Dec 23

Q&A: What kind of photographer should i be?

Question by Libby: What form of photographer must i be?
Children’s portrait photographer? Fashion/Model photogrpaher? Do we have any different tips? What has the number one pay plus what requires the many or smallest experience?

Best answer:

Answer by Mark H
Combat photographer.

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Jan 23

What kind of events do modeling agencies usually have?

Question by Candyii: What form of occasions do modeling agencies often have?
i was hunting at certain modeling agencies plus saw event photos. what type of occasions do agencies like Wilhelmina, Ford have? titles please plus is it frequently?

Best answer:

Answer by Luiyin Santana
model event

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Aug 28

Q&A: What kind of a diet do male models and actors have?

male models
by diloz

Question by tim: What form of a diet do guy models plus stars have?
I’m speaking regarding man film stars, man models, plus guy adult movie stars. I learn they spend a great deal of amount of time in the gym, nevertheless how about their diet?

Can they not eat any fatty foods or only limit the bad food they eat?

Or do they just exercise a lot whenever they have an future film or photoshoot plus simply form of allow themselves go a little whenever they are no longer working?

Best answer:

Answer by Alexandra M
Sex, Alchol plus Parties. I have a guy model friend – he’s all regarding which. I keep annoying him with “stop, you’re harming yourself” comments! ==>>Don’t do it!

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Apr 30

Q&A: How to become a Justice model/What kind of angency do you need to be in?

Question by nannygoat: How to become a Justice model/What form of angency do you ought to be inside?
I absolutely wanna model for Justice or alternative superb shops, However I don’t understand how to receive into the company! I live inside a truly little town plus I don’t recognize in the event you can model for places when they’re not about we! If anyone has info about this or any perfect strategies about how I may fufill my dream plus become a model!
Please aid!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by lauren!

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Dec 31

Q&A: What kind of pictures should I send to modelling agency?

Question by mujerdetussuenos: What form of images could I send to modelling agency?
I’d like to receive representation at a surrounding talent/modelling agency. It is an editorial plus commercial agency, they are doing not represent catwalk models. Do I should take expert images to send for them, or could I merely send normal pictures?


Best answer:

Answer by Bob
Any good agency may just initially need certain simple snapshots.

Not the general facebook trash yet obvious shots with plain backgrounds.
Not we plus a mates about a evening out however, we about your to show head plus shoulders plus full size.

If they like we they may contact we.

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Aug 01

What kind of modeling agencies accept glamour models?

Question by Allison: What kind of modeling agencies accept glamour models?
What I mean is, when I look at playboy models and video models, they don’t look like fashion models. What kind of agency accepts glamour models that are shorter than the high fashion model?

Best answer:

Answer by Jblaze
From what ive seen there isnt a particular big glam agency, you more so try to make direct contact with a publication and send them pics. Glam models arent your usual fashion models like you said they are shorter then most models. Start off by finding a photographer you are comfortable with and get a portofolio together. Once you have a variety of poses you are willing to take use that to shop yourself around with any magazines in the area.

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Jul 01

What kind of clothes should I wear for the pictures and for a meet with Elite Modeling Agency?

Question by nadinecaroline13: What form of dresses could I wear for the images as well as for a meet with Elite Modeling Agency?
Near my town, Elite Modeling is having a meet with females that are severe regarding becoming models. For 3 hours, they is meeting with everyone, plus afterwords, they will signal contracts with all the females which have the many possible.

They need two non pro images to bring with, thus what type of images could I do? And what could I wear found on the pictures/ at the meet?

Best answer:

Answer by Tori
Well initially off, you need to look really all-natural so that they will see the real we without we striving to look the ideal.

For the Pictures:

-Wear truly minimal makeup, light foundation plus chapstick usually do.
-Wear form-fitting clothing so that they may see the body, jeans plus tank top or bathing suit is fine.
-Don’t take mirror shots, etc. Simply set the camera about self timer plus stand far back to have a pic of we body.

You must follow almost the same rules because the photos for the meet, (minus the bathing suit!).

Great Luck!

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Jun 22

Q&A: What kind of packages and prices should I charge for my photography?

Question by Lindsey Klein: What form of packages plus costs must I charge for my photography?
I only got my camera to not lengthy ago, however i have lent my modeling photographers cameras plus shot before, plus i do advantageous function. I have completed modeling for 5 years plus Ive been taking images for regarding the same. However today I take them full time. I have my portfolio to show today plus no longer wish To do free sessions. So I like to understand, what type of packages could I provide plus what are the costs I could charge?
Also one more query. If I do prints must I leave my logo found on the picture? And must I leave it found on the duplicates found on the cd?

Best answer:

Answer by Kris
That’s remarkable you’re starting. Packages might comprise of how countless hours you’re prepared to shoot, how numerous images is included digital(will we take the time to retouch?), prints (size of prints). We might should figure out how much you’re value per hour+supplies expense plus figure out a ball park.
If persons are paying for the pictures you really need to not however, logos found on the image. They absolutely learn that you may be. If they like we they is certain to allow others learn. Sticking a good company card wouldn’t assist.

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May 13

What Kind of shape do i have to be in to become a male model?

Question by anthony: What Kind of shape do i have to be in to become a male model?
I want to jumpstart a modeling carrer once i get out of high school. starting tomarrow i’m gonna start to try to get my body back into shape. The only problem is, is that i have been noticing that alot of male models arent very muscular. should i be trying to bulk up, or burn fat and loose weight? any hints or tips?

Best answer:

Answer by Jellybaybee
It depends what you want to model.

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Apr 29

What kind of photography category is the shots on shows like America’s Next Top Model considered?

Question by Taylor M.: What form of photography category is the shots about shows like America’s Next Top Model considered?
Like, those creative images of the model inside themed shoots.


Best answer:

Answer by whyisitsuchamess
high fashion..? i don’t recognize..

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