Scott Kelby’s Crush the Composition – Google+ Photographers Conference

Scott Kelby, the world’s #1 bestselling photography book writer, presents his groundbreaking class which changes the means photographers understand composition. This isn’t another 1 of those “rules of thirds, leading lines, duplicating pattern classes” however an completely brand-new concept which has completely resounded with thousands of photographers all over the world that have hailed this eye-opening concept a really job changing experience. You don’t like to miss it. Produced by
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Momentum - Zak Noyle Part 2 - Surf Photographer - Episode 12

In the next piece of Zak Noyle’s Momentum, you receive an inside consider how his upbringing contributed to his achievement because a surf photographer. Later, Zak learns which he’ll be functioning at the Quicksilver inside Memory of Eddie Aikau Open, where waves are expected to be 25+. Stay tuned each FRIDAY! Subscribe to the Show: Previous Episode: Subscribe to Red Bull: Follow Zak about Twitter! @ZakNoyle @RedBull
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Scott Kelby’s Crush the Composition – Google+ Photographers Conference

  1. First of all, I want to say thank you Scott for teaching this lesson and for uploading this video. It was truly inspirational and thought-provoking. I laughed when I heard the remarks about composition books staying tied into only the 3-5 fundamentals of photography and good composition. This tutorial really offers a fresh perspective, new thoughts on good composition and, especially, that pros are mere mortals, too!

    Finally, the 11 people who disliked this must be smoking something

  2. Wow this video was very informative an interesting! I especially like your tip about shooting handheld before the tripod, i just recently got a tripod and I probably would have probably only stayed in a few locations haha

  3. I have two books from Kelby and they’re just packed with useful, straight to the point information. With a dose of humor. Like in this video. A very funny man and a great teacher.

    Thanks, Scott :)

  4. Another example is using the 28-300mm everywhere, that’s madness to me! Too much reliance on photoshop. Use the right tool for the job and get the photo as close to what you want as you can, before going to photoshop

  5. There was definitely some good advice in there and he is a good easy to follow presenter, but it seems like he is encouraging taking many many shots to find the best one. I would have liked a composition lesson to teach me to recognise the best angle to start with, rather than so much trial and error at that level of photography.

  6. The reality of todays world everyone wants a artsy tweaked photoshopped picture. You can see the popularity of instagram as a good example. The reality of the economy also dictates that unless a client has a huge budget, location shoots are becoming far and few between. In a increasingly competitve market due to the mass influx of digital photograhy, photoshop skills are replacing camera technical skills. The flip side is that photoshop can create trendy stuff but not replace competence.

  7. I wish Scott Kelby would drop the photographer Moniker and just say he is a Photoshop expert.

    I think he is a mediocre photographer with excellent Photoshop skills.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to wait for the people to move out of the way, then to to have to remove them in PS?

  8. Scott you were in Santorini-Greece? i m from Greece and this island offers huge photographic opportunities…Hope you liked it there!!!

  9. But if there’s little or no incentive to remember the good choices, you’ll always return to trial and error. You’ll keep wasting time and never really improve.

    From memory, Scott didn’t seem to go too much into analysing his good shots. He kept “working the scene”, narrowed it down to a good shot, waffled in PS, and then moved on to the next example.

  10. trial and error leads to experience needed for consideration.
    there is no way you can oneshot only by consideration without exp.

  11. Hi there, this song and most of the music which is used for Momentum is specially composed for each episode. That is probably why Shazam cannot find it. 😉 But there are plans to release a Soundtrack of the Momentum series in near future.

  12. it’s possible that Red Bull had it produced for this video or that Red Bull bought the rights for it from a producer who already had it made. Check the credits (if there are credits)

  13. Bonjours a tous je commence un projet sur ma chaine sur laquelle j’essai de posté un vidéo par semaine (ou plus) de cliff jumping (saut de falaise) donc si sa vous intéresse je vous invite a vous abonné =) (désolé de faire de la PUB mais je n’ai pas d’autre moyen de faire connaitre ma chaine =)

  14. Google Video Copilot, look for their tutorial on animating a still image. That might get you in the right direction

  15. Does anyone know how this effect at 10:58 is called? I wanna see if I can do it myself, but I don’t even know what to google for.

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  17. That is my photo sequence at 9:37 stoked! Yeah Zak doing epic! I grew up with him taking surf pictures and surfing for him, he has come a long way.

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