking more than just the services the government is expected to provide. It means shrinking the money supply itself, along with the ability to provide the jobs, wages and purchasing power necessary for a thriving economy.

Originally posted on Asia Times.

Reminding you in case you forgot:
how much do you get paid to be a model
Image by honor the gift
1. I am thankful for listening to my body and publishing earlier in the evening last week. Seriously.
2. I am thankful for chocolate and all those lovers of chocolate that invent and perpetuate chocolicious recipes. Like Ani Phyo’s chocolate layer cake that has an amazing compliment of salty and sweet. I usually just make the ‘cake’ part.
3. I am thankful for the people that keep posting links that lead me back to an In Yo’ face, kind of writer at The Middle Finger Project (TMFP). Her latest article 67 Emotions tells the brief story of how she came to be where she is.
4. I am thankful for the people I have met through university. If it weren’t for the fascinating, funny, smart, inspired, inspiring people – including the people that happen to be professors – I don’t know if working through post-secondary education would have been as pleasant or worth the opportunity cost. That sounds odd, I am experiencing difficulty being thankful for the institution. In short, people = Hooray!, institution != Hooray.
5. I am thankful for doing more things I have been feeling anxious about. I whole hearted agree with whomever said that the first step is the most difficult. Luckily they were right about momentum carrying you forward. Yay for feeling anxious and doing it anyway! :)
6. I am thankful for leaving a bit of conditioner in my hair because it made it softer and not want to shave my head so much.
7. I am thankful for the kind people at Connection Revolution (I am also thankful they changed their name from freak revolution, it really did not resonate with me and held me back from linking with them.) Kyeli and Pace talk about sexuality openly. If you are not open to that, you may feel uncomfortable. The section of the article here quoted below goes well with recent writing about diversity here. I am also thankful for the kind and friendly response I received from Kyeli and Pace when I wrote to ask permission to quote Kyeli – did you know, “[their] entire blog is released under the Creative Commons by-sa license, which means that you’re free to share it.” :)
* It doesn’t matter if we’re fat, sweet, hard-hearted, or even green.
* We’re all human. We all hurt, we all dream, we all long for things, we all love.
* We all need to go to the bathroom from time to time.
* In Real Life™, we get caught up in our differences and forget our sameness. Indeed, those differences make us all the more human. But it’s our sameness that brings us together, our sameness that helps breed connection.
* In our differences, we enrich the world. And in our samenesses, we shall connect.
8. I am thankful for making this one talking about deeper empathy connection into a real blog post on my new fake blog.
9. I am thankful that News from the East came in this week!! :) A friend is on an adventure (internship) in eastern Canada learning about personhood. Personhood in senior citizens in particular. She is excited that I am excited for her learning about personhood .. how could I not be! Think of the stories she will get to hear! Think of the things she will get to learn! Her eyes will be all sparkly with what she is learning and experiencing. I am excited that the emails were time stamped just as I was opening up the bottle of sparkle juice she and her family gifted me last year about this time. It is so fragrant and lovely. Less waiting for things, more enjoying! She also brings us our quote of the week, "Less waiting, more enjoying… that is something I am becoming more aware of. Thankfully I have some very good models this year. Someone recently told me of a doctor who has chosen to work four days a week, and spend half of her other weekday practising cello and half writing books. I absolutely love that idea. I think it’s sort of like investing in life — an up front sacrifice in earnings but a long-term pay-off in quality of life."
10. I am so very thankful for friends and the love we all flow. I have so much to learn about friendship.
11. I am thankful for getting clear on why I am increasing my fitness! To play and to be a better photographer. I like to get in small places and places I probably shouldn’t be to take photos.
12. I am thankful for this link created by a fellow artworker – Thank you Jan. Keri’s inspiration rules list here is awesomesauce!
13. I am thankful for the yummy soup lots of us made on Sunday. I am thankful and excited to try the new lentil recipe this coming weekend that Jan sent me .. thus proving that indeed soup can be made from a recipe. Maybe .. I’m not always good at doing what I am told .. will have to let you know how it goes! :)
14. I am thankful for when cold and warm air masses meet to condense water droplets forming fog and eventually hoar frost everywhere! I enjoy the contrast of the white ice crystals on dark trees or metal. I like how when the sun burns through the fog the trees shimmer and gently throw ice sparkles in the breeze. I love how the beauty is so breath taking that it can slow the most determined corporate worker to take some of it in. Hoar frost makes over cast days bearable and blue sky days magnificent.
15. I am thankful for a beautiful but sad video called Thought of you by Ryan Woodward, you can watch it here.
16. I am thankful for being somewhat of a minimalist because it means I only need to move my art folder to dance safely with my eyes closed in the living room with bare feet. My personal music player is also very useful as I can crank up the tunes, dance and stop thinking so damn much.
17. I am thankful for shortening this list and adding to my “things that don’t suck” list because it was looking a little cranky.
18. I am thankful that the messages I have been writing in snow with a bunch of snow angels have remained untouched. Maybe they are guardian snow angels?
19. I am thankful for doing my artwork before out home work so I didn’t feel like a raging failure the entire day. I am thankful I had time to write today as well.

