Q&A: What questions do I ask the photographer about the modeling industry?

Question by jj: What issues do I ask the photographer regarding the modeling industry?
I am a model plus I reach meet a planet acknowledged photographer this weekend whom has worked with different individuals inside the fashion industry. I am less tall because the additional females…. What issues could I ask the photographer plus what kind of ensemble must I rock this weekend… It is a seminar along with a party….

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Answer by stephen k
“What makes 1 individual a fabulous model plus another merely another face inside the crowd?”

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  1. Just hang out with the photographer and just ask questions you have always had about being a model and what kind of modeling is open to petite models.

    From the tone of your question, I think it is safe to guess that you are not 5′ 10″ so will not be applying as a runway model.

    As long as your figure is proportional, you could model jewelry, shoes, watches as well as editorial assignments.

  2. height is incredibly important, so hesprobably going to tell you youre not right for fashion modeling- so yu can ask him what market he thinks you CAN work in- although you should be asking an agency the questions you want answered, IF you can get them to call you back in after you submit. if you already have an agent (and to be considered a model, you have to be signed), then ask them those questions. photographers can give you some advise on how to pose to elongate your body, etc, and that would be a good question to ask him in your case. i dont know how much fashion photography the answerer above has done, but you DO have to be tall to do ANY fashion modeling- it is a MYTH that only runway models must be tall!! even girls you see in lower priced stores’ catalogs are 5’9″ and taller

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