Underwear Model Submissions!

Underwear Model Submissions!

With just a some days before the finish of her contest, Ellen looked by certain last-minute submissions to become the initial Ellen underwear model!

23 thoughts on “Underwear Model Submissions!

  1. See it on @Jcham22 on twitter — and not photoshopped! Also see my Jennifer Aniston vid on youtube, tweet it at Ellen — she might like it, they are best friends!

  2. Nothing beats Ellen but ellan please let me sleep I like sleep! Hahaha btw I  Tonys laugh in the backround haha

  3. Oh Ellen, you are so very funny! I watch your videos whenever I am a bit down and it never fails to make laugh!!!

  4. Hey guys, just posted my second video, started vlogging but I need something to vlog about. So please go to my channel, watch my video, and comment comment comment.

  5. Are you people serious about this 300 and whatever views. There’s an explanation video of it on youtube just search for it. Long story short. Once a video gets popular the views are hold it until an actual account can be done. To make sure somebody is not typing their views on purpose or you legally or fraudulent or whatever blah blah blah fuck you retard for making me explain it

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