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Q&A: How likely is it that I could become a model and How much are models paid?

Question by : How probably is it which I can become a model plus How much are models paid?
How much are usually models paid ? Im almost 5 foot 7 , Im 15. is it probably which an agency might take me about? is it difficult to receive an agency to take we about? Do they take folks about frequently ? How are you aware should you ‘re model standard ?
I’m Irish

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Answer by ME
Top models receive 8 mill a year
10000 per runway show
New 5000 per show
250 photo shoot ect.

Should you look found on the agency’s internet you’ll see the height needs nearly all of them are 5’9 plus up for females plus 6’0 men

Model quality
Nice cheek bones , tall, thin , look specific considering you must look superior inside.the clothing like Givenchy

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