BRIEF Magazine (August 1953) .. Pin-up Models – Moore Corday …The Tallahassee O – [UPDATE] LCSO Deputy Arrested on Additional Theft Related Charges — The victim was 91-year-old (Mar 30, 2012) …
how much do you get paid to be a model
Image by marsmet463
On March 29, 2012, additional warrants were obtained for Graham’s arrest. A warrant was also obtained for the arrest of Graham’s wife, Vickie Luggi-Graham, 53.

……..***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..
…..item 1)… The Tallahassee O … tallahasseeo.com … [UPDATE] LCSO Deputy Arrested on Additional Theft Related Charges

Filed under: Law Enforcement, Cop Reviews, Government Officials, Crimes, Freedom of the Press Group by thetallahasseeo — Leave a comment


[UPDATE] LCSO Deputy Arrested on Additional Theft Related Charges
Updated: 8:43 PM Mar 30, 2012

img code photo … Sergeant David Graham


A former Leon County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested again, and this time his wife was arrested, too.

Posted: 8:43 PM Mar 30, 2012 Reporter: Eyewitness News Email Address: news@wctv.tv


LCSO Deputy Arrested on Additional Theft Related Charges LCSO Press Release

Tallahassee, FL — March 30, 2012 –

On September 2, 2011, Bonita Moran filed a report with LCSO in reference to the theft of money from her residence. Moran reported that the money belonged to her father, Archie White. Graham, who was employed by LCSO at the time, met White through this investigation. On September 13, 2011, White requested his case be closed, thus ending the need for any future contact between White, Moran and Graham.

On February 19, 2012, David Graham, 45, was arrested for Grand Theft of a Firearm and Grand Theft after it was confirmed that he had stolen an antique firearm and ,000.00 from White. After his arrest, Graham was terminated from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. Since that time, the investigation has continued into Graham’s activities and interactions with White as well as Moran. On March 29, 2012, additional warrants were obtained for Graham’s arrest. A warrant was also obtained for the arrest of Graham’s wife, Vickie Luggi-Graham, 53.

LCSO has confirmed that in addition to the firearm and ,000.00 cash, at least ,000.00 cash and several thousand dollars worth of gold and silver coins and jewelry were stolen from Moran and White. In one incident, Graham drove White to his bank and advised him to withdraw ,000.00 cash (all in 0 bills). White added ,000.00 to this money, making the total ,000.00. Graham assisted White in splitting this money into two bank bags and then hiding it in a safe. White then spent the weekend with his daughter and returned home to find only ,000.00 remaining in the safe. After this point in time, Graham made several large purchases and paid with 0 dollar bills. He also deposited at least ,000.00 into his own personal bank account. These deposits were also exclusively in 0 denominations.

Graham also repeatedly drove Moran to her bank in order to inventory the contents of her safety deposit box. In each case, either the same day as the bank visits or the following day, Graham would sell coins or jewelry to local second hand dealers. Detectives have also confirmed that on March 1, 2012, Vickie Luggi-Graham received payment from a second hand dealer for the consignment sale of an antique bracelet that belonged to Moran. (Moran also had an appraisal for this bracelet.) Moran was able to provide a very detailed ledger containing specific descriptions of the coins and jewelry which has been confirmed sold at the local second hand dealers.

Detectives also learned that Graham may have been involved in insurance fraud. On March 23, 2012, members of LCSO served a search warrant at Graham’s residence. During the service of this search warrant, detectives located a tractor and a four wheeler that Graham had previously reported stolen. Both the tractor and the four wheeler were purchased by Graham, reported stolen, paid for by the insurance company and then recovered in his yard.

On March 29, 2012, Graham’s attorney was contacted and informed of the additional warrants. On March 30, 2012, Graham and Luggi-Graham turned themselves in at the Leon County Jail.


