Nov 23

Q&A: What questions do I ask the photographer about the modeling industry?

Question by jj: What issues do I ask the photographer regarding the modeling industry?
I am a model plus I reach meet a planet acknowledged photographer this weekend whom has worked with different individuals inside the fashion industry. I am less tall because the additional females…. What issues could I ask the photographer plus what kind of ensemble must I rock this weekend… It is a seminar along with a party….

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Answer by stephen k
“What makes 1 individual a fabulous model plus another merely another face inside the crowd?”

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Jun 10

Im going to see a modelling agency on tuesday what questions should I ask?

Question by Ashanti: Im going to find a modelling agency about tuesday what issues could I ask?
Im going to find a modelling agency tuesday t thus see the global model booker.And I like to no what type of issues I shhould ask her.

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Answer by Tweety
Ask them how much do they pay and just how secure they are

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Jan 22

Watch Derek Zoolander Answer Vogue's 73 Questions Like Only Zoolander Can

View Derek Zoolander Answer Vogue's 73 Questions Like Just Zoolander Can
Everyone's favorite male model Derek Zoolander appears into the most recent edition of Vogue magazine's “73 concerns” series, by which a high profile answers 73 rapid-fire questions, frequently while providing a tour of the home. In this case it had been a good …
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5 Chubbies Male Models on Bringing system Positivity — many greeting Body
In present months, retro bro-chic male style brand name Chubbies has been running an "anti-model" modeling competition in the hopes of finding 10 brand-new faces for his or her brief short pants (believe a groin-grazing 5.5-inch inseam) — or, as they call the lucky guys, the …

Jul 04

Questions raised on model portfolio performance comparison

Questions raised about model portfolio performance comparison
Morningstar has questioned the viability of running a full comparison service for discretionary fund administration (DFM) model portfolios, declaring the comparison will be too difficult. Peter Toogood, investment services director for Morningstar OBSR …
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How to result in the almost all of multi-manager plus discretionary portfolios
While discretionary fund administration (DFM) has traditionally been the realm of the wealthy plus well-known – or somebody with over £50,000 inside a lump sum investment – the service has become more commonly accessible by the utilization of model portfolios indexed about …
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Sep 01

Photographers: About all those “do you think I can model” questions?

how to be a model booker
by dollen

Question by Jebbie: Photographers: About all those “do you think I can model” questions?
I’ve been using Y!A for a few years now, and have noted the popularity of the “Do you think I can model” question. Usually it’s asked in the Other- Beauty/Style category, but now that I’ve been frequenting Photography, I’ve seen it posted here more than a few times, as well.

Tell me the truth- Have you ever seen the links included in such a question and actually thought the asker COULD be a model?

I worked as a booker in a NYC agency for a while… We represented models mostly for high-fashion work in print… I know what kind of material I could make money with… Hate to put it that way, but for a booker that’s what it’s about… and I have never seen anyone post a photo on this site and thought, “Wow, that’s a model”… Seen some pretty people, but no models.

How about you?

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