Apr 13

How much does a nude model cost for photography?

Question by dragoon73187: How much does a bare model expense for photography?
a model which is prepared to do bare portraits, for a photographer, how much does which choose?

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Answer by jakepi21
They could run from free along with a ale to thousands for a certain model! Simply go to where all of the pornography is plus leer till a hearts content!

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Dec 26

Q&A: How much should I pay my models?

Question by MoomooLes: How much could I pay my models?
I’m only an amateur plus because of when, I have my neighbors because models. They don’t ask for anything because of when, however later, how much could I pay models?

What are the basis?

Should they become the 1 to pay me?(under what circumstances could this be?)

Should I provide them a share within the profit when I happen to market images with them about it?

Best answer:

Answer by crazijimsmith
yes, what i did was id do their portfolio plus introduce those to several peoples i knew at different agencies plus u had every of they signal a document suggesting which they might provide me inside cash 10% of every of their initial five jobs.

in the event you sell their pictures additionally 10% is an un contracted amount to provide them.id sell a set of pictures for 2,000. plus provide a model 210 plus theyd go keep it, it was fun plus i loved assisting. its the truth which we provide them. see they equally receive the exposure of being inside the photos

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Nov 17

how much does modelling photographers cost in uk?

Question by katy s: how much does modelling photographers expense inside uk?

i ment the images how much might it expense

Best answer:

Answer by awphotog
Depends completely about what we desire.
Portfolios may expense anything from nothing (if completed about a tfp basis) by to about £300 or even more.


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Jul 09

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Jun 10

How much do model get paid?

Question by Raymond C: How much do model receive paid?
Im struggling to become a model (a guy which is) IM regarding 5`6 125 lb do we think i have a chance when thus were do I begin pls help:(

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Answer by Mni
Not too much possibility we have however, if you need to test then do.First you must diet , begin this then we automatically became understand what you must do inside the 2nd step.

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Nov 24

How much does a model get paid”runway”?

Question by scfrnkln: How much does a model receive paid”runway”?
I was only lately finalized with hmmla modeling inside hollywood plus I have a runway Monday. I don’t learn how much id receive paid tho.. I’m only searching for average runway payouts when anybody can aid me out? And do we receive paid following every 1 check inside hand?

Best answer:

Answer by Kittysue
There is not any method to learn. Every show is different. Many pay inside “trade” meaning we receive several free dresses. Many don’t pay at all. Many pay $ 10 per hr like when it’s inside a mall. Many pay $ 220 for unknown models. Many pay $ 30,000 in the event you are Kate Moss as well as the designer is Chanel or Prada

You must understand how much you’re being paid before we ever accept any assignment. Never agree to any job without recognizing when or how much you’re being paid. This really is anything you ought to ask the agent at once — call them. Don’t feel stupid – there are no stupid concerns. Simply call to state “We didn’t discuss payment for the show about Monday. What is this job paying?”

If you begin it’s general for the agency to book we about unpaid jobs only to receive experience

You never receive a check following a show. If the job is booked from an agency we usually receive paid 45-60 days following the job — any is within a contract. It takes at smallest 20 days for the customer to pay the agency, then your agency has to take their commission plus then pay we.

This all could have been explained to we by a agent before we finalized any contract, plus a payment terms could furthermore be specified inside the contract

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Oct 06

How much weight should I lose to model?

Question by : How much fat must I lose to model?
I’m not interested inside and size modeling, plus I recognize there are choices for modeling for merely the face, however, I’m interested inside broadening my choices. I’d like to receive into athletic wear, bikinis, plus perhaps even lingerie. I am aware which I have to lose fat inside purchase to do this. I am 5’8 135 lbs. I have an athletic hourglass form. My measurements are big 38-28-37, however, found on the diet I’ve been following ive absolutely lost plus inch off my waist. I recognize modeling needs the low fat, I think 115 must do it. Any means, I’m a athlete, as well as the lighter I am the quicker I run. So it might be beneficial. How much fat must I lose?

Best answer:

Answer by european07
well you need to lose all which additional bluber to the point were there is not a fat what thus ever a flat belly “) im 5’8 plus 130 plus struggling modeling too 😀

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Sep 08

How much shall I charge a photographer for glamour modelling ?

Question by Victoria: How much shall I charge a photographer for glamour modelling ?
Just simply started doing modelling, how much shall I charge the photographer for glamour modelling? Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Keith
This photographer is not going from an agency ?

Run … don’t walk … away !
This (extremely likely) creep is struggling to take benefit of we.

We require an agent which knows the company.
It’s THEIR job to recognize these factors plus help from being taken benefit of.

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