David Graham
45 years old Charges: Grand Theft (7 counts), Dealing in Stolen Property (7 counts), Defrauding a Pawn Broker (4 counts), Insurance Fraud and Making a False Report of a Crime

Vickie Luggi-Graham
53 years old Charge: Dealing in Stolen Property


LCSO Deputy Arrested for Stealing from 91-Year-Old Man

UPDATED 2.21.2012 by Julie Montanaro

FDLE is now reviewing financial records in the case of a deputy arrested for stealing money from a 91 year old man.

The Leon County Sheriff says the investigation of SGT David Graham continues and he estimates there may be as much as -60,000 missing.

Do you anticipate that David Graham will be facing more criminal charges?

“I’ll have to wait to see what the investigation culminates with, but I’d say it’s a fair chance,” Sheriff Larry Campbell said in an interview Tuesday.

The sheriff claims Graham installed county-owned surveillance cameras in the man’s house, accompanied the 91 year old to the bank and even advised him where to hide his money.

The sheriff says LCSO detectives then installed their own hidden cameras in that house and tried, but failed to catch Graham in the act.

“I gave him (the victim) a sum of money and we were going to get the man to tell him (Graham) ‘I’ve got some more money and I’m gonna hide it. I want you to help me hide it,” Campbell said.

Graham was the head of LCSO’s financial crimes unit. He supervised an initial investigation into money that disappeared from the man’s home.

We requested a copy of that initial complaint. It was filed by his daughter September 2nd. Most of the report has been blacked out, but the last supplemental report was filed by SGT Graham just three days before his arrest.

Graham has not responded to our request for a comment and there is not an attorney of record listed for him in the court’s computer.

We also reached out to the 91 year old victim in this case, but have not heard back from him either.


Tallahassee, Florida – Feb. 21, 2012 – by Deneige Broom

“It’s a bad situation. We have to arrest the bad guys all the time,” said Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell during Monday’s media conference.

Campbell had to arrest and fire one of his own.

David Graham was a 20 year veteran with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office before he was fired Monday.
The former sergeant was arrested Sunday for two counts of grand theft.

The victim was 91-year-old Archie White.

“We think this was a crime of opportunity,” said Campbell when asked if he believed there were other victims.

Campbell says Graham was part of the financial crimes unit that was investigating a crime against White in September of 2011.

The LCSO case was eventually closed but Campbell says Graham continued his relationship with the victim, acting like the investigation was still open.

Campbell says Graham took White to the bank on occasions and set up surveillance cameras in White’s home, which is standard procedure in some of their investigations.

“Shocked and saddened,” was all Campbell said when asked how he felt about the situation.
On February 15, White reported ,000 dollars in cash were missing from his home.

White said Graham was the man who took the bank bag full of 0 bills from between the mattresses.
On February 19, Graham was brought in for questioning. It was there Campbell says Graham confessed to the crime.

“We’ve recovered ,000 and an antique rifle but we do think we could find as much as ,000-,000,” said Campbell.

Graham was arrested Sunday and was suspended.

Campbell fired Graham from LCSO on Monday.

Graham was released from the Leon County jail just before 11 Monday morning on ,000 bond.

David Graham worked for the sheriff’s office since 1991. He’s made headlines before for bringing Gary Michael Hilton from Georgia to face murder charges in the death of Cheryl Dunlap. He was also one of seven people to receive a medal of valor in 2010 for their work in a shootout.

The sheriff’s office says the only other disciplinary problems Graham has had in his tenure happened on February 13.

He was suspended for 40 hours without pay because of a standard of conduct investigation within the department. LCSO says no other information can be released about that incident because they haven’t closed the investigation.


Tallahassee, Florida – Feb. 20, 2012 -2:30 –

During this afternoon’s press conference, Sheriff Larry Campbell said that Sergeant Graham was fired from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office this morning. Graham was working with the Financial Crimes Unit when the alleged criminal act occurred. Campbell says the victim is a 91-year-old man whom Graham worked with during an investigation. Campbell says Graham befriended the man and acted like he was part of an active investigation after LCSO had already closed the case. During that time, Campbell says at least ,000 were stolen, but he believes as much as ,000 to ,000 may be recovered.


UPDATED 11am by Julie Montanaro

LCSO is planning a 2pm press conference to discuss the arrest of SGT. David Graham.
Arrest papers say Graham is accused of stealing ,000 in cash and an antique rifle from a home on Noble Drive.

Arrest papers say the homeowner told deputies the money was in a blue bank bag and tucked beneath the mattress in his master bedroom. It was all in one hundred dollar bills. Arrest papers say the homeowner suspected Graham in the theft, but at this time LCSO is not commenting on whether the men knew each other or how.

