Q&A: How much would a runway fashion show cost?

Question by TAWright: How much might a runway fashion show expense?
I’m striving to exercise the simple expense of the runway fashion show. Naturally I might want these factors because models, photographers, the runway itself, etc.
Websites which tell me certain costs will be ideal

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Answer by ezazzlovinme
There is not a conclusive answer for this because the factors are numerous. How can we find the clothing? Will we hire models or ask friends? Will they model their own clothing or somebody else’s? Where can it be held? How much can the area cost to lease? Will it have a runway absolutely built or may you ought to lease a runway? Will we have refreshments there for sale or free to a guests? Will we have presents for the guests? How can we promote the event…newspapers, school forms, flyers? Will you ought to clean up following the affair is over? If the clothing is donated for the evening, that might choose them up? (fuel considerations) Who may do the makeup plus hairstyles for the models? (paid or free) Shoes plus accessories for the clothing, whom might offer them plus can there be a charge or free to loan or may the models bring their own? I might recommend “armpit” protectors should you are getting clothing about loan to avoid perspiration within the models getting found on the dresses, when they should be returned to a store. Shoes….will the models wear their own or may they be loaned? (seldom may any store lend boots considering they will no longer be available because “hot,” when at all!)

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  1. Nobody can give you that answer – we don’t know where you live, the type of space the event is being held in and what the venue hire rate is, if there is already a stage or not, etc. For the price of a runway you’ll need to contact a carpenter and give him the length and width of the runway you need, depending on the size of your space. They will give you an estimate based on materials and labor. Then you will need to paint the runway which will add additional costs for the paint itself and labor if you aren’t doing it yourself. If the venue doesn’t already have proper lighting, you are looking at $ 5000+ just in lighting costs, not to mention the union electricians to not only install the new lights but also act as lighting engineer in the show. If you are playing music, you must aquire the rights to any songs you are using which could cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per song unless you can find a local musician to create original music and let you use it for free. You will need to print invitations and a show brochures whose price will depend on how many pieces you are producing, if you want standard laser printing or embossed//debossed lettering, the quality of the paper stock, how many pages, etc. Models can be anything from free to $ 3000 per model if you are booking through a big NY or LA agency, and the average show has 20 models. For a professional runway show you could easily spend $ 100k

    But if the show is for a charity or you can find people to volunteer their time (models, PR, carpenter, tc), you can get the venue for free and it already has good lighting as it’s used for concerts or theater, then your main costs would be materials for building the runway, printing costs for the invitations and show brochures

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