Apr 23

What is a good, cheap, digital Camera I could buy for fashion modeling/Photography?

Question by trickortreat: What is a superior, inexpensive, digital Camera I may purchase for fashion modeling/Photography?
I am ambitious to go into fashion modeling plus Photographers are pricey, I sought to be capable to do it about my own, I desired a wise digital camera which I might utilize for my modeling pictures, nevertheless 1 that’s like 100.00- 150.00? Any suggestions.

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Answer by Raquel –
Photographers are pricey considering 1) they have the proper equipment (ie right light, range of lenses, props, studio, a advantageous camera, etc)
plus 2) they recognize how to post-process effectively.

getting a camera is not going to provide we the right shots we require, specifically from a inexpensive camera. (you’ll hardly be capable to receive a wonderful point plus shoot for which money)

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Aug 22

Are there any female models in Columbus, Ohio that are looking for some modeling/photography work?

Question by Todd: Are there any woman models inside Columbus, Ohio which are searching for certain modeling/photography function?
Are you presently trying to find several pic shoots or should build the porfolio? If so, please indicate which the interested and just how I may receive a hold of we. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by LiZzYlOu~*
i reside inside lexington ky that is just regarding an hr. away from ohio… i am really interested… you are able to email me at lizzylou5232@yahoo.com

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