Kellan Lutz Calvin Klein Underwear Model – Follow Us! – Click LIke! When again Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz is stripping right down to nothing however, his Calvins. That entire story as well as the images are up upcoming. Hi hi – Welcome back to ClevverTV, thanks for joining you now. I’m a host Joslyn Davis with all the smoking hot photos of Kellan Lutz’s latest commercials for Calvin Klein. The actor got his begin because a model, thus this campaign is an older hat for him, however, the advertisements are anything nevertheless boring. Kellan is modeling the brands new X underwear that come inside Fire, Water, Earth plus Air. There’s equally a complete viral campaign about Youtube to receive men from all over the world to share their love of their CKX under-roos. So what do we men think of Kellan’s stripped down shots? Let you recognize inside the comments section. For more changes about Fashion, videos plus more stick to you here plus make certain that to head over to the facebook page. Thats I’m Joslyn Davis, thanks for viewing!

25 thoughts on “Kellan Lutz Calvin Klein Underwear Model

  1. LOVE Kellan!! Not only for his looks but for his adorable and hilarious personality!!! Love you Kellan!

  2. I think Kellan is actually trying to make a difference in this world. I love that he gives his time to help with charities. How he literally puts his hands to work. Nice.

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