Things you have to do to be a model!

Me plus my mates being dickheads!

I hope this answered nearly all of the issues! Remember to sumbit oneself to when the interested inside signing with all the top agency found on the you…

26 thoughts on “Things you have to do to be a model!

  1. Jenny, your parents are right in one way – you do have to be careful out there. There are lots of scams and unsavory characters out there. So, just use good judgement and find a legit agency who will take good care of you. Good luck!

    Bob Pardue :-)

  2. Im 5’4 and I belong to a modeling agency…there are so many models shorter than 5’8 or 6’0…runway models are usually the only models that have a certain height requirement.

  3. @Natasha Gapuz you can be a model! :) just because this particular agency wouldn’t hire shorter girls doesn’t mean that other agencies won’t either. You can be a petite model! If its something you really want then do research and etc. don’t lose hope :)

  4. I know this may sound random, but I’m actually a recruiter for a high-end skin care line … We’re partnered with L’Oreal and we are expanding in your area … Not sure if you’d be interested or even qualified but we are looking for people that want to work with our company, do you know anyone interested in extra money? Please contact me directly through my e-mail Thanks in advance!

  5. I’m 5’7 and a half and I used to hate it. Omg, I used to want to be short so badly. But I like my height now that I’m modeling :)

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