Jan 28

Hi-Media Selects DGs Peer39 for Brand Safety Solution

Paris plus NY (PRWEB) November 15, 2012

Internet media group Hi-Media, the European leader inside the monetization of Internet viewers, plus DG (NASDAQ:DGIT), the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, announced which the 2 businesses is partnering to bring the technologies plus information of Peer39, a product of DGs MediaMind advertising platform, to Hi-Media customers. The partnership ensures which marketers may deliver their advertisements inside brand-safe conditions with fresh semantic targeting choices.

Hi-Media is harnessing all 3 of Peer39s information channels; Quality, Safety plus Category. Hi-Media customers have the ability to target to (or away from) the content as well as the structure of the page including information like Ad Visibility, Ad Count, UGC, Comments plus more.

The Brand Safety information of Peer39 signifies which Hi-Media customers can avoid objectionable or misaligned content over advertisments inside real-time. Hi-Media customers may additionally benefit from improved targeting functionalities with Peer39 Category, that identifies the meaning plus context of website content.

The media land is really complex now plus advertisement stock is practically unlimited, mentioned Ricky Liversidge, Chief Marketing Officer, DG. Page level information allows marketers to reach their target audience when avoiding content which can be wrong for their brand.

Advertisers recognize the value of context inside online conditions, mentioned Cyril Zimmermann, CEO, Hi-Media. Beyond the full transparency of the Market region built just with chosen Comscore top 300 sites of every European nation, a pre-emptive answer including Peer39 assists the operations groups to keep all the advertisers content secure, that is a key asset inside todays complex online advertising environment. Additionally, Peer39s development usually assist you to enrich the ROI of advertisers as well as the eCPM of the publishers because of unique semantic targeting attributes.


DG (NASDAQ: DGIT) links over 11,000 worldwide advertisers plus agencies with their targeted viewers by an expansive network of over 6,000 tv broadcast stations plus over 11,500 internet publishers inside 75 nations. The Companys tv division uses best-in-class network plus content administration technologies, creative plus manufacturing resources, digital asset administration plus syndication services which help advertisers plus agencies to function quicker, smarter plus more competitively. The Companys online division, MediaMind, enables marketers to benefit from optimized administration of online advertising advertisments when maximizing information driven advertising. A answer inside the MediaMind platform, Peer39 is the leading provider of information based found on the content plus structure of webpage for the cause of improving the relevance plus potency of online show advertising. Peer39s information characteristics are important to Real Time Bidding (RTB). For more info, see http://www.DGit.com.

About Hi-Media Group:

Hi-Media is regarded as the biggest European digital media groups. Its company model relies about 2 different revenue streams: online advertising through Hi-Media Advertising plus online content monetization through Hi-Media Payments. The group, that operates inside 9 European nations, uses over 472 persons plus inside 2011 posted over 230 million Euros inside sales. Independent because its creation inside 1996, the business is indexed found on the Euronext Paris plus is included inside the CAC Small plus CAC All-Tradable indices. ISIN code: FR0000075988.

For more info, see the website: http://www.hi-media.com plus the blog: http://blog.hi-media.com

Media Contact:

+1 917-549-3337


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Sep 16

Photography Business Solution

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May 30

Wall Toilets A Trendy, Space Saving Bathroom Solution – are Introduced by HomeThangs.com Home Improvement Super Store

(PRWEB) October 06, 2012

HomeThangs.com the Home Improvement Super Store has produced their objective to deliver the appropriate product to the customer, with which in your mind, buying plus house shape strategies, plus unique product choices are being introduced.

Wall toilets are creeping into designer bathrooms everywhere. These are toilets with tanks installed straight into the wall, plus bowls which dont touch the ground, suspended wonderfully found on the wall inside a good compact package. However people believe these toilets are not for them which theyre difficult to install, difficult to keep, etc.

HomeThangs.com introduced a selection of wall toilets and a tip sheet to dispel the normal myths, – the truth is, wall toilets are more user-friendly than numerous think, plus theyre really an good area saving way for a little bathroom.


