How to Build a Photography Portfolio Site in 10 mins or Less

How to Build a Photography Portfolio Site inside 10 mins or Less In this movie Jim Harmer explains how photographers will create a photography portfolio website. This really is a remarkable technique for pro photographers to market their photography plus receive fresh customers.
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16 thoughts on “How to Build a Photography Portfolio Site in 10 mins or Less

  1. Great tutorial,
    right now I am at the part where i add the images.
    I am a painter so the sizes of my canvasses are different every time.
    right now i’m having trouble with adding a standing panorama, it seems to be difficult for this theme to handle.
    the problem i have right now is that the theme wants to use the same width with every picture so to view it, you have to scroll down a lot and it seems impossible to view the entire picture at the same time, do you have any advise? Thanks!

    • I could never be a model for something like this. Besides not hvaing the looks for the job, I also don\’t have the endurance. I\’d probably strangle the poor photographer after the first five minutes or so

  2. Have you tried Square Space for hosting? Thats what I use (mdgphotos dotcom) and it is super easy to use. Just wondering if you tried it. Great video!

  3. can you add gallery tab to to that template and have a breakdown by events or scene (sample: gallery / wedding / wedding sample photos)?

  4. Thanks for sharing what makes you successful, with others!

    Quick comment about SmugMug: you *can* customize your URL so as to make it more professional. But I agree, that while you can do pretty much everything, portfolio-wise, with SM, it comes at a premium! I really like what you’ve done with WordPress and Hostingmonster — and the added features are sweet. Thanks again Jim.

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