May 12

Please recommend a site which has free model essays for Primary Grade students?

Question by lovely_24680: Please suggest a website that has free model essays for Primary Grade pupils?
I have to see free model essays, for pupils aged between 6 to 15 years old. Could somebody please allow me understand these websites?

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Answer by Obam(s)a[Suspended]
—-> I am confused plus trying to find an answer too

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Jan 11

Do mattresses like Sleep Select, and Tempurpedic live up to their claims? Can anyone recommend one vs other?

Question by JP: Do mattresses like Sleep Select, plus Tempurpedic reside about their claims? Can anybody suggest 1 versus alternative?
Want to purchase a brand-new mattress, even so they all create claims which they are the number one. Anyone available have experience with either the Temperpedic or Sleep Select models? Thankyou!

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Answer by MJ
The Tempur-Pedic mattresses are awesome however rather pricey. You are able to go online plus discover a similar model for a lot lower than what they charge.

Check out they can help save you at minimum 50% from what Tempur charges.

Hope this helps

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Aug 11

Can someone recommend a hotel room in Indianapolis that has a nice garden tub or jacuzzi and some space?

Question by Jeff: Can somebody suggest a hotel area inside Indianapolis which has a good garden tub or jacuzzi plus several area?
Trying to locate a superior interior place for several model photography. Black-out curtains for the area will be a plus.

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Answer by Evan
i might suggest the Conrad Indianapolis.
Its kinda pricey yet its extremely luxarious.

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