Arrest papers say Graham was called in to the sheriff’s office Sunday night and admitted to the allegations.

LCSO is not commenting on the arrest or Graham’s history with the department until its afternoon press conference.


Sheriff Larry Campbell will hold a media conference today at 2:00 p.m. in the Citizen’s Academy room at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. During the conference, Sheriff Campbell will provide a brief overview of a continuing criminal investigation.

Media partners are asked to arrive no later than 1:45 p.m. in order to allow time for set up.

WHAT: Media Conference
WHEN: Monday, February 20, 2012 At 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: Leon County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Academy Room


Tallahassee, Florida – Feb. 20, 2012 –

A Leon County Sheriff deputy has been arrested for Grand Theft and Grand Theft of a Firearm. Court records show Sergeant David Graham was arrested just before midnight Sunday, and spent the night in jail. Court records show Graham made his first appearance before a judge this morning and his bond is now set at ,000.

Graham is perhaps best known for transporting accused killer Gary Michael Hilton from Georgia to Tallahassee to face charges in the murder of Crawfordville Sunday school teacher Cheryl Dunlap.

Graham was also one of seven law enforcement officers to receive a Medal of Valor in 2010 for their handling of a Memorial Day shootout.
…..item 2)… Leon County Sheriff’s Office … Daily Booking Report …3/30/2012


— Graham, David … Image exempt per F.S. 119.071(4)(d)

03/30/2012 03/30/2012 ARREST


— LUGGI-GRAHAM, VICKIE S … Image exempt per F.S. 119.071(4)(d)


Aug 29




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Freshwater Fishing ONLY
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Aug 25

Zaku I Sniper Type (Yonem Kirks Custom) (HGUC) (1/144 scale Model Kits) Bandai [JAPAN]

Zaku I Sniper Type (Yonem Kirks Custom) (HGUC) (1/144 scale Model Kits) Bandai [JAPAN]

Zaku I Sniper Type (Yonem Kirks Custom) (HGUC) (1/144 scale Model Kits) Bandai [JAPAN]

  • Gundam HGUC 137 Zaku I Sniper Type Yonem Kirks Custom 1/144 Scale

A custom Zaku sniper inside hues selected by Yonem Kirk inside episode 4 of Gundam Unicorn. Faithfully reproduced sniper rifle plus power pack together with kneeling stand gimmick. Sniper rifle x1, interchangeable hands.

List Price: $ 5.77


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Jul 14

Modeling in Japan 101: Submitting to agents

Modeling inside Japan 101: Submitting to agents
There are some variations between getting started inside modeling plus commercial acting inside Japan than state, inside the United States. I'm from San Francisco, plus whenever I began 9 years ago, it was tough to receive an agent. Whenever I state “agent,” I mean a real …
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Model agency drops San Marcos gal over 'Big Brother' slurs
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May 25

Kai Chuboos CB Ice Cream Maker FP-5227 | AC100V 50/60Hz (Japan Model)

Kai Chuboos CB Ice Cream Maker FP-5227 | AC100V 50/60Hz (Japan Model)

Kai Chuboos CB Ice Cream Maker FP-5227 | AC100V 50/60Hz (Japan Model)

This product is made for Japan Market. It may require power transformer and/or plug adaptor for use in foreign countries.

Electric ice cream maker can make three types of ice at a time. Easy to enter the freezer one size per container is a small

Body: plastic ABS (heat resistance temperature of 80 degrees)
Lid: plastic AS (heat-resistant temperature of 70 degrees)
Synthetic rubber: Rubber feet

Cold storage pot
Body: Polypropylene (temperature 110 degrees heat, cold resistance

List Price: $ 95.00


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May 20

Legend BB Musha Gundam (SD) (Gundam Model Kits) Bandai [JAPAN] Reviews

Legend BB Musha Gundam (SD) (Gundam Model Kits) Bandai [JAPAN]

Legend BB Musha Gundam (SD) (Gundam Model Kits) Bandai [JAPAN]

  • Gundam BB-373 Legend BB Musha Gundam

Robot meets samurai in this cool SD Gundam known as the Legend Musha Gundam. Not only does the Legend Musha come with its cool samurai armor but also its feudal era looking weapons; the Naginata, katana called the Bukyuumaru and a rifle known as the Tanegashima Rifle. Included foil stickers are plentiful with four options for the eyes and gold for the weapons.

List Price: $ 16.50