Theres a myth which theres anything mystically difficult regarding installing a wall bathroom, in truth which only isnt the case. Installing a wall installed bathroom isnt a lot more complicated than installing any alternative bathroom. The catch is, it needs to be completed either because piece of the main remodel or inside brand-new construction. Unlike many toilets, that are installed at the end of the procedure plus could consequently be conveniently changed out, wall hung toilets, like the City Wall Toilet from GSI for illustration, need to be installed before the bathrooms drywall is completed, considering the tank has to be built straight into the wall cavity between your studs, as well as the bathroom bowl itself securely installed to the wall for stability before the tank is walled inside plus painted or tiled over.

2.����Easy To Maintain

Many persons respond to the idea of a in-wall tank with all the immediate plus fervent belief which these a tank will be impossible to keep. Images of getting to rip out their ideal tile wall each time the bathroom begins running has them headed for the mountains plus unwilling to provide wall toilets another thought. But the truth is, wall installed toilets, like the Water Sense Pro Toilet from Laufen, for illustration, need flush mechanisms, plus those push-button design mechanisms are built into big plates, that can be removed plus serve because an access panel to the tank inside the wall no demo required when the bathroom requires a repair. It may be a somewhat more cramped workspace, however, additional than which, the repair is not a more complicated than any alternative bathroom.

3.����Price Range

Wall toilets is pricey, however, because with any deluxe item thats beginning to become commonly accepted, costs range everywhere. Some of priciest models peak inside the just-over-$ 1k range, yet you could moreover discover equal wall toilets inside the same couple-hundred-bucks range because a standard, good quality Water Sense bathroom. So if cost is the leading prohibiting element, there are numerous less-expensive models, like the S20 Toilet from Vitra, that clocks inside at inside the fair $ 250 neighborhood.

4.����Easy To Clean

One of the worst points regarding standard floor mount toilets is how difficult they are to wash plus to wash about. Theres usually the room behind plus about the bathroom thats difficult to reach, the dust plus gunk collecting bends plus bumps found on the base, as well as the nebulous location at the base of the bathroom itself. Wall toilets, like the smooth, sleek, Moai Wall Toilet from Scarabeo, for illustration, eliminate all these considering they dont touch the floor, its effortless to sweep or mop beneath them plus all of the method to the wall, plus considering the complex bendy plumbing is inside the wall, all which has to be cleaned found on the bathroom itself is a good smooth curvy bowl, that is usually completed with a hygienic, convenient to wash glaze.

5.����Adjustable Height

Because wall toilets are installed straight to the wall, they provide the distinctive versatility to select how significant off the ground the bathroom ought to be installed. This 1 may not appear super significant for those whom like the standard 15 3/4. But for somebody truly tall fairly tall, surprisingly tiny, or trying to find a raised bathroom for convenience, this is truly advantageous. In truth, theres a entire subset of wall installed toilets which are ADA approved, like the Flushometer bathroom by TOTO, for those with disabilities.

6.����Water Saving plus Dual Flush Features Are Standard

Low flow plus double flush toilets are finally beginning to certainly catch on, however, whilst its nevertheless a possibly perhaps not way for standard toilets, 1 will be hard pushed to obtain wall toilets without both. Something like the Aquia Dual Flush from Toto has a very standard 1.6GPF big flush along with a 0.8 GPF small flush, that may add as much as great water savings extended expression, allow alone toilets which employ even less.

7.����Smart for Small Bathrooms

The largest myth to dispel, is the fact that wall toilets are just for big deluxe bathrooms. The truth is, theres not been a smarter, more elegant answer for a little bathroom. There are a great deal of frilly deluxe products available, aspects which may be good to have, however, which arent absolutely purely important. But in a fairly little bathroom, wall toilets like the Sunrise Toilet by Vitra, is a definite must-have. In truth, they utilize the area inside the walls before utilizing up floor area. The absence of the tank enables taking the bathroom closer to the wall, both hugely starting up the floor area plus usually exiting a greater horizontal clearance, too, thus the bathroom is installed closer to different accessories, like a bathroom vanity, without crowding it.

8.����Weight Requirements

Wall toilets, like the Wish Toilet by Scarabeo, for illustration, need to be extremely firmly secured in the wall plus blocked inside, not just to help the fat of the bathroom, and to help the fat of anybody utilizing it. Too much fat as well as the wall help may not be capable to handle it, unlike standard toilets that have a strong porcelain base. So if the fat limit (normally about 250lbs) is a concern, 1 must ensure to keep an eye out for the fat limits of the certain toilets.

HomeThangs.com is not just a house improvement superstore, it additionally delivers expert shape strategies along with a comprehensive buying guide, taking the inspirations from expert inside designers, plus providing tricks to the customers for you to choose the treatments to right suit their requires.

