Nov 08

Helen Doron English Franchise Upgrades Kangi Club Multimedia Site for Children

Misgav, Israel (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

The Helen Doron Educational Group, global leader inside educational programs for kids, announces the release of its redesigned Kangi Club, Kangi Club is an English code, multimedia educational site for kids, offered by Helen Doron Early English. Lets discover English with fun, games along with a kangaroo! is the theme throughout the increased website.

The distinctive games portal is accessible to authorized Helen Doron pupils internationally, plus non-registered pupils of school age that are interested inside understanding or improving their English. Children all over the globe may enjoy understanding English with Kangi the kangaroo plus friendswith many of free games accessible to youngsters anywhere.

Originally built to complement classes at Helen Doron English for ages 2 (with parental assistance) up from age 12, Kangi Club involves hot, course-specific attributes to aid pupils receive more off their Helen Doron English guides.

The Kangi Club website upgrade was initiated to result in the content more interactive plus more straight associated to the course content. commented the companies multimedia expert, Noam Carmel. To do this, weve kept the familiar Kangi games plus added a host of new qualities. These new applications are accessible for Helen Doron English pupils plus are utilized with all the login password they get inside class. Helen Doron English pupils have exclusive access to the modern Personal Zone that contains brand-new applications specifically crafted to reinforce the information learnt inside Helen Doron English classes. The applications: the Dictionary, Music Centre plus Internet Art Creator, present information based about every pupils certain coursework.

Future plans for the Kangi Club include modern game development plus different activity applications to coincide with fresh Helen Doron English programmes.

About the Helen Doron Educational Group

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