Nov 09

Minecraft Mod Showcase : More Player Models!

Ever sought to be a Dwarf, Succubus, or Dragon? Did you need to be capable to sit plus lay down where ever we sought? Then this mod is for we! The More Players Models Mod by Noppes lets you personalize a character like not before! Become an ogre, a dwarf, or a wolfman! Forum link: MY WEBSITE: T-SHIRT STORE Twitter: TwitchTV: Secondary Channel:

4x4xAMPHIBIOUS, VIKING combines the greatest of extreme off-road with internal floatation plus water-jet powered amphibious capability. The ATON IMPULSE VIKING-2992 is a distinctive unique cause car, ideal for thick industry, exploration, arctic utilize, flood-relief, NGOs, rescue plus emergency services. VIKING is truly the only amphibious off-road car inside the globe to have passed by certification to satisfy UN/ECE laws for unrestricted ON-ROAD USE. VIKING’s world-leading amphibious functions are based about its purpose-designed flotation construction, centrally installed engine plus effective water-jet propulsion help it to ford open water at speeds of about 15 km/h. The vehicle’s wheels can be optionally involved whilst inside amphibious mode, providing specific ability to deal with shallow water plus to transit the challenging littoral zone, where different cars commonly become stuck inside soft mud. Off-road, VIKING is overwhelmingly superior to similar amphibians, with cross-country ability similar to tracked cars. High maneuverability, turn-over resistance plus stamina offer protection plus comfort inside remote or dangerous regions. With a control fat of just 1.46 tonnes, riding about giant 1300x600x533 wheels, VIKING’s extremely low ground stress allows it to “float” about soft snow surfaces plus avoids damage to sensitive conditions. VIKING has independent pneumatic front plus back wheel suspension with adjustable clearance along with a tire air-pressure change program operable from

Jul 13

Grand Theft Auto IV: Hill Valley – [Back to the Future Mod Showcase]

Grand Theft Auto IV: Hill Valley - [Back to the Future Mod Showcase]

DISCLAIMER: There is no single “Download Link” for this mod. It’s a HEAVILY CUSTOMIZED PC project from a die-hard BTTF and GTA fan. It took me months to tweak everything and finally get it working right but I couldn’t have done it without the help of some truly great mod makers (credits/links below). Please don’t just start modifying your game without researching and backing things up first. You WILL break it. I made this video mostly to show what can still be done with this amazing game and to give other BTTF fans some information on how to create something similar, though not exact. I’ll answer simple questions but I can’t train you on how to mod GTA…you’ll have to do some research yourself, if you’re up to it! It’s a hell of a lot more than just installing a skin or two…we’re talking hours and hours of editing files. I’ve only played with it for a few hours now but it was totally worth it. Also, check out my BTTF “Twinkle” sound ringtone I made a while back: Inspiration to do all of this: BTTF Hill Valley Vice City project. Link: MOD LIST – **ONLY ATTEMPT IF YOU KNOW YOUR WAY AROUND GTA MODDING** -Time Travel Mod – **NO OFFICIAL RELEASE YET** – I toyed with a beta copy of BTTF92it’s ( ) excellent TT mod and he has asked I not release it yet. Check out his channel and stay tuned for updates! -GTA4 Simple Trainer – Link: -GTA Realistic Environment Mod v5 – Link: -ASI Loader +
Video Rating: 4 / 5