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Dec 14

Designers Embrace Balluuns Social Business Platform and Find Success Designers Share How Balluun’s Powerful Solution Is Changing Their Businesses

Foster City, CA (PRWEB) September 12, 2012

On the heels of the lucrative Balluun MobileTM announcement plus WWDMAGIC enlisting fresh emerging designers, the leading social company upstart, Balluun, now shared more detail because to how Balluun is changing the company lives of the shape community.

We had these a terrific time interacting with hot plus existing Balluun consumers, getting them about speed about the Balluuns hot mobile platform for iPhone plus iPad throughout WWDMAGIC, mentioned Peter Koch, Co-Founder & CEO of Balluun. Its well-defined which the vision of the dynamic social market for emerging designers, an simple environment for their company to be managed plus thrive inside the digital realm is about target.

Hear From Many Of Our Balluun Users…

My organization is known as UnSpoken Lingerie, plus you are Designers plus Manufacturers of fine lingerie based from Los Angeles, California. We are carried by a few of the best boutiques inside Southern California plus are searching for the brands reach to grow

beyond the territorial markets plus expand internationally. We learned regarding Balluun from the network of Los Angeles-based fashion experts (Fashion Company Inc.) plus have been excited plus happy with all the reaction plus achievement the brand has experienced.

Balluuns iPhone plus iPad apps are intuitive plus consumers are empowered with apps to conveniently connect with additional Balluun members plus colleagues for company found on the go plus to share collections with. I love the Showroom Mode feature, particularly for a high-end brand like ours, considering it lets you show the vivid brand experience with the buyers (in-person). The Balluun Mobile apps are completely consistent with all the feel of the Balluun environment found on the companys site thus there is not any additional overhead or understanding curve to wake up plus going. Its cool to have such transparency, ease of utilize plus energy found on the go.

Balluun has created it potential to express the brand identity, position ourselves plus upload the collection with ease. And to the delight, daily you get more inquiries for buy plus connections from all over the nation. We have received these leads plus been capable to present the line plus brand thus effectively plus expense effectively. We believe which Balluun can assist you gain sales profitably due to the platform plus deficiency of overhead. Balluun allows you to present the firm plus vision inside an upscale powerful means.

UnSpoken Lingerie, President, Yolanda Dunbar

We only got started about Balluun plus are absolutely getting fresh leads at a steady pace, that is amazing. We are completely found on the lookout for more connections from customers plus shops. This is big for you! The iPhone plus iPad apps are ideal for busy designers plus entrepreneurs. The apps are great whenever you’re found on the go, because you are able to usually check any unique connection requests or purchase status changes from the mobile equipment. I completely suggest the Balluun apps!

Cidenzi Mori, Designer, Joel Watthanawongwat

Balluun truly opened the eyes to fresh advertising possibilities. We will meet customers from all over the U.S. when nevertheless retaining a individual connection. I would suggest Balluun to alternative little companies, considering it absolutely assists boost the companys reach to alternative couples. Balluuns fresh qualities have additionally certainly saved you time, thus today you can definitely focus about developing A to Zs growing line!

A to Z, Apparel Fashion Designer, Michelle Lateste

I would suggest Balluun to additional designers. I feel it may become a amazing tool. Other sites like this 1 virtually take benefit of the emerging designers require for exposure plus connections. Balluun is the opposite plus assists we grow.

Joneien Leah, Inc., Founder & Head Designer, Joneien Johnson

About Balluun

Balluuns mission is to empower fashion designers by reducing barriers to entry for emerging designers to launch their brand, sell their items to customers plus connect them online to create long-term relationships plus healthy companies. Balluun redefines a complete hot means of performing company by leveraging its origins inside the data development globe (Cisco), commerce market (eBay) plus banking (UBS). The firm has built a patent-pending social company platform focused on the specific requires of the fashion industry. With a guiding strategy of connecting everyone plus assisting everyone to develop, Balluun is a organization which is re-imagining how fashion companies are made plus managed with a technology-driven social company model. For more info plus to signal up about Balluun, please visit: http://www.balluun.com.

Apple, iPhone, iPad, are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc., eBay, the eBay logo, Cisco, the Cisco logo, UBS, the UBS logo are trademarks of their respective businesses.����# # #

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