Jan 02

My weight loss transformation fat girl to pretty girl – Plus Size Model – before after pictures

http://sansational.stylished.de A homepage comes inside the close future, too. 😉 I lost regarding 167 ibs of my fat plus I am nevertheless functioning about it. Before I wa…
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There are countless ‘thinspirations’ about Youtube, thus I thought…why not create a ‘thickspiration’? So here is a assortment of curvy, breathtaking, feminine plus he…
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Oct 10

(MD-HelenF3) Realistic Female Mannequin Head Flesh Tone Pretty make-up Reviews

(MD-HelenF3) Realistic Female Mannequin Head Flesh Tone Pretty make-up

(MD-HelenF3) Realistic Female Mannequin Head Flesh Tone Pretty make-up

  • MD-HelenF3, Female flesh tone mannequin head
  • Color: Fleshtone.
  • Beautiful makeup.
  • High quality

MD-HelenF3, Female flesh tone mannequin head.
Beautiful makeup.

Height: from top to bottom 18″.
Circumference: 21″.

Color: Fleshtone.
All additional accessories are not included.

List Price: $ 24.99


Feb 27

Is there a modeling agency for women with pretty faces but average bodies?

Question by Eleanora H: Is there a modeling agency for females with pretty encounters however average bodies?
I recognize which there are a great deal of different types of modeling agencies. Is there 1 which specializes inside encounters?

Best answer:

Answer by Cassie
There can be, however, from what I’ve heard is the fact that a great deal of models are just selected considering they’re skinny…but as for average bodies, plus very encounters, normally I guess models with very encounters are utilized for modeling makeup.


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Dec 12

Anyway to become a model for pretty much free?

Question by Janett: Anyway to become a model for almost free?
im virtually 14, plus i love posing for images, plus i think im decently very for it. It’s only, it costs an arm along with a leg to become a model. Is there anyway you are able to become a model for almost free? thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Cogito
You need to be over decently very, I’m scared.
You’d should be rather tall, very skinny plus have an interesting face plus no spots.
But to receive any agent interested you’d need to receive a great portfolio together, plus which signifies paying a actually first-class specialist photographer for a variety of shots. It costs a great deal of income.
And remember which few models ever create over a some $ anyway, as well as the right job they ever receive is modelling inexpensive pullovers for catalogues.
Modelling need to be the most boring jobs found on the world.
Why anyone would wish To do which is beyond me!

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May 19

**am i pretty enough for 2008 model search???**?

Question by Sarah: **am i very enough for 2008 model look???**?
hi im elle.
im 14 years oldd. yet many people state i look elder 😛
there is a model look where i reside which is coming up shortly plus was thinking when i must enter???

***also it’s not for stick-thin models (its more a photography model)****


i am found on the left: http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa7/dancer699/101_1851.jpg

Best answer:

Answer by : )
yes! you’re very!

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May 14

Please help,I want to be pretty?

Question by мι¢нαєℓ’ѕ fяιєи∂ вιℓℓιє נєαи: Please help,I like to be very?
My friend Taylor is usually telling me which I am fat plus ugly.My elder sister is practically my twin plus you went to the mall plus did the picture booth.For certain strange cause inside photos individuals can’t tell when which was her whenever she was my age or when it happens to be me.I brought the pic within the pic booth to school because a bookmark.My friend Kendra was like woah she looks precisely like we thus very!Then I learn the way you usually look whenever you may be elder.Taylor mentioned she is very plus I am not plus my different friend (that is usually struggling to act cool mentioned the same thing.No offense however they are both not surprisingly smart persons.These are typically constantly relying about me for aid with their homework) I mentioned stop generating stupid unneeded comments that way considering they are annoying.She didn’t state anything,all she did was repeat it.I am certainly confused.When I got house from school I went to the shop with Kendra plus Kayla.We moved in,Jane was found on the different side of the shop plus this girl went as much as Kendra plus I plus mentioned which you were thus breathtaking plus ought to be models.I don’t think I resemble a model,I like to be an actress.I thought I was certainly ugly.It am going crazy!Now all I do is receive about yahoo answers plus ask concerns for you to look better.This boy was telling me how my eyes are amazing.When I told my sister she said:well,you are not the 1 whom looks like a expectant guy.
-What could I do?
-How may I look better?

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah
You are not fat or ugly. If I were we, I wouldn’t be neighbors with Taylor. Many friend.
I think you’re certainly very whenever we smile :)

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Aug 03

CODY SIMPSON – Pretty Brown Eyes [Official Video]

CODY SIMPSON - Pretty Brown Eyes [Official Video]

‘Surfers Paradise’ Available Then about iTunes: http://smarturl.it/surfersparadise Order Cody Simpson’s “Surfers Paradise” merch bundle here: http://smarturl.it/…
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HEY YOU EVER WANT TO BE AN ACTOR/EXTRA OR MODEL??? observe this movie from Rachel Seenie Talent Booker inside Winnipeg MB Canada – www.rstalentsearch.ca (204) 218-…
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