Build a Photography Website in 5 Minutes

The hosting service I utilized inside the movie (highly recommended) is theartofphotography Should you like to see notes about how I set all of this up (I move rapidly inside this video), or additional videos inside the series – go and visit A little additional series outside the usual podcasts about building a website. I’ve completed many videos about why you need to have a photography portfolio online. Something that’s not only Flickr, 500px or another picture sharing url. This really is regarding setting up your site. I love WordPress plus employ it about really regarding everything – this movie is the initially inside a series about setting up WordPress to behave for a photography portfolio. This initial movie was created to confirm how effortless it is actually to receive set up. Below it happens to be – domain name, hosting, WordPress setup plus a initially post all inside 5 minutes.
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16 thoughts on “Build a Photography Website in 5 Minutes

  1. Ted, Thank You! I am about to do this. Your clip was not only informative but, at the risk of drama, empowering. I am new to the whole idea of taking my skills further and creating a business and this step has eluded me cuz I don’t have $2K to pay a web designer :-) Thanks for your help. – Mark

  2. Jan Erik –

    Those are alternative services you can get, not essential and you can add them later if you want them.

  3. Hi Teddy.
    Is it recommended to check all the extra options, such as “SiteLock Domain Security”, “Site Backup Pro”, “Search Engine Jumpstart”and “Domain Whois Privacy” when signing up for an account plan? I presume you only pay for these once? Are these options overkill for a photography portfolio site?
    Thanks :)

  4. Nice video Ted i built a BLOGGING site that’s acting as a website. Although i think people are better learning to program a site with the normal ingredients.

    Do you think a Nikon d50 or d80 would be ok for use with a 24-70 lens. I want to setup a studio and perhapes get some A4 prints to let the customer have. I know the focal length will change, but i can’t warrant spending over the top for a used full-frame camera. All the best..keep shooting.

  5. Yes, It’s my bad, unfortunately I didn’t read anywhere that they take the money upfront. I brought one from hostgator with a monthly cycle payment no contract. Anyway, thnx for for your video, it was very inspiring, although I’m an amateur there is no reason for any photographer not to have their own web presence. I’m looking forward to more of your videos.

  6. That’s because you signed up for a 3 year plan. That’s 3 years of domain and 3 years of service… not one month.

    Did you call Bluehost at all? Their customer service is excellent and I’m sure they could help you with this…

  7. I tried to buy a domain from this site yesterday, the same one on this video just with 3 year plan ($4.95 monthly & $9.99 domain name privacy). The transaction was unsuccessful :(, twice! When I called the customer service of my Bank and asked what is the problem with my credit card they told me that the website tried to charge me $211 twice :( and that I had (fortunately) less money in my account! Anyone had similar experience?

  8. Well done Ted. I was waiting for something like this series for a while now. It’s great to see a practical application to the theory you talk about in your podcasts.

    Keep up the great work!

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