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LightWave 3D 6 : 201 Basic Modeling Techniques – Class on Demand Video Training Tutorial VHS

LightWave 3D 6 : 201 Basic Modeling Tips – Class about Demand Video Training Tutorial VHS

LightWave 3D 6 : 201 Basic Modeling Tips - Class about Demand Video Training Tutorial VHS

LIGHTWAVE 6 TRAINING VIDEOS Here’s how it works: 100 Series – Introductory Tapes
210 Series – Intermediate Information plus Tutorials
300 Series – Character Animation Tapes
400 Series – Special Effects (Tape 401 Shipping NOW!!!)
500 Series – TBA As the quantity inside every series progresses, the topics become more advanced, plus more is assumed of the viewer. Every series is somewhat more advanced than the past, the 100 series being the many simple. Basic Modeling Techniques- Tape

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Jan 16

The Secrets of Organic Modeling: Lightwave Modeling Techniques with Taron

The Tips of Organic Modeling: Lightwave Modeling Tips with Taron

The Secrets of Organic Modeling: Lightwave Modeling Tips with Taron

Artists like Taron are difficult to obtain. A gifted artist, animator, musician plus programmer, Taron has inspired artists all over the world plus deserves to be hailed because a master plus guru. The Tips of Organic Modeling is a complete introduction to Taron’s modeling methodology for subdivision based geometry. His techniques enable for a very rapid workflow plus cause a significant amount of control. Taron covers each step of the task inside this head modeling demo including initial design, adding details

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Jan 03

LightWave 3D Helps Deploy Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

Burbank, California (PRWEB) November 09, 2012

“Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome” is a modern science-fiction drama from NBCUniversal premiering now about Machinima Primes YouTube channel for 10 shows till February 2013 whenever Syfy, a division of NBCUniversal, is expected to televise the pilot and provide it about DVD, Blue-Ray, On Demand, plus digital download.

Throughout the history of the Battlestar Galactica franchise, LightWave 3D� software has been a continual inside the shows manufacturing pipeline for everything from otherworldly atmospheres to earth-shattering graphic effects. Blood & Chrome continues the custom, adding Cylon robots, snake creatures, plus over 20 sets built completely inside LightWave 3D.

Blood & Chrome was initially envisioned because an innovative Xbox project comprising 9 10-minute segments with a budget of just $ 2 million. Obviously, you cant shoot Battlestar Galactica for $ 2 million, remarks Gary Hutzel, graphic effects (VFX) supervisor at Universal Cable Productions plus about Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome. I recommended which you consider a radically different approach to the show: to shoot it completely against greenscreen. As the project gained momentum as well as the studio realized the expense advantages of the approach, the project gained more financing plus grew into a two-hour backdoor pilot for a possible tv series.

Hutzel as well as the team at Universal were confronted with a formidable challenge: producing a Battlestar Galactica-quality, VFX-heavy movie from scratchwith no sets plus no places, he recallsat a expense far lower than a typical sci-fi pilot. How which you accomplished that has been to do the whole show about greenscreen, Hutzel describes, plus I mean the whole show. We are breaking the mold. Right today, you have 89 minutes of content plus about 3 minutes of which is filmed against a set part. The rest of it happens to be greenscreen or pure CGI (computer-generated imagery). Thats how you attacked the project.

We are not a graphic effects apartment inside the general sense, affirms Doug Drexler, CG supervisor about Blood & Chrome. Gary has set up a hot paradigm. In his model, graphic effects is element of the creation, really like the art department. Were there to do anything required to work.

Blood & Chrome pushes the hot paradigm even further, Drexler adds. The graphic effects department art guided, built, lit, plus lined up the shots, tailored all of the action sequences, created the mood, plus forced house the aim of every scene. What individual that fancies himself a filmmaker doesn’t think of being capable to do which? And what alternative department might even conceive of being capable to? This really is the type of energy which originates from which unassuming small CG package called LightWave.

Progressive Pipelines

After the team shot the live action against greenscreen, the artists moved ahead with designing the internet ingredients, including the mood plus look, claims Drexler. The computer plus LightWave provide you a great deal of freedom; you could experiment to the hearts content without the constraints of budget plus building bodily sets.

Drexler plus his team of 10 CG artists employed LightWave to retrofit the Galactica, including the Battlestars inside sets. Because the show was all greenscreen, you had a chance to expand the ship plus provide it better range. He as well as the artists forced back walls plus raised ceilings, yet stayed true to the authentic Galactica shape plus design.

Extensive online conditions permeate the whole pilot. Hutzels objective was to create conditions which enhance the live action shots about greenscreen, without attracting thus much attention which the audience is aware of them. We have a truly all-natural feel with several large-scale ingredients which are quite believable, he affirms. LightWave was instrumental considering you may function with pretty big, high-resolution models fairly swiftly. The newest visualization plus light tools truly expedite which task. I could virtually light found on the fly, really like I might when I were light the set. We just cant do which reliably inside alternative packages plus receive the type of results which you have.

LightWave has improved inside flexibility plus standard to the point where you feel truly comfortable entering a project like Blood & Chrome plus suggesting to the director plus writers: Write any we wish. It doesnt matter. Youve paid to have you to do each shot about a show, write anything, exclaims Hutzel. That is what you did about Blood & Chrome, plus weve been effective inside delivering this idea to existence. VFX are no longer cost-prohibitive.

The volume of the VFX shots for Blood & Chrome were built utilizing LightWave 3D software with a most of the artists having 10 or even more years experience using LightWave.

For more info regarding LightWave or the LightWave 3D Group, please see the LightWave 3D url.

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