Dec 11

What are some top teenage modelling agencies in London?

Question by Elle♌: What are several top teenage modelling agencies inside London?
I’m 15 plus 5’11, basically I used to all of the top agencies like premier plus storm etc as well as mentioned due to my age I must try teenage agencies till I’m atleast 16 and they mentioned I’m not what the bookers are searching for today. So I was wondering what are certain top reliable TEENAGE modelling agencies inside London? Thanks

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Answer by Kittysue
That’s really unusual of those to state to wait till you’re 16 because Storm signs models because young because 13 because does Premier. Storm finalized both Kate Moss plus Lily Cole at age 14, plus in the event you watched the Channel 4 programme “The Agency” regarding Premier they showed modern models they finalized that were 12 plus 13 years of age

There is not any these thing because a “teenage” agency. Almost the big agencies signal models whenever they are 13 or 14 years of age – Select, Profile, IMG, Elite, Viva, Union, Nevs, M&P, Bookings, Tess, Oxygen, etc

You could try Elisabeth Smith that is a children’s agency which represents kids from infants as much as age 17 — they are great plus have a great standing inside the industry. Or try Norrie Carr that represents all ages from infants to adults plus is equally well respected

If you aren’t what the bookers are searching for which signifies either a particular look is not inside need by their customers or they absolutely have models found on the books with looks like yours. That doesn’t indicate which 6 months from today points won’t change because models leave the agency all time. Agencies just represent a limited quantity of models at a time. So when they just represent 100 models at when, we can function as the many gorgeous individual inside the globe plus when they absolutely have 100 models about their books then they aren’t going to signal we. We merely need to receive fortunate enough to submit for them whenever they’ve had models leave the agency plus are searching for fresh females to fill those slots

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Aug 14

What are some good ideas to put in my modelling portfolio?

Question by GossipGirl: What are several superior inspirations to submit my modelling portfolio?
I want aid, I require several tips for my modelling portfolio! I don’t do nudity, swimsuit or underwear plus all which stuff cos i’m just 15 yet I have like no tips! HELP!

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Answer by issacenvy
Closeups of the face plus 1 or 2 fullbody shots.No have to stuff a bunch of pictures into the portfolio.The agency may consider the initially 2 or thus plus when they dont like what they see, they’ll toss the entire thing. Good chance :] <3 Google what you need to include inside a portfolo also.Pics isnt all you need.

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May 05

What are some good modeling agencies that are affordable and good quality?

Question by Miabella C: What are several wise modeling agencies which are affordable plus good?
what are certain advantageous modeling agencies? I desire 1 which is affordable, however good plus not a hoax.

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Answer by jackiehenry_06
YOU shouldn’t need to pay when its a legit modeling agency. DONT go with barbizon they’re a rip off… John Robert Powers is wise though

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Apr 21

What are some good ways to start a nude modeling career?

Question by Samy: What are several superior methods to begin a naked modeling job?
Im 20 plus I’ve been functioning out for 3 years plus have gotten inside great form. I’ve heard several university campuses pay models for art classes, what exactly is a superior method to begin a profession.

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Answer by Rein
Don’t think they need several pumped up body builder at art class.

Many gyms have a good homosexual body worship community , which region appears better for we 😉

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Jan 27

What are some photo modeling shoot ideas?

Question by BobbyRay: What are several photo modeling shoot tips?
I wish To try to become a photographer/model, be inside front of the camera plus behind it.
I usually hear the same-old, same-old tips plus i want anything new
Any tips?

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Answer by Cinderella
Look by the fashion magazine or observe runway shows about youtube.

Answer mine?;_ylt=Am3pV0_wS6392Q07pYZ0aN_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110311101559AASOWTu

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Jan 08

Why is it that some modeling agencies have height requirements but represent models that are shorter?

Question by Nenita: Why is it which several modeling agencies have height specifications nevertheless represent models which are less?
I was searching online at several top modeling agencies, plus I read their height specifications that nearly all of them had because 5’7″ or 5’9″. However then I looked by the models they had about their url plus there were a couple of models that were UNDER the height requirement. Why is this? Why do they place a height requirement out when they have a model whom is 5’3″ about their site?

Best answer:

Answer by Chris B
There are numerous regions which are included inside modeling. We don’t constantly see the whole individual. They have hand models, shoe models, leg models, face models plus about plus about. Come about…take a consider all of the advertisements.

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Oct 10

What are some good cameras for photography?

Question by pengas113: What are several superior cameras for photography?
I’m seeking to purchase a superior camera plus I don’t wish To waste my funds. What will be the greatest brands/models for photography?
I don’t like to pay anymore than $ 600 for the camera plus it’s intended for largely model photography. I don’t have a certain brand in your mind, I’m really struggling to look about plus discover the greatest ones.

Best answer:

Answer by Ang
you should be more certain regarding what type of camera, what we wish it to do plus a budget..

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Sep 01

Q&A: What are some interesting facts about fashion photography?

Question by Ocean_Mist: What are certain interesting details regarding fashion photography?
And how is physics associated to fashion photography. Like specify whenever and just how you’d utilize it. Thanks!

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Answer by Denny
Interesting Question! :)

ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS; “A pic is value 1000 words”

Fashion plus photography is a globe of art plus artists expressing themself inside their own small technique.
Fashion is not the clothing, its the technique you wear the clothing, the technique you apply the fashion as well as the technique you select to express ourself.
Believe it or not, yet fashion is moreover a code. If you wear dresses, we represent oneself. I may consider we plus state 100 points regarding we, despite the reality I dont recognize we.. Always remember which everything we wear, is we representing yourelf plus providing others their opinions.
Fashion is all regarding expressing plus art.. Us, designers create dresses depending about the mood. Im a designer inside generating, meaning im not an actual fashion designer yet im planning to be element of the industry plus I create my dresses. I moreover do photography.. plus both of those is simply me me plus I expressing my mood plus again, creativity.

Its all regarding what that you can do with a camera or perhaps a sewing needle. When a photographer is sad, he takes a black plus white shot of the sad time or of the sad rainy, dark-clouded weather.. whenever a designer is sad he makes a big black dress plus puts black lipstic plus dark makeup found on the model… we understand what I mean? like its all regarding being creative plus creative simultaneously, its all regarding providing others a part of art, anything we prepared by your insparation,,,,

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Jul 13

What are some reputable modeling agencies in Atlanta?

Question by Stewie’s Clone: What are certain reputable modeling agencies inside Atlanta?
I reside inside South Carolina plus you don’t have truly countless modeling chances here. I travel to Atlanta pretty frequently (potentially moving there in the upcoming 6 months) plus I’m interested inside submitting my pictures to certain agencies beforehand. I’m interested in almost any plus all kinds of modeling… fashion, print, promo, etc.

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Answer by Kittysue
The 3 big agencies inside Atlanta are Click, Factor plus Atlanta Models plus Talent

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May 15

What are some ways you can helpfully and positively critique a gifted model with depth and feeling?

Question by savage_insight: What are certain techniques you are able to helpfully plus definitely review a gifted model with level plus feeling?
I’ve been an artist for years today plus I’ve loved using live types inside art pieces, whether drawing, sculpture, or many newly, artistic/fashion photography.

I’ve been blessed with many friendships over time with really beautiful plus gifted models whom absolutely inspire me, however I’ve not managed to come up with words beyond “gorgeous, beautiful, inspiring,” etc. to share suggestions plus my appreciation, plus to aid inspire my neighbors.

It’s constantly been a small music inside the background, me asking those to discover a feeling plus truly allow it loose, certain time functioning, plus then which fun plus magical time where the 2 of we discuss the pieces.

I’d like to receive anything more of when whilst we’re creating plus to be capable to review not only mine, however, different people’s function detailed plus very the function a model puts inside.

Best answer:

Answer by Charlie P
Instead of utilizing words which objectify the model think of all of the words there are which express feelings plus thoughts, incredibly those you need to evoke from the model. Insert those words into the running patter with the model plus observe them function “miracles.” You are able to nonetheless utilize the words “breathtaking, beautiful, inspiring,” plus synonymous however, today they may become modifiers to the sensation words.

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