Oct 02

Meet The Bachelor Season 16 Contestants – Remixed By EnewsOf.com – Lady Gaga Song (Love Game) Remix

EnewsOf.com, Photo Slideshow Created by http The Bachelor, The Bachelor 16, Ben Flajnik, Amber Bacon, Anna Snowball, Blakeley Shea, Casey Shteamer, Courtney Robertson, Elyse Myers, Emily O’Brien, Erika Uhlig, Heather Freshwater, Jaclyn Swartz, Jamie Otis, Kacie Boguskie, Monica Spannbauer, Rachel Truehart, Samantha Levey, Shawn Reynolds, Lindsey Cox, Nicki Sterling, Preview – Music by Lady Gaga Love Game Remix – Video Created by EnewsOf.com – madisonmckinley-g.com – The Bachelor 16 – Ben Flajnik’s Hometown Dates Per RealitySteve – 1) Courtney Robertson, 29, CA, Model – 2) Kacie Boguskie, TN, 24, Works @ GE – 3) Lindsey Cox, 27, CA, Worked @ Savvy Salon 4) Nicki Sterling, 26, TX, Dental Hygienist – Media News EnewsOf.com — http – www.enewsof.com – www.enewsof.com – www.enewsof.com – www.enewsof.com – www.enewsof.com – The Bachelor 16 Contestants Per RealitySteve: 1. Amber Bacon, 23, Maternity Nurse, NY 2. Anna Snowball, Grosse Pointe, MI 3. Blakeley Shea, 34, Aesthetician 4. Casey Shteamer, 26, Part time Model plus Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago, IL 5. Courtney Robertson, 29, Expert Model, CA 6. Elyse Myers, 24, Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, Tampa, FL 7. Emily O’Brien, 2nd Year Medical Student, Charlotte, NC 8. Erika Uhlig, 23, Model/Miss Chicago, 2011 9. Heather Freshwater, 25, Teacher, Knoxville, TN 10. Jaclyn Swartz, 27, Account Manager, NY 11. Jamie Otis, 23, Maternity Nurse, Cortland, NY 12. Kacie Boguskie, 24, Works For GE, Knoxville, Tennessee. 13
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