CHECK THIS OUT!!!! If you’ve followed me for any size of time you’ll learn I love books. Makeup. Nutrition. Thrillers! Me inside the bathtub along with a book! (beautiful image!!!!) Amazing! Anyway, when like me we spend time traveling sound books are anything to take benefit of! And I’ve got a free deal for we! Click the below link to receive a COMPLETELY FREE sound book path with amazon! FREE!!! Love love love!!!!! Get we entered my free makeup giveaway? No? Please do! You are able to enter over when – really leave a comment :) NOTE: Please not this was filmed inside HD – HD is VERY unforgiving. In real lifetime – inside the mirror – no pores were obvious. I had zoomed inside here thus please bare which in your mind with any issues with nose hair (!!!) etc… Get we ever observed whenever we apply several foundations which the pores could suddenly look “bigger” than whenever we began? Strange isn’t it. However as possible see from this – they are doing receive bigger however, need “teasing” back to hiding. Its important that we employ a thick, ideally all-natural hair brush for this. Shu Uemura, Tom Ford plus Cover FX equally create these. I utilized Shu Uemura goat hair brush. We cannot receive the same impact with a usual foundation brush or stippling brush unfortunately because we want the added stress these brushes supply. Erasing each pore about the face is not a wise decision except its for a crucial event (event etc…) because it may result in the skin look truly unreal. I have set with powder however you are able to
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  1. good for you….I dislike when we put a man or a woman in a box and label them ..
    HIS AND HERS!! this guy is good..and I have the problem with pores..going to try doing what he showed..he is a clean ..nice looking representative of his art….

  2. why would you even post “looks gay to me” he is knowledgeable in his field..he gave you information …you did not know he was a make up specialist?? you came on the site to “make pores disappear” expecting to see what? I take back calling you an idiot though…that was rude of me…hope you did take away some of his hints to look better though.. i did~~

  3. Ouah, une personne qui parle le français :) cool merci beaucoup pour la traduction, (mais bon je tente d’améliorer mon anglais en regardant des vidéos c’est déjà ça :) ) en tout cas, merci A lot :p

  4. Ok I get it now, he’s a makeup artist, but you didn’t have to call me idiot is that how you communicate with others ? Next time you better watch your language.

  5. Awesome video! To all the idiots that say this video is gay, educate your ignorant self. First of all most gay guys don’t wear makeup, second- trani’s wear makeup, many of whom are straight and thirdly- are you that blind that you can’t see that this guy is a very talented professional?

  6. You are awesome!!!!! thanks for making these videos!!! so awesome that a real makeup artist takes time to do this for the world!!!

  7. I’ve only just discovered your site and I love this clip.  I’ve made a note of the brush you used but could you let me know what foundation you are using. I have mature skin and still I have combination skin which means that foundation ends up disappearing. Have tried all kinds of fine powders but they can make mature skin look very parched. I’ve been using MAC studio fix liquid and have avoided creams as I thought a cream would be oily. Be grateful if you could advise on the base you used.

  8. I don’t get it im not trying to sound rude but your a guy and your covering your face with foundation..? Like, what in the world. Looks gay